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Letra Queen's Gambit de The Genius Gza original

She dated jolly green GIANTS, that, flew on JETS
An A-list actress, who was never walked off sets
She loved stuffed animals, especially BEARS
Was a role model, like a CARDINAL to our peers
A PATRIOTIC tomboy, like Mary Ellen from The Waltons
A former lifeguard, who had the skills of a DOLPHIN
When I met her, she was in drama school and wore BENGALS
Drove a BRONCO, and she was far from star spangled
Had basic skills, and worked part time in mills
Raised buffalo's, cause she was behind them BILLS
Had a man who always roared like LION
A domestic violent cat, tackled the girl and kept her crying
Couldn't care, she was losing her hair, from depression
She was in the air, and there was some room for interceptions
I told her to stay strong, not to be ashamed
You're a 'ten-i-see', you just need to TITAN your game
Her ancestors were CHIEFS, who ran with running deer
On the sail with the SEAHAWKS, who battled the BUCCANEERS
The REDSKIN garments, was suede coat liners
Held rare coins, frequently sought from gold miners
They were hard working warriors, we call over timers
Shot plenty arrows at COWBOYS and 49ERS
Her interesting background, but quite unusual
A great force grip, but out of bounds for a musical
She told me to call her, if I came to town
I started TEXAN her, soon as my plane had touchdown
Holding my luggage, in the hand that revealed the bad scars
She pulled up at arrivals, driving the JAGUAR
Her BROWN skin was soft, her legs beautifully shaven
Her house was fly, sitting on the roof, was a RAVEN
As we entered, I heard laughter
She walked into a large living room, I went after her
There was two of her, girlfriends, playing chess like they were VIKINGS
Militant as PANTHERS, they're resemblance was striking
Had on thongs, high heels, and belts that was garter
Energized like phones that just came off the CHARGER
I introduced myself to gain yardage
'cause anything less then smooth, would of been straight up garbage
The shorter one met me, when I had a sky pager
Thought I rolled with robbers, STEELERS and panty RAIDERS
She took fruit from the orange bowl, it was in season
One of them said she loved the juice and kept squeezing
I knew that I was gonna get, wined and dined
It would of been a penalty, not to pass the scrimmage line
Now I laid back and relaxed, waiting for the kick-off
One removed the lip gloss, like she was bout to lick all
She caressed me, with fingertips soft as velvet
Dying for me to PACKER, as she stroked my helmet
And I was thinking these girls was SAINTS
But it was first and ten, and there was extra walls to paint
Before you know it, I had all three in a huddle
Buckin' like a COLT, before I released them puddles
They spread EAGLES like wide receivers
As I RAM them in the endzone, and they became true believers

Outro: movie sample>
I be liking chess
'cause chess is crazy, right there, that's the ultimate
It's like a great hobby right there, playing chess
The board, the pieces, the squares, the movement
You know, war, capturing, thinking, strategy
Planning, music, it's hip-hop, and sports
It's life, it's reality

Letra Queen's Gambit de The Genius Gza en español (traducción)

Ella fecha GIGANTES alegre verde, que voló en aviones
Una actriz de la lista A, que nunca se alejó conjuntos
Ella amaba a los animales de peluche, especialmente OSOS
Fue un modelo a seguir, al igual que a un cardenal para nuestros compañeros
Un marimacho patriótico, como María Elena de Los Walton
Un salvavidas anterior, que tenía las habilidades de un delfín
Cuando la conocí, ella estaba en la escuela de teatro y llevaba BENGALS
Condujo un BRONCO, y ella estaba muy lejos de Star Spangled
Tenía conocimientos básicos, y trabajó a tiempo parcial en las fábricas
Elevado de búfala, porque ella estaba detrás de ellos CUENTAS
Había un hombre que siempre rugió como león
Un gato doméstico violento, abordó a la niña y siguió llorando
No le importa, que estaba perdiendo el cabello, de la depresión
Ella estaba en el aire, y había un cierto margen de las interceptaciones
Le dije que se mantengan fuertes, que no se avergüenza
Usted es un 'diez-i-ver ", sólo tiene que TITAN su juego
Sus antepasados ??fueron los jefes, que corría con ciervos que corren
En la vela con los Halcones Marinos, que luchó contra los Buccaneers
Las prendas de piel roja, se revestimientos abrigo de gamuza
Celebrada monedas raras, frecuencia en los buscadores de oro
Eran guerreros de trabajo duro, hacemos un llamado a los temporizadores
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