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Letra Starter de Wu-Tang Clan original

(feat. Streetlife, Sunny Valentine, Tash Mahogany)

Chorus: Sunny Valentine (Tash Mahogany)>
She's my number one gangsta chick (my starter) She's my number one starter chick
She's my number one drafted pick, she's my number one line on the hit
I only wanna see it (my starter) It's truly needed, When the ball drops...
Anything she say, you know I'm gonna do (my starter)
Watch out, watch out, when that ball drops...

You'se a starter, like Candice Parker
Take flight like Skywalker, might wolf it on ya father
Still the athlete, play of the week
G.P.A. 4.0 and the game's complete
Skintone buttercream, all defensive team
Dreamgirl like Jennifer Hudson, you're my Queen
To be, I'm ya King, keep ya under the wing
Together we can capture the ring
You the human highlight, body type, just right
Hairdo stay tight, go hard ball all night
All-star shine so bright
Hall of famer, about to take the game to new heights
You're my number one draft pick, Madonna classic
No look dunks to the basket
Yeah, yeah, that's mine, that's mine...


Blunt smoke, fifth hundred stroke
I'm going nuts, full clip, shoot up her fat lips
And round butt, catch Heat when I'm In Too Deep
The answer beeps, she take dives on the busiest streets
Whatever situation or the circumstances
Outdoor, indoor, she's taking the chances
Hotel, motel or Holiday Inn
Overlooking that bible, she continued to sin
Spread wide on the desk, paperwork all in a mess
While the ceiling fan blowing her dress
Ten minutes of jerking along with the slurping
Her skirt hid her talent until I raised the curtains
Showtime at the Apollo, she'll follow my lead
Then get on her knees, then swallow her pride
Strapped and ready to ride


Inspectah Deck>
Yeah, that's my down bitch
That's my down bitch, anything she do for her man
If it's lying on the stand, fish frying in the pan
She a Queen like Liz the third, wicked curves
On her word, stay still, rocking linens and furs
While she do it in the sack, jazz music in the back
Flat blew a nigga back, act two, I'm into that
Damn right, she the star of my team
When we stepped on the strip, baby girl, we the heart of the scene
Whether Brooklyn, Bronx, Manhattan or Queens
Staten Island, she styling, if not, she's not seen
Playboy status, every man's lust
She acting all shy, but she likes handcuffs

I'm the first on the court, first to hit the dance floor
The floss in this rap sport, what more can ya ask for?
Let ya glass pour, Wu-Tang is here now
All my Independent Women, time to let ya hair down
Bottles popping, everything is fair ground
Fresh legs, window shopping, can't help to stare it down
You'se a starter cuz I chose ya first
Baby, you'se a starter, where you throw that skirt
Lady, you'se a starter, where ya hold it down
Yeah, I'm Cold Blooded, then ya love my style
This is rush hour traffic, first one to merk off
It's like clockwork, first to get ya work off
I'm the workhorse, Killa Bee performer
Pro darter, starter, not a bench warmer, what?


Outro: kung fu sample>
You've learned how to kill
Every moved you've learned is trained to that end
Yet, we wish to preserve life
The first thing to learn, is that difference
Then you can start training with us, from the beginning

Letra Starter de Wu-Tang Clan en español (traducción)

(Feat. Streetlife, Sunny Valentine, caoba Tash)

Coro: Soleado día de San Valentín (caoba Tash)>
Ella es mi número de una chica gangsta (mi partida) Ella es mi número de una chica de arranque
Ella es mi selección del número uno redactado, es mi número de una línea en el éxito
Sólo quiero ver (mi partida) Es realmente necesario, cuando la bola cae ...
Cualquier cosa que decir, ya sabes que voy a hacer (mi partida)
Cuidado, cuidado, cuando la bola cae ...

You'se titular, al igual que Candice Parker
Tomar vuelo como Skywalker, podría lobo ya padre
Sin embargo el atleta, el juego de la semana
GPA de 4.0 y el del juego completo
Piel de mantequilla, todo el equipo de defensa
Dreamgirl como Jennifer Hudson, que eres mi reina
Para ser, yo ya soy rey, ya mantener bajo el ala
Juntos podemos capturar el anillo
Que el punto culminante humanos, tipo de cuerpo, apenas a la derecha
Peinado siguen firmes, vaya bola dura toda la noche
Todas las estrellas brillan tan brillante
Salón de la Fama, a punto de llevar el juego a nuevas alturas
Tú eres mi número uno del draft, Madonna clásico
No mates mirar a la canasta
Sí, sí, eso es mío, es mío ...



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