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Letra Giant Stadium de Kool Keith original

Intro: everything said is echoed>
Yeah yeah yeah! Tri-state area
Live in New Jersey, and motherfuckin Giant Stadium
Live for the first time, live on stage the motherfuckin Commi$$ion
Ladies and gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen
Please stand in line, please stand in line
We just now been confirmed, that's tonight main event has been sold out

Kool Keith:>
I'm that new fuckin product, they chose over Ray Allen
While the coaches scream
The uniform on each teams are cheap
Look at the roster everybody, this general manager signed got no talent
He's not thinkin I'm out to interfere with his offense
The league sees me, pull the rims out the glass like Dawkins
Bruce Rattner can't match the contract
Reebok's fuckin up, with bad shoes
My agent got me eight thousand one billion
A dollar deal just once a week to wear New Balance
You a freshman junior nigga the seniors keep you silenced
Graduation you not goin pro you won't make it H-O

same rapper as Intro:>
Giant motherfuckin Stadium!
When you speak of legends make sure you mention my name
I'm the last don standin, when I spark the flame
My name been ringin bells before coke got stepped on
When Harlem was the mecca, out of town cats were slept on
Labels scared to sign me they say my shit is too raw
The only reason niggaz is still breathin, cause they roll with the law
People say I changed, but I'm just a little calmer
I clutch so many guns motherfuckers oughta call me Palmer
Think of somethin sweet I'll put 5, up in your cheekbone
I oughta get honored for every coward, I touched with the chrome
Dope seller, hood fella, some say I'm worse than Suge
I'm a Harlem Knight f'real 'til the day I'ma rep my hood
Check my file dawg I spent 12 years in a cell
Then it's back to clutchin heat, if this rap shit fail~!

Kool Keith:>
Carbo-hybo-spaghetti will make you niggaz mo' stronger
Too much milk and powder will fuck up your muscles
I warned you, you can't play forward
and backaway with that bullshit, off the rim shot
Just got off waivers, I'll make your team hot
Coach you up and coming, give y'all the championship you don't got
Make your crew practice and run track a lot
You might pack a spot, win two games out of 160
It can't be
You know I can't be injured, before the season stop
Because y'all bitch up and miss me
Dunk on motherfuckers more harder when they diss me
Then chicken niggaz they turn crispy
I leave 'em sniffed up, alley where the piss be
They girl happy for pennies motherfucker count this G
Minutes on the court, you bastards can't get mad
I let y'all play a 2 or 3

Giant motherfuckin Stadium!
Giant motherfuckin Stadium!

Letra Giant Stadium de Kool Keith en español (traducción)

Intro: todo lo dicho se hace eco>
Yeah yeah yeah! Área tri-estatal
Vive en Nueva Jersey, y el Estadio Gigante de puta
En vivo por primera vez, vivo en el escenario de la puta de iones Commi $ $
Señoras y señores, damas y caballeros
Por favor, espere en línea, por favor espere en línea
Simplemente ahora se ha confirmado, que esta noche el evento principal se ha vendido

Kool Keith:>
Estoy jodido que el producto nuevo, eligieron a Ray Allen
Mientras que los entrenadores gritan
El uniforme de cada equipo son baratos
Mira la lista de todo el mundo, este director general se firmó ningún talento
Él no está pensando me voy a interferir con su ofensiva
La liga me ve, tire de los bordes de la copa como Dawkins
Bruce Rattner no puede coincidir con el contrato
Hasta mierda de Reebok, con los zapatos mal
Mi agente me consiguió ocho mil mil millones
Un acuerdo de dólares sólo una vez a la semana para llevar New Balance
Eres una estudiante de primer año júnior negro a los ancianos a mantenerse silenciados
La graduación no vas a favor que no lo hará HO

rapero mismo Intro:>
Estadio maldito gigante!
Cuando usted habla de leyendas asegúrese de mencionar mi nombre
Soy el último suplente don, cuando

Sólo entre todos podremos hacer de éste un sitio mejor :)

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