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Letra Whatever de Jeru The Damaja original

Ayo...(what's up?)...there's a lotta motherfuckers out here
With a style similar to mine nowadays, you know what I mean?
(For reals) Be tryin' to like...they infiltrated the camp,
And now they, they wanna take the style and claim it for they
Owns, ya know? (That's how you feel?) But I'mma blow'em up,
'cause it's just like, whatever, you know what I'm sayin'? (Whatever)
First Verse
It's too strategical and mathematical
I rotate so fast that I appear invisible
I keep it chemical, but never subliminal
The force centrifugal and spiritual
You got static? Get grounded, 'cause I've mastered electrical
Mostly mental, but don't sleep on the physical
Ignorance got'em chatterin', one even said I was a son to him
Still my LP is fatter than
His or yours, took a two-year pause
Now that I'm back on the set my foes drop like hoe's drawers
In a brothel, only dealin' with what's logical
Applied science left MC's penetrable
The leader's stroke is apocalyptic
Hostile like Arabics in Israel with automatics
And if you want it, the Monks can make it hectic
Set it off, fire burn up Jack Frost and Santa Claus
Whatever you want to do, make it clever
Whatever, whatever, whatever
Primo Scratching>
(Unknown): 'And to all y'all crews...whatever'
Second Verse
Bound to blow up, but never disintegratin'
The ultimate MC equation
Ferromagnetic, ask my pops, it's genetic
That's why I'm a weedhead and not an alcoholic
Call it whatever you want to call it
Devils just know that it's some form of arithmetic
Hieroglyphic, 'cause you can picture this shit
The state of hip-hop today is like hookers in politics
Got MCin' locked down like a convict
Blowin' up opposition as I maneuver through it
And to make sure it's overstood, I stick around
Popular like crime in ghetto neighbourhoods
Rock my crown like Shaka did, hold it down
Fuck your mind up like Joe Jackson, kids, check it out
So whatever you want to do, make it clever
Whatever, whatever, whatever
Primo scratching>
Lord Finesse: 'I gotta do my thing...I represent'
(Unknown): 'And to all y'all crews, whatever'
Third Verse
Fire, flames, heat up the competition
Spontaneous combustion, like the Pope's religion
Your style of emceein' is Paganism
Your rhymes make no sense, just like a Roman Christian
But your niggas soup you up like Lipton
The Gwong Jan Lin of underground emceein' strikes again
The snake bites again, but I'm immune to the poisonous
Venom, ask the devil, he knows I'm dangerous
Freak on the mic, but not sexual
Call me unalike 'cause my rhymes are never homo
Make you sad, like when Cher left Sonny Bono
Fire burn Giuliani, Pataki and Cuomo
Whatever you want to do, make it clever
Whatever, whatever, whatever
Primo Scratching>
Lord Finesse: 'I gotta do my thing...I represent'
(Unknown): 'And to all y'all crews, whatever'

Letra Whatever de Jeru The Damaja en español (traducción)

Ayo ... (¿qué pasa ?)... hay un lotta hijos de puta aquí
Con un estilo similar a la mía hoy, ¿sabes a qué me refiero?
(Para reales) sea tryin 'to ... como se infiltraron en el campamento,
Y ahora, quieren tener el estilo y afirman que para que
Posee, ¿sabes? (Eso es lo que sientes?) Pero blow'em I'mma arriba,
Porque es igual, sea cual sea, ya sabes lo que estoy diciendo? (Lo que sea)
Primer verso
Es muy estratégico y matemáticas
Yo girar tan rápido que parece invisible
Lo mantengo química, pero nunca subliminal
La fuerza centrífuga y espiritual
Tienes estática? Obtener tierra, porque he dominado eléctrica
Sobre todo mental, pero no dormir en la física
La ignorancia got'em chatterin ", incluso se dijo que yo era un hijo para él
Aun así, mi LP es más gordo que
Su o el suyo, hizo una pausa de dos años
Ahora que estoy de vuelta en el conjunto de mis enemigos caen como cajones azada
En un burdel, sólo dealin 'con lo que es lógico
La ciencia aplicada a la izquierda penetrable MC
Golpe del líder es apocalíptica
Hostiles, como arábiga en Israel con las transmisiones automáticas
Y si usted lo desea, los monjes pueden hacer agitado
Set it off, el fuego quema Jack

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