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Letra Skanless de King Tee original

Yo, still out here actin a fool, man
Well, we gon' bust it off like this, youknowmsayin?

VERSE 1: King Tee >
Yo, woke up this morning at a half past 10
Next to me was this stunt named Lynn
She's cute, long hair, light skin
And she's married to my homeboy Ken
Hey, it's alright, she says Ken don't know
Yeah, Ken don't know you're a hoe
But oh, you're wonderin, how could I sleep with Lynn?
When she's married to my homeboy Ken?
Well, it's plain and simple and true
The girl asked me if I wanted to screw
Bust it, I take her up to a nice hotel
The ???? Fox where I dwell
Before we got there I had to make a stop though
I almost forgot the u-know-what and Super Saco, yo
She said, 'Yo, you're really gonna bust out your homeboy's wife?'
I said, 'Baby, let me tell you about my life
I'm skanless'

(Everyone's got to make a livin)--> 20th Century Steel Band
Yeah mama, I'm skanless
(Everyone's got to make a livin)

VERSE 2: King Tee >
Well, Lynn got up, got dressed and left
Still felt skanless, so I called Beth
I know you're thinkin: he's from one woman to another
But Beth was my homeboy Ken's mother
I said, 'Hey girl, ?????? money?'
She said, 'What's up, I been waitin on your call, honey'
I said, 'Really? Well Beth, check this
I'ma pick you up around a quarter to 6
So wear somethin sexy and cute
Cause I'm about to crash the boots'
She said, 'You need to because pops can't hang no more'
10 minutes later I was knockin at the door
She opened up, I said, 'What's up'
She said, 'My husband's inside,' I said, 'What the - hold up
Just wait, I'ma go away and let you handle this'
?????? the mack cause I'm skanless


VERSE 3: King Tee >
Yo, it's a girl named Vicky
She kinda knows my rep so I had to get slick, see?
I had to turn like super skanless on her
(But yo, I know I love you, baby) you know, that Compton drama
She said, 'We can't make love cause I'm not like that
I have to get to know you,' all the yakety yak crap
I said, 'Baby, I feel my heart crackin up
I really thought you liked me so I bought you this
Luxurious solid gold bracelet
Go 'head, put it on, let me see if it fits'
She says, 'Ooh, I guess you're serious'
'I mean what can you say? I mean you drive me delirious
If we make love I buy you anything you want
Dookie gold ropes, silk suits to flaunt'
I knocked boots, she made me feel like a mack
So like a pimp I jacked the hoe and stole all my shit back
Cause I'm skanless


E-Swift, break it down

Letra Skanless de King Tee en español (traducción)

Yo, todavía aquí actina un tonto, hombre
Bueno, nosotros gon 'busto fuera así, youknowmsayin?

Verso 1: King Tee>
Yo, me desperté esta mañana en una media de 10
A mi lado estaba este truco llamado Lynn
Ella es linda, pelo largo, de piel clara
Y ella está casada con mi homeboy Ken
Hey, está bien, dice Ken no sé
Sí, Ken no sé que eres una azada
Pero, oh, estás wonderin, ¿cómo podría dormir con Lynn?
Cuando ella está casada con mi homeboy Ken?
Bueno, es así de simple y verdadero
La chica me preguntó si quería para atornillar
Busto ella, la llevo hasta un hotel bonito
La ???? Fox, donde yo habito
Antes de llegar allí tuve que hacer una parada aunque
Casi se me olvida el u-sé-qué y Super Saco, yo
Ella dijo, 'Yo, tú eres realmente va busto fuera la esposa de su amigo del pueblo?
Yo dije, 'Cariño, déjame decirte sobre mi vida
Estoy skanless '

(Todo el mundo tiene que hacer un Livin) -> 20th Century Steel Band
Sí mamá, estoy skanless
(Todo el mundo tiene que hacer un Livin)

Verso 2: King Tee>
Bueno, Lynn se levantó, se vistió y se fue
Aún sentía skanless,

Sólo entre todos podremos hacer de éste un sitio mejor :)

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