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Letras traducidas de Xtc
En este listado aparecen todas las letras de canciones de Xtc en español y otros idiomas que tenemos en la base de datos. Por defecto siempre verás la canción traducida al español, pero ahí puedes seleccionar otro idioma si lo deseas.

Xtc - 1000 Umbrellas
Xtc - 25 O'clock
Xtc - Across This Antheap
Xtc - All Along The Watchtower
Xtc - All Of A Sudden
Xtc - All You Pretty Girls
Xtc - Always Winter But Never Christmas
Xtc - Am I The Kind Of Girl Who Could Be Your
Xtc - Am I The Kind Of Girl Who Could Be Your
Xtc - Another Satellite
Xtc - Are You Receiving Me
Xtc - Atom Age
Xtc - Bags Of Fun With Buster
Xtc - Ball & Chain
Xtc - Ball And Chain
Xtc - Ballet For A Rainy Day
Xtc - Battery Brides
Xtc - Beating Of Hearts
Xtc - Beatown
Xtc - Big Day
Xtc - Bike Ride To The Moon
Xtc - Blame The Weather
Xtc - Blue Beret
Xtc - Blue In Paradise
Xtc - Blue Overall
Xtc - Boarded Up
Xtc - Books Are Burning
Xtc - Born Out Of Your Mouth
Xtc - Brainiacs Daughter
Xtc - Broomstick Rhythm
Xtc - Bull With Golden Guts
Xtc - Bungalow
Xtc - Burning With Optimism's Flames
Xtc - Buzzcity Talking
Xtc - Cairo
Xtc - Candymine
Xtc - Chain Of Command
Xtc - Chalkhills & Children
Xtc - Chalkhills And Children
Xtc - Cherry In Your Tree
Xtc - Child Crusade
Xtc - Church Of Women
Xtc - Cockpit Dance Mixture
Xtc - Collideascope
Xtc - Commerciality
Xtc - Compilicated Game
Xtc - Complicated Game
Xtc - Countdown To Christmas Party Time
Xtc - Crocodile
Xtc - Cross Wires
Xtc - Crowded Room
Xtc - Cynical Days
Xtc - Dame Fortune
Xtc - Dance Band
Xtc - Day In Day Out
XTC - Dear God
Xtc - Dear Madam Barnum
Xtc - Deliver Us From The Elements
Xtc - Desert Island
Xtc - Difficult Age
Xtc - Disque Bleu
Xtc - Do What You Do
Xtc - Don't Let Us Bug Ya
Xtc - Don't Lose Your Temper
Xtc - Don't You Ever Dare Call Me Chickenhead
Xtc - Down A Peg
Xtc - Down In The Cockpit
Xtc - Dripping Basin
Xtc - Dying
Xtc - Earn Enough For Us
Xtc - Easter Theatre
Xtc - English Roundabout
Xtc - Everything
Xtc - Extrovert
Xtc - Find The Fox
Xtc - Fly On The Wall
Xtc - Frivolous Tonight
Xtc - Fruit Nut
Xtc - Funk Pop A Roll
Xtc - Garden Of Earthly Delights
Xtc - Generals & Majors
Xtc - Generals And Majors
Xtc - Glow
Xtc - Gold
Xtc - Goodbye Humanosaurus
Xtc - Goosey Goosey
Xtc - Grass
Xtc - Great Fire
Xtc - Greenman
Xtc - Hang On To The Night
Xtc - Happy Families
Xtc - Harvest Festival
Xtc - Have You Seen Jackie
Xtc - Heads
Xtc - Heatwave
Xtc - Heaven Is Paved With Broken Glass
Xtc - Helicopter
Xtc - Here Comes President Kill Again
Xtc - Hold Me My Daddy
Xtc - Holly Up On Poppy
Xtc - Human Alchemy
Xtc - Humble Daisy
Xtc - I Am The Audience
Xtc - I Bought Myself A Liarbird
Xtc - I Can't Own Her
Xtc - I Don't Want To Be Here
Xtc - I Need Protection
Xtc - I Remember The Sun
Xtc - I Sit In The Snow
Xtc - I'd Like That
Xtc - I'll Set Myself On Fire
Xtc - I'm Bugged
XTC - I'm The Man Who Murdered Love
Xtc - In Another Life
Xtc - In Loving Memory Of A Name
Xtc - Instant Tunes
Xtc - Into The Atom Age
Xtc - It's Nearly Africa
Xtc - It's Snowing Angels
Xtc - Jason & The Argonauts
Xtc - Jason And The Argonauts
Xtc - Jump
Xtc - Jumping In Gomorrah
Xtc - King For A Day
Xtc - Knights In Shining Karma
Xtc - Knuckle Down
Xtc - Ladybird
Xtc - Leisure
Xtc - Let's Make A Den
Xtc - Life Begins At The Hop
Xtc - Life Is Good In The Greenhouse
Xtc - Limelight
Xtc - Little Lighthouse
Xtc - Living In A Haunted Heart
Xtc - Living Through Another Cuba
Xtc - Looking For Footprints
Xtc - Love At First Sight
Xtc - Love On A Farmboy's Wages
Xtc - Making Plan For Nigel
Xtc - Making Plans For Nigel
Xtc - Me & The Wind
Xtc - Me And The Wind
Xtc - Meccanic Dancing
Xtc - Melt The Guns
Xtc - Merely A Man
Xtc - Mermaid Smiled
Xtc - Merry Christmas Song
Xtc - Millions
Xtc - Miniature Sun
Xtc - Moonlit Drive
Xtc - Mopti Fake
Xtc - Motorcycle Landscape
Xtc - My Bird Performs
Xtc - My Brown Guitar
Xtc - My Land Is Burning

Xtc - My Love Explodes
Xtc - My Paint Heroes
Xtc - My Train Is Coming
Xtc - My Weapon
Xtc - Neon Shuffle
Xtc - New Broom
Xtc - New Town Animal
Xtc - New Town Animal In A Furnished Cage
Xtc - No Language In Our Lungs
Xtc - No One Here Available
Xtc - No Thugs In Our House
Xtc - Obscene Procession
Xtc - Officer Blue
Xtc - Omnibus
Xtc - One Of The Millions
Xtc - Outside World
Xtc - Pale & Precious
Xtc - Pale And Precious
Xtc - Paper & Iron
Xtc - Paper And Iron
Xtc - Papersnow
Xtc - Pink Thing
Xtc - Playground
Xtc - Poor Skeleton Steps Out
Xtc - Prince Of Orange
Xtc - Private Eye
Xtc - Pulsing Pulsing
Xtc - Punch & Judy
Xtc - Punch And Judy
Xtc - Quicksilver
Xtc - Ra Ra For Red Rocking Horse
Xtc - Radios In Motion
Xtc - Real By Reel
Xtc - Red
Xtc - Red Brick Dream
Xtc - Reign Of Blows
Xtc - Respectable Street
Xtc - Ridgeway Path
Xtc - Rip Van Ruben
Xtc - River Of Orchids
Xtc - Roads Girdle The Globe
Xtc - Rocket
Xtc - Rocket From A Bottle
Xtc - Rook
Xtc - Runaways
Xtc - Sacrifical Bonfire
Xtc - Sacrificial Bonfire
Xtc - Saturn Boy
Xtc - Scarecrow People
Xtc - Science Friction
Xtc - Scissor Man
Xtc - Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss Her
Xtc - Season Cycle
Xtc - Sense Working Overtime
Xtc - Senses Working Overtime
Xtc - Set Myself On Fire
Xtc - Sgt. Rock
Xtc - Shake You Donkey Up
Xtc - Shaking Skin House
Xtc - She's So Square
Xtc - Shiny Cage
Xtc - Shore Leave Ornithology
Xtc - Skeletons
Xtc - Smokeless Zone
Xtc - Snowman
Xtc - Some Lovely
Xtc - Space Wray
Xtc - Spinning Top
Xtc - Standing In For Joe
Xtc - Star Park
Xtc - Statue Of Liberty
Xtc - Strange Tales, Strange Tails
Xtc - Stupidly Happy
Xtc - Summer Hot As This
Xtc - Summer's Cauldron
Xtc - Super-Tuff
Xtc - Take This Town
Xtc - Ten Feet Tall
Xtc - Terrorism
Xtc - Thanks For Christmas
Xtc - That Is The Way
Xtc - That Wave
Xtc - That's Really Super, Supergirl
Xtc - The Affiliated
Xtc - The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead
Xtc - The Disappointed
Xtc - The Everyday Story Of Smalltown
Xtc - The Good Things
Xtc - The History Of Rock 'n' Roll
Xtc - The Last Balloon
Xtc - The Loving
Xtc - The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
Xtc - The Mayor Of Simpleton
Xtc - The Meeting Place
Xtc - The Mole From The Ministry
Xtc - The Rhythm
Xtc - The Rotary
Xtc - The Ship Trapped In The Ice
Xtc - The Smartest Monkeys
Xtc - The Somnambulist
Xtc - The Troubles
Xtc - The Ugly Underneath
Xtc - The Wheel & The Maypole
Xtc - The Wheel And The Maypole
Xtc - The World Is Full Of Angry Young Men
Xtc - Then She Appeared
Xtc - This Is Pop?
Xtc - This Is The End
Xtc - This World Over
Xtc - Tissue Tigers
Xtc - Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen
Xtc - Towers Of London
Xtc - Toys
Xtc - Traffic Light Rock
Xtc - Train Running Low On Soul Coal
Xtc - Travels In Nihilon
Xtc - Vanishing Girl
Xtc - Wait Till Your Boat Goes Down
Xtc - Wake Up!
Xtc - War Dance
Xtc - Was A Yes
Xtc - Washaway
Xtc - We're All Light
Xtc - What In The World...
Xtc - When We Get To England
Xtc - When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty
Xtc - Wonder Annual
Xtc - Wonderland
Xtc - Work
Xtc - Wounded Horse
Xtc - Wrapped In Grey
Xtc - X Wires
Xtc - Yacht Dance
Xtc - You & The Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful
Xtc - You And The Clouds Will Still Be Beautif
Xtc - You're A Good Man Albert Brown
Xtc - You're My Drug
Xtc - You're The Wish You Are I Had
Xtc - Young Cleopatra
Xtc - Your Dictionary
Xtc - Your Gold Dress
Xtc - Zonked Right Out

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