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Letra Freaks de Kool Keith original

Chorus 2x>

Freaks get naked baby, freaks get naked baby
Freaks get naked, freaks get naked

Verse 1>
Girl I feel the way you love me, hold me at night and hug me

You got the phone from my pocket to beep me and bug me

Forget the do rag, I ain't no thug, gee, I'm more bugged gee

Sleep in the bathtub, get rid of the waterbed

Move your thongs out to the side
Forget the the room, hotel lobby, I bone on the rug, gee

Reset the tripod, filming women like Rocco
Putting their hands between their legs, with ecstasy
I feed the girls like cats, Purina to go

Here's your bowl, they always jump out the shower

Doggystyle on the couch, with their heads shedding on my pants
Rubbing next to me, you pay me, I'll pull out a ??? gee

You changed up on me, now you gotta pee

Chorus 2x>
Freaks get naked, freaks get naked

Freaks get naked baby, freaks get naked baby

Verse 2>
Trojans in the green pack, you lay on the kitchen table

And lean back, fruit cocktail and pancakes syrup

Flow down your butt crack, ice-cream around your pelvis
You're a star, baby, buy a ticket from New York
You wanna meet guys like me, directors in Hollywood, you wanna sell this

Win awards in Vegas, slide your g-strings off

You're wit' the top film makers, mid-town traffic

I'm meeting with Black Tail, you're talking to fakers

I own a factory, my workers are thong makers

Black woman with Carribean shakers

I've been doin this since Time Square Arcades had Space Invaders

Removing your panties off slow on Penn Station escalators
I love lesbians, they're not haters

Hunny, you graduated to booty shorts

Hands around the missal, you made it to the majors

Pick a condom, cherry, strawberry, blue-berry

I got all flavors (I got all the flavors...)

Chorus 2x>

Freaks get naked, freaks get naked

Freaks get naked baby, freaks get naked baby

Verse 3>

You make the appetizers, I'ma re-connect the DVDs

The television is clear, Ghetto Booty in progress
Adjust the atennas, hunny, no need for cable

I fix the triple X wires, don't lie if you're on your time of the month

You don't have to rush, cause internal problems can hold

I don't want the room to smell like car tires, I'm sipping Stolichnayas

Butterscotch, soaking your g-spot area from Breyer's

Don't fool yourself with the toys under your bed- you're deniers
No time to hurt you, they're looking for screamers, I'm looking for cryers

Admire your bed sheet you're on

Careful planning, the one I need to teach you on

No regular movie, I rather watch porn

Chorus 2x>

Freaks get naked, freaks get naked
Freaks get naked baby, freaks get naked baby

Letra Freaks de Kool Keith en español (traducción)

Chorus 2x>

Monstruos consiguen bebé desnudo, monstruos consiguen bebé desnudo
Freaks se desnudan, los monstruos se desnudan

El versículo 1>
Chica siento la manera que me amas, me sostiene por la noche y me abrazo

Tienes el teléfono de mi bolsillo para mí y me molestan un pitido

Olvidar el trapo do, I no es ningún matón, Gee, soy Gee más Bugged

Dormir en la bañera, deshacerse de la cama de agua

Mueva sus tangas hacia un lado
Olvidar el la sala, vestíbulo del hotel, me hueso en la alfombra, Gee

Restablecer el trípode, la filmación de las mujeres como Rocco
Poniendo sus manos entre sus piernas, con el éxtasis
Doy de comer a las niñas como los gatos, Purina para ir

Aquí está su plato, que siempre saltan a la ducha

Doggystyle en el sofá, con la cabeza vertimiento en los pantalones
Frotar a mi lado, me pagas, te saco un ??? Caramba

¿Ha cambiado en mí, ahora lo que tienes que hacer pis

Chorus 2x>
Freaks se desnudan, los monstruos se desnudan

Monstruos consiguen bebé desnudo, monstruos consiguen bebé desnudo

El versículo 2>
Troyanos en el paquete verde, se ponen sobre la mesa de la cocina

Y inclinarse hacia atrás

Sólo entre todos podremos hacer de éste un sitio mejor :)

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