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Letra Fuck Them de Raekwon The Chef original

Method Man:
Yo, yo, yo, yo
Fuck you

Chorus: 2x
What you wanna be when you grow up
You wanna be thugs
You wanna be pranksters
You wanna sell drugs
You wanna be gangsters
That's what silly boys are made of

Aiyyo, aiyyo
Cool G's and forty seven flavors
Display swade gators
We comin through
To blaze neighbors
Meet mark and pardon me to heat mark
A dutch spark it
Lex Leonardo arts profit
Apple cranberry mixed with crystal
Fan worry
Desert mountain crib in the ground
We arsonists
One point five a liter
Take a taste
Splash your heater
Smack your face twice
Clap your sneakers
Shit is like a mission to Mars
Fishin' for bars
Takin' what's ours
Knowledge the car Pa
Don't be stupid
Get a little cash
Better swoop it
Throw it in the ground and recoup it
Next check was best
Your family pack your shit
Get vexed
Leave a nigga standing in a bag of leaves
Some niggas catch on later
Try to put them on they haters
I met eighty of them niggas yo
Waitin' on the sidelines droolin'
Some need schoolin'
Let me teach yo
And roll a student what
Rule one
Yo respect if you lose son
Don't be big back about to learn to move dunn
All hell to niggas in jails
With sharks in they fishtanks
Now he come home he a whale
Wolves in the projo's, projo's yo
We realer up in my shows yo
Middle finger five O's
Take time to climb vines yo
Lay on the lines
Like Laury only lovin' Rae kind
Sun splash cash layin like three bags of hash
Fully wrapped in a indian man's stash

Method Man:

Chorus: 2x

Aiyyo, get up
Lex should be braggin'
Get it up
Fuck shorty got cream in a mean truck
Prop-ness she hollar like the Loch Ness
He large rock this
Fresh Ferrari in a drop six
Yo talkin about the dough on his clothes
Glaze is crushed up pokin on rolls yo
Oh yeah and maybe gettin' cream
See what I mean black queen
Stop actin' like crack fiends an'
Brawl we wanna thank all of y'all
Play the wall hype
Checkin how this lady walks stay hawkin'
Grab the remain, divorce (Uh)
Shame came to yours
We like green
Rock the same gameplan, ours (Yo, Yo)

Method Man;
Ladies and gentlemen
Your about to see
A pastime hobby about to be
Takin' to the next degree
By M-E-TH and the bloody Chef Boyardee
Watch out bitches is too nosey
Backhand slappin' the phoney
Got to walk it off can't mosey
Who got you open up
Crack pipe still smokin'
Face frozen
Coke straw stickin' out your nose and D
Proposin' that you bleed on the Chef apron
My thing hold down the play-pen
And say the nursery rhymes they makin
Come on now
Shits too real
Fuck you and now your man feel
Time don't stand still for y'all bitches
Wanna Big Ball
I got two for you to juggle in your jizzals
Im losin' it now
Throw in the pieces like a jig-saw
She multi-colored like a rainbow
Mr. Meth and the Cuban Link kiddo
On tracks we connect, politic ditto
Take that to that

Chorus: 2x

Letra Fuck Them de Raekwon The Chef en español (traducción)

Method Man:
Yo, yo, yo, yo
Vete a la mierda

Estribillo: 2x
¿Qué quieres ser cuando seas grande
¿Quieres ser matones
¿Quieres ser bromistas
¿Quieres vender drogas
¿Quieres ser gangsters
Eso es lo que los chicos tontos son de

Aiyyo, aiyyo
Enfriar G cuarenta y siete sabores
Mostrar gators Swade
Estamos viniendo a través de
Para brillar vecinos
Conocé marcar y perdonadme para calentar marca
Una chispa holandés que
Lex Leonardo artes lucro
Arándano manzana mezclado con el cristal
Airee preocuparse
Desierto de cuna montaña en el suelo
Nosotros los pirómanos
Uno punto cinco por litro
Tome un sabor
Splash su calentador
Smack la cara dos veces
Clap sus zapatillas de deporte
Mierda es como una misión a Marte
Fishin 'para los bares
Takin 'lo que es nuestro
Conocimiento del coche Pa
No seas estúpido
Obtener un poco de dinero
Mejor sola vez se
Tíralo en el suelo y recuperar lo
A continuación, compruebe fue el mejor
Su familia empacar tus cosas
Cómo vejado
Deja un pie negro en una bolsa de hojas
Algunos niggas capturas a la tarde
Trate de poner en ellos odian
Conocí a ochenta de esos negros años
Waitin 'en el marco d

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