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Letra Real Niggaz Don't Die de N.w.a. original

Real Niggaz Don't Die

I'm a muthafuking nigga wit an attitude(4x)

(Dr Dre)

I got a case of spitting in a muthafukers face
So me and my ace we got a taste
Of a muthafukers billy club he took his gun and
Put it to my head and said nigga start running
So tell me what's the next episode
Is he crazy, does he want to chase me and waste me
I thought run nigga run but I caught myself
Because my secondary thought was death
i get hit hard real but still muthafuker said
I want another black muthafuker dead
Niggaz ain't good for shit for me
'Cause this is a race fo second class
So get your ass up against the wall Bitch
And then he tried
They jumped me but the punk became a victim of a
Fuking wit Dre, you get a foot up your asshole
It's just another way to let you know
I never said, I never said, I never said a buck
Can't fuck wit me
Real muthafuking G (Got that)
Straight from the streets of the CPT
Telling you why real niggaz don't die

I just want to celebrate (2X)

(MC Ren)

Real niggaz don't die 'cause they eventually
The niggaz I'm with, they take an eye for an eye
Because the times are so wrong, got to stay so
Niggaz got to keep going on and on
And don't let no pail face, they throw your ass in
A snail race
Have your residents occupying a jail space
That's what they want to do 'cause the system is
Fucked around
I try to let you know what the record it's
They don't give a fuk about a nigga
They would rather pull the trigger
And have you in front of a barrel smiling saying
So nigga get smart and rebel back
I'm not wit that black just so I'm not gonna nail
All I see is niggaz getting harrass
We can't do nothing about it but get a foot in the
Yo, but a very nigga grabbed a nine
And started shooting muthafukers, it would put them
In line
And that's how it's suppose to be
When the pussy ass niggas try to fuk wit me
Yo because it's useless to try
To kill a nigga cause nigga a muthafuking real
Nigga don't die


I'm a muthafuking nigga wit an attitude


Only the good die young, so they make me young and
Putting ass kickings on the niggaz that never had
So I guess that makes me tough shit
Straight up gangsta, wrong nigga to fuk wit
So how can a nigga die when he's causing the
By shooting muthafukas in the head
Trying to make a nigga extinct because they fear me
But never want to hear me
So I'm a let 'em know how a nigga's living
Checking for muthafukas cause nobody ain't giving a
Damn thing
To a nigga, a real nigga
So I'm living by the muthafuking trigger
Cause a nigga ain't afraid of being locked up
I'm out of luck, so why should I give a fuck
But they still want to try
To kill a nigga like me but muthafucking real niggaz
Don't die


Letra Real Niggaz Don't Die de N.w.a. en español (traducción)

Niggaz real no mueren

Soy un ingenio del nigga muthafuking una actitud (4x)

(Dr. Dre)

Tengo un caso de escupir en la cara muthafukers
Así que yo y mi as tenemos el gusto
De muthafukers porra tomó su arma y
Póngalo en la cabeza y dijo negro comienza a correr
Así que dime ¿cuál es el próximo episodio
Está loco, qué quiere perseguirme y me pierda
Pensé negro correr correr pero me sorprendí a mí mismo
Debido a que mi pensamiento secundario, la mortalidad
consigo golpe muy duro, pero aún muthafuker dije
Quiero otro muerto muthafuker negro
Niggaz no es bueno para una mierda para mí
Porque esto es una carrera de fo segunda clase
Así que su culo contra la pared de la perra
Y luego trató

Sólo entre todos podremos hacer de éste un sitio mejor :)

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