Letra traducida Getcha Getcha de Nelly al español (letra canción original y traducción)
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Letra Getcha Getcha de Nelly original

(feat. St. Lunatics)

(HO!) (HEY!)

See the band played on
(Getcha, getcha, getcha, I better getcha)
And they was singin my song
(Getcha, getcha, getcha, gonna getcha, right?)
Repeat x4>

Watch the band play on

I got them folks on the left, man they going like (HO!)
I got them folks on the right, and they be screaming like (HEY!)
I got them folks in the back, man they be yelling like (HO!)
I got them folks down front, waving they hands like (HEY!)

What we gonna do about the middle, man? (HO!)
They get it swinging, juke jumping, a little man (HEY!)
I'm from the middle man, watch dirty entertain (HO!)
Capacity ten thousand, we packed the whole thing (HEY!)

To get the spot leaning That's what we trying for
We all we got, that's why we rhyme so
I feel we the best, no sense in lying, though
Now, all together, watch the crowd go

Murphy Lee>
I'm just a dirty from the Lou, I got a whole lot of (HO!)
Smoking on some shit from a barn they call (HEY!)
I don't pay for no pussy, I try to stay away from (HO!)
If I do pay for something, you know what I'm on


I get a hundred-fifty thou' to make the crowd go (HO!)
I might fly by you in that Diablo (HEY!)
I'm leaving St. Louis, smashing that throttle (HO!)
In three hours flat, I hit Chicago (HEY!)

Black stacks and 'Lacs, it's what I earned so far (HO!)
This copycatting thing is going too far (HEY!)
Cheefing, reefing, no more burning the 'gar (HO!)
Sipping Pinot Bridgio while I'm churching at bars (HEY!)

Derrty ENT screaming at our show (HO!)
I'm catching to freak something to die for (HEY!)
I stick twenty, twenty-four, that's how high I go (HO!)
And smoke like a chimney, puffing that hydro (HEY!)

Murphy Lee>
Now, every time I'm up on that stage, somebody screaming (HO!)
Every time that my back is turned, somebody saying (HEY!)
When I'm up in the club, it's so easy to get a (HO!)
But I'd rather get a young lady that's cool with the...


Murphy Lee>
I'm sick of wannabe gangsters that be pretending they not a (HO!)
Talking behind your back, but when they see you they like (HEY!)
I don't pay no attention, I'm only there to steal your (HO!)
And I ain't got to like your ass, I'll still smoke your (HEY!)

No music, no weed, what should we ride for? (HO!)
We roll with them Twista like we Chicago (HEY!)
Shout out to OPEC rolls up the five four (HO!)
The streets of St. Louis call it survival (HEY!)

Your game ain't tight, no you ain't pimping kin (HO!)
You see the Cutlass Supreme I'm sitting in? (HEY!)
Lime green chinchilla, ooh that's a different skin (HO!)
Where I'm from, we wear blue and gold like we Michigan (HEY!)

I know you a lady, but tonight, can you be a (HO!)
Is that your man chasing you down, behind you yelling (HEY!)
He cussing like a motherfucker, calling her a (HO!)
She asking me what she should do, I just look like...

Chorus - 2X>

Watch the band play on

Letra Getcha Getcha de Nelly en español (traducción)

(Feat. St. Lunatics)

(HO!) (Hey!)

Ver la banda tocó en la
(Getcha, atrapar, atrapar, que es mejor atrapar)
Y se fue cantando mi canción
(Getcha, atrapar, atrapar, va a atrapar, ¿verdad?)
Repita x4>

Ver el juego en la banda de

Los tengo gente de la izquierda, el hombre se va como (HO!)
Los tengo gente a la derecha, y estar gritando como (Hey!)
Los tengo gente en la parte de atrás, el hombre que se gritaba como (HO!)
Los tengo por delante la gente, agitando las manos como ellos (¡Eh!)

¿Qué vamos a hacer con el medio, el hombre? (HO!)
Consiguen que columpiarse, saltar tocadiscos, un hombre pequeño (Hey!)
Yo soy de los intermediarios, reloj sucia entretener (HO!)
Capacidad de diez mil, que nos llena toda la cosa (¡Eh!)

Para obtener el punto de inclinarse Eso es lo que estamos tratando de
Tenemos todo lo que tenemos, es por eso que la rima para
Siento que lo mejor, no tiene sentido en la mentira, a pesar de
Ahora, todos juntos, ver a la gente ir a

Murphy Lee>
Sólo soy un sucio de la LOU, tengo un montón de (HO!)
Fumar en algo de mierda de un granero que ellos llaman (¡Eh!)
No pagar por ningún coño, trato de mantenerme aw

Sólo entre todos podremos hacer de éste un sitio mejor :)

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