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Letra Leave It Alone de Too Short original

(unknown voice)
Uh yeah dangerous crew

In the year 1995, todd anthony shaw a.k.a too $hort
Came correct put his niggars on deck
Ladies and gentelmen... the dangerous crew

(too $hort)
$hort dogg's in the motherfucking house bitch

(old skool freddy b)
Old skool freddy b beeetich

(shorty b)
Shorty b most valueable player
Stright indo

(about face)
Saultions from the soul about face

(baby d)
You wanna call be baby d
You can call me daddy if you
Want to be

(shock g)
Still in the game shock motherfucking g

(blacked up)
Yea! blacked upped in the house
West w niggars

(father dom)
In the house for show
Father dom knockin on your front door

Hey hoes, I rest, dress, and pimp till I die
It's goldy

And this is brian I am here
To say the dangerous crew
Ain't talking about shit

(too $hort)
You say it ain't true
I got news for you even
Though we moved we still
The dangerous crew the funk
Came from oakland, the niggars did too
I moved to atlanta so you figuered
I was through seen me in the source
Talked about retireing
Trying to get payed nigga I was lieing
Thinking I'm washed up trying to peel my cap
I got a million dollars and a million raps
Short dogg's on the mic spitting real shit
Seen my videos lately got my greal fix
I smoke a lot of weed but don't deal the dope
>from the eastside nigga, I kill a hoe
If shorty b ain't funky when he play that bass
You can reach right back and just slap my face
And my nigga peewee is no singer
He is eighty eighty fingers
Oakland niggars don't use fingers for your horns

Yeah, my nigga peewee
Y'all know he ain't from oakland
He from richmond california y'all
Them richmond niggars are crazy as shit man
Just like them belowe niggars
Polyontoe niggars, fisco niggars
Richmond niggars is crazy man
To my richmond partners
I'ma tell you something about them
They just dip on your ass like some oakland fools
With them automatic weapons they will smoke ya fools
Shootin cops in the head like baby d
Got my real partner old skool freddy b
In the house
Him and father dom
Jumped in the plane with a pocket full of bomb
Not the explosive
The kind that make you show bitch
Put me in the studio the dank have me focus
Ant banks you know what's sup
I tried to rap sober but the shit was sounding fucked!
I spend a hundred dollars on the brand new benz
And if I run you off the road run blow your horns again

Yeah man fuck these hoes man
I stright burn rubber on a bitch in a minute
Riding in some brand new shit you know
>from the eastside bitch oakland
You say it ain't cool
Shit ain't stopping me
And ain't too many rappers toppin me
You say bullshit
But you knowing it's true
But better stop sleepin on the dangerous crew
I know you and your boys love to rhyme and it's funny
Cause I spent all my time and money
On my studio we make funky ass music and we do these hoes
We freestyle and you see we get paid
You bring your bitch around I bet a g she stays
Big trucks, caddies, lexus, benz
Me and my partners fucking the friends
We got the weed the drink the money the bitchs
Still smoking zags no phillys no switchs
Three thousand miles away from the o
Smoking fluffy ass light green indo
You say we ain't shit
The dangerous click
You wanna here the fucking tape
Ask your stank ass bitch
Cause she bought it
And she's loving it
You just a broke ass rapper now you dub in it
And when I see a fine ass I be up in it nigga
You can't fuck with my crew
We'll sit you on shelve down the isle like a book
You talk about me but you bit my style like a crook
Leave it alone!

(about face)
Leave it aaaaaalone

(too $hort)
Don't it at home

(about face)
Don't try this at hhhhome

(too $hort)
Dangerous crew

(about face)
Leave it aaaaaalone
Don't try this at hhhhhhhhome

(too $hort)
Don't try this at the house fool

(about face)
Leave it aaaaaalone

(too $hort)
Once again short dogg

(about face)
Don't try this at hhhhhhome

(too $hort)
And the dangerous crew stright gettin funky with you

Letra Leave It Alone de Too Short en español (traducción)

(Voz desconocida)
Uh, sí tripulación peligroso

En el año 1995, todd anthony shaw aka Too $ hort
Vine correcta puso sus niggars en cubierta
Señoras y gentelmen ... la tripulación peligroso

(También $ hort)
$ Hort de dogg en la perra de mierda casa

(Antiguo freddy skool b)
Old Skool freddy b beeetich

(Shorty b)
Shorty b jugador más valueable
Stright indo

(Alrededor de la cara)
Saultions desde el alma sobre la cara

(El bebé d)
Usted quiere ser llamada bebé d
Puedes llamarme papá si
Quiero ser

(Shock g)
Todavía en el choque juego de mierda g

(Ennegrecido hacia arriba)
Yea! ennegrecido subido en la casa
Niggars W West

(Dom padre)
En la casa de espectáculo
Padre dom knockin en la puerta de entrada

Hey azadas, descanso, vestido, y proxeneta hasta que me muera
Es goldy

Y esto es brian estoy aquí
Decir la tripulación peligroso
No está hablando de mierda

(También $ hort)
Usted dice que no es cierto
Tengo noticias para usted, incluso
A pesar de que todavía nos mudamos
La tripulación peligroso el funk
Proviene de Oakland, los niggars hicieron demasiado

Sólo entre todos podremos hacer de éste un sitio mejor :)

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