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Letra Beneath The Surface de The Genius Gza original
On a man-made lake, there's a sheet of thin iceWhere unskilled skaters cut figure-eight twiceThat's sixteen, uncut, direct from the coldHead on a soul, the result, death by the bulkIn a vault, and spoke about the average lost permissionThat was seen by a king in a prophetic visionLike a plane crash from a bomb blastSpecial broadcast, slot time wit ComcastThat kept the jury quiet, and now the riots performWhile satanic man, now hangin his dawnI swing on you fake radio personalitiesAnd boost your ratings, with hypes behind casualtiesFire a shot, wit low-pressure water gun playInstantly slap your fire like it's Palm SundayI fashion the first jewel, from the elements, the earth fumesAnd built it to a complex, networkOf communications, you're up against a hopeless situationI screen every vehicle through enemy observationSwarmin unpredictably, we spread terrorIncrease the fog significantly, change the eraCheck my wind pattern, it's headin westSuc-cess is freedom, but failure can mean deathHumans sweat, aim shovelsDig up debris and rubble, permanent damage caused by the W
Now who, callously urge you to merge throughAnd think the workers'll serve youThe sonic marvel, who just dropped the next novelWorld-wide rapidly more to marbleIt's accountless amount of MC's I saveThen them same niggas wanna squander those gifts I gave
Chorus> vocal sampleScratch underneath the surfaceBut as your purpose lieSeems our will is worthlessLike we're pawns beneath the skyFace a race by reason, and that is just a winFor empty soul I breathe in, keep myself from givin in
Killah Priest>
Love and hatred, home is most sacredBoth species they lay naked in the tombs of oasisThink back on niggas I ate wit, spend a day witGuns we played wit, niggas I relate witWe broke breadI heard through a vine niggas worked for the fedSent out secretly to take my headI layed back and meditate to the words they saidSkip town for a month and grew some dredsHad a friend tell my family I was deadReturn at the last fall of the autum leafOperate the plan accordingly, in case the feds re recording meSign all documents using forgery'cause just the mere thought of meI'm like Solomon, spoke bluntlyTold the world I'm black ? and howls from the grave hunt meThe smell of death's upon me, I dwell in the hills like GhandiBeen in the presence of mad peasantsAnd old kings, who sold everything on a quest for God's divineSlept in caves to get a clear mindWho prayed three times, when the moon lit and when the sun riseI met dwellars in the deserts, talked to shepherdsBeen in the mouth of many leopards, felt the death kiss of Satan's mistressWalked through vacant districts, before religions studied pagan scripturesTwo philosophers and physicians on a cure missionsWho harden they hearts, to warn the weak and sickAnd inflicted, candles lit, gamble wit a bitchWho made me love her, when I touch herSoft paws, high claws, bees wit sweet honey in they mouthHad bitter stingers in they tailWalked through the chambers of deathTake a whole lawn to hellEmbracin her was like embracin the third rail
Chorus'Scratch underneath the surface'

Letra Beneath The Surface de The Genius Gza en español

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