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Letra Real Niggas de Mac Dre original

Chorus: Mac Dre>
I'd rather die like a man then live my life like a bitch
I'd rather be in the pen then live my life like a snitch
Playa population is decreasing by millions
So I dedicate this to all the real ones
Real niggas, real niggas
Real niggas, real niggas

Verse One>
I got three rules when I hustle and ain't anyone funny
It's like get yo money, get yo money, and oh yeah get yo money
Can't be no punk and damn sure can't be no hoe
I'm like the Grand National, they don't make them like me no mo'
Doper than a joint of that sticky gooey
Hella saucy potna, real ragooey
I pops extra hard cause I know talk is cheap
Tell a hoe toss it in the air, whatever I say she peeps
See I'm about my cheese, I want G's, y'all fucked
Down and dirty low to the ground like frog nuts
Keep a hoe bottom lip hanging like a turtle neck sweater
Love a freaky lesbian who can give bomb headers
See my dick stay hard like a cave mans chisel
Waiting for a super bad to come wet my whistle
But my ???? in life is to gain cash
And that there is more serious than a plane crash

Real niggas, real niggas
Real niggas, real niggas

Chorus x1>

Verse Two>
I'm on the mic representing that players committee
Letting ya know that some of these niggas need a pair of tities
Never had a player hater born in my body, never been jealous
Just stubborn hard headed and hella rebelious
Fly like Denzel, smooth like Billy Dean
Some ain't feelin' me cause they can't really see
I'm saucy cause I stay dipped hoe
And still hit the scene, and scream what they hit fo'
Steady havin' cash cause I'm down to take a dollar
Quickly pop my collar, and tell that bitch a holler
It really ain't hard it's just this pimpin and this tongue
That get them bitches sprung, and make them wanna run
And when I say run I mean perform it to the utmost
Other niggas trip with they dick and wanna fuck hoes
Pimpin's outdated is what them suckas said
But the pimpin ain't dead its just the hoes they mislead


Verse Three>
I got the heart of a gangster, mind of a business man,
tongue of a pimp,
Stupid dumb all dollars no sense
Stay perkin', used to be off that yac
Now I'm on that gorilla milk or that Yukon Jack
Double R star, three c general
Fortified with this game like vitamins and minerals
Doper than a bottle of that dog food
Yall thought I was stupid, now look how I'm comin' at yall fools
Sportin' one fifties used to fuck with pumas
Now I'm havin more money than Brinks and Lunars
Maurice Malone, Mark Buchannon, and Enyce
Cashin' fat checks weekly
Beep me, if you tryin' to et churped at
No paper you'll get cut like Elvis Grbac (I heard that)
Punk bitch get stomped out
Triple see ya, Mac Dre, romped out


Letra Real Niggas de Mac Dre en español (traducción)

Estribillo: Mac Dre>
Prefiero morir como un hombre y luego a vivir mi vida como una perra
Prefiero estar en la pluma y luego vivir mi vida como un soplón
Playa población está disminuyendo por millones
Así lo dedico a todos los reales
Real niggas, niggas real
Real niggas, niggas real

Verso Uno>
Tengo tres reglas cuando yo prisa y no es cualquier persona divertida
Es como conseguir dinero yo, conseguir dinero yo, y oh sí conseguir dinero yo
No puede haber ninguna punk y muy seguro de que no puede haber ninguna azada
Soy como el Grand National, no hacen ellos me no mo 'les gusta
Doper que una empresa de esa pegajosa pegajosa
Hella potna descarado, ragooey reales
Yo Pops causa duro adicional sé hablar es barato
Envía una azada tirar en el aire, lo que yo diga que asoma
Mira, yo estoy por mi queso, quiero G, ustedes jodido
Abajo y sucio bajo a la tierra como las nueces de rana
Mantenga un labio inferior azada colgando como un suéter de cuello de tortuga
Amor lesbiana extraño que puede dar cabeceras bomba
Ver mi polla permanecer duro como un cincel sirve la cueva
En espera de una super mal por venir mojar mi silbido
Pero mi ???? en la vida es ganar dinero
Y eso no es más grave que un accidente aéreo

Nig real

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