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Letra Who Wanna de Lil Wayne original

Somebody call the slick police
Capitol W
Weezy Baby
This is the Carter man
Rim low all I can see is the flow now let's go!
Raj ya bangin 'em in the.. Raj I say ya bangin 'em in the..
Raj I say ya bangin 'em in the head wit this one cut!
Weezy Weezy say guard ya face bitch
Weezy say guard ya neck bitch
Weezy Baby this is the Carter

I move it from a eighth to a slab from a slab to a quarter
From a quarter to a half from a half to a hard one
You do the math it's a horror
While I be on the ave gettin off one nineteen for a soft one
Bricks I loft 'em catch him he hot
If I catch you without my scratch I'm stretchin ya out
If you catch me without the burna burn me
I beg of you shoot off the leg of you and kick ya in the ass
I'm dyin of doom I say I'm sick with cash
These eyes are real see straight through ya liquid ass
You see me straight through the glass house picnic wagon
You could see it by my bitch face she thick with ass
Get slick slick I click click blast on ya bitch ass
Squad up shit click or smash on ya bitch ass
Smash on ya bitch ass
Now pick the grass up out ya ass and the caps out ya cap Aye!

Chorus - 2X>
Who wanna fuck wit me tell 'em I'm waitin for 'em
Who wanna fuck wit me tell 'em I'm waitin for 'em
Who gon fuck wit me I got the blazer for 'em
Who gon fuck wit me do you wanna fuck wit me Naw!

Hustle boy sell a nick to ya mom I'll sell a brick out ya house
I'll sell a brick to a house nigga
I'll send a clip to ya mouth back of the gun to ya nose
Front of the gun to ya clothes I let it rip and I bounce
Lights off young Teddy Pender is out
Mask on scare the fuck out ya but ya ass grown
I wasn't born with no silver spoon
But I can heat it in a spoon and pitch it in a balloon
Tomb sittin in ya room sing for me
But if ya don't gimmie no tune the semi go boom
But if ya don't hear me doe fool the semi go boom
I'm try to make moves but they gimmie no room
I takes my space I blaze the haze take ya babe to space
She gimmie amazing face I sung Amazing Grace
I was once lost but now I'm found
Full of them pounds is how I'm found Aye!

Chorus - 2X>

Oh! Oh! Bang 'em in da head Whoa!
Oh! Oh! Bang 'em in da face Whoa!
Oh! Oh! Bang 'em in da neck Whoa!
Rim low all I can see is the flow now let's go!

I know how to cook so I buy it soft
I also sell it soft depending the cost
You know that's shells they toss defending they boss
They wipes 'em well across ya dentures like floss
You know I smell ya talk and I swear I knows bullshit and pussy near or far
Ya'll niggaz better gear up for the comin of the boy
From a young'n to a boy to young boy boy
I dump toys boy at ya punk boy toys
Take the pump out the trunk take a chunk out a chump
Baby what have I done I created a monster
Weezy Baby a gangster no wankster
Hell naw I smell ya'll
Didn't know Jam Master well but I rocks wit my shells on
And the block still a hell zone
Get a helmet for you and ya gals dome I suggest! Aye!

Chorus - 2X>

Bang 'em in da head whoa!
Bang 'em in da face whoa!
Bang 'em in da neck whoa!
Rim low all I can see is the flow now let's go

Bang 'em in da head whoa!
Bang 'em in da face whoa!
Bang 'em in da neck whoa!
Rim low all I can see is ya hoe now let's go

Letra Who Wanna de Lil Wayne en español (traducción)

Que alguien llame a la policía slick
Capitol W
Weezy bebé
Este es el hombre Carter
Llanta baja todo lo que puedo ver es el flujo ahora vamos!
Em Raj ya bangin de la .. Raj digo ya Bangin 'em en el ..
Raj digo ya Bangin 'em en la cabeza ingenio éste corte!
Weezy Weezy dice guardia ya la cara perra
Weezy dice guardia ya perra cuello
Weezy bebé es el Carter

Me muevo de un octavo a un bloque de una losa de un cuarto
Desde un cuarto a la mitad de un medio a un duro
Usted hace la matemáticas es un horror
Mientras yo sea el ave gettin off una década para una suave
Bricks I Loft 'em lo atrapan lo caliente
Si te cojo sin mi scratch Estoy stretchin ya fuera
Si me captura sin el burna me quema
Le ruego se dispara en la pierna de ti y una patada en el culo ya
Me estoy muriendo de muerte digo que estoy enferma de efectivo
Estos ojos son reales ver directamente a través de tu culo líquido
Usted me ve directamente a través de la casa vagón de picnic vidrio
Se podía ver a mi puta cara se espesa con el culo
Obtenga slick slick hago clic clic explosión en tu culo perra
Squad mierda clic o éxito en tu culo perra
Romper el culo ya perra
Ahora coge el

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