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Letra Life's A Bitch de Mac Dre original

Life's a bitch
Life's a bitch and then you die
Life's a bitch and then you die
Lifes a bitch and then you die
Lifes a bitch and then you die

It's not often young niggas get a chance
to enjoy riches in legitimate fashion
So many of us say fuck it get a bucket
and run up in something and keep smashing
It's all about survival
but jealous rivals make it hard for us to do this
So everybody got a gun but when we was younger
our only weapon was our two fists
Now who missed the first lesson in life don't be no punk
If you a man have heart be a savage whether you sober or drunk
I seen niggas in the pen getting
their ass dug out over some hop or a pack of Kamels
But that's the game home boy and every move you make is a gamble
Them squares don't under stand so it takes niggas like me to explain it
I show vengeance violence and hatred because underneath it's so much pain
I aint no sissy or punk so don't trip when you see me crying
A nigga just hella mad his partners is dead and his folks keep on dying
My enemys feel the same way they want me dead they think I'm the nigga
that put they partner 6 feet under and left his son with no father figure
I live day by day not giving a fuck and when they ask me why
I pause for a minute then I reply because lifes a bitch and then you die


Lifes a bitch then you die nigga
don't want a whole slice just let me taste the pie
They sent me to the pen for five years
for a crime that was never committed
I aint no bank robber but that five years
had me thinking maybe I should have did it
Do my thoughts deceive me? What a mutherfucker supposed to think
Locked down trapped looking at four walls a toilet bowl and a sink
Aint that a bitch I've been struggling ever since I could remember
But I stay strong year round from January all the way to December
See I am a hustler I need cash bad as a fat bitch need jogging
So I specialize in three things and that's
Pimping hogging and dogging (that's right)
Half these suckers walking around here fake as three dollar bills
If you with that bullshit don't come around me
I do this for reals not for thrills
I got to watch my back for them suckers that's out to do harm
Got a tattoo of a list full a partners
that's dead that run all the way down my arm
So If you see me mugging tripping and bugging don't stop and ask me why
A nigga just hella mad because Lifes a bitch and then you die


I got a crew full of the realest that's deep as the Pittsburgh Steelers
Retired bank robbers ex-dope dealers and adversary killers
Our mission is simple get rich and stay real nigga
So our kids can live fat better then we did when we was little niggas
Life is short you only live once and aint no telling when your leaving
So I'm going to do it all have a ball
while I'm still living and breathing
See I am a philosopher and my philosophy is this
Don't be no punk young homey if it's worth it take that risk
Anything's possible but nothings for sure
Got to take advantage of all opportunities
and get your money you know
Love those who love you but don't never let it fuck up your vision
How much love did your loved ones
have when you was broke or doing time in prison
Stay on your toes don't fuck with hoes before you read them
Watch your back for them rats that set niggas up to keep they freedom
It takes 365 days for the earth to spin one time
But it only takes one minute
for that guilty verdict when that snitch drops that dime
A damn shame I thought rat heads get nothing but cheddar
But I got partners doing all day with 35 next to that letter
So I'm in trouble unless I bubble So I struggle to keep my peace
Staying money motivated with thoughts of Mike Robinson and D.J. Cee


Letra Life's A Bitch de Mac Dre en español (traducción)

La vida es una perra
La vida es una perra y luego te mueres
La vida es una perra y luego te mueres
Lifes una perra y luego te mueres
Lifes una perra y luego te mueres

No es frecuente Niggas jóvenes tienen la oportunidad de
para disfrutar de las riquezas de manera legítima
Así que muchos de nosotros decimos mierda conseguir un cubo
y ejecutar en algo y seguir rompiendo
Todo es cuestión de supervivencia
pero los rivales celosos hacer que sea difícil para nosotros hacer este
Así que todo el mundo tiene un arma, pero cuando era más joven
nuestra única arma era nuestros dos puños
Ahora que se perdió la primera lección en la vida que no tenga ningún punk
Si alguno hubiere corazón sea un salvaje si usted sobrio o borracho
He visto los niggas en la pluma conseguir
su culo excavado a lo largo de algunas hop o un paquete de Kamels
Pero ese es el chico juego en casa y cada movimiento que haces es una apuesta
Esos cuadros no acceda nunca a pie por lo que toma niggas como me lo explique
Muestro violencia venganza y el odio, porque debajo de ella tanto dolor
No soy un marica o punk así que no viaje cuando me veas llorar
Un negro sólo hella enojado a sus socios está muerto y su gente kee

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