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Letra The City Is Mine de Jay-z original

Uh-uhh-uh, ge-ge-geyeah

Chorus: Blackstreet>

You belong to the city (Uh-uhh-uh, what what)
You belong to the night (Uh-uhh-uh, ge-ge-geyeah)
In the river of darkness
He's a man of the night

Verse One: Jay-Z>

Uhh, yeah
What the deal playboy, just rest your soul
I be holding it down yo still love the dough
Got these ladies on the cock now you know how we go
Got the whole world on lock down you know how we flow
Don't worry about Brooklyn I continue to flame
Therefore a world with amnesia won't forget your name
You held it down long enough, let me take those reigns
And just like your spirit the commision remains
Niggaz can cross the T's and, dots the I's
Now that I got too popular to cop them pies
I'm takin this rap shit serious, to my demise
Jay shit's like cake mix, watch me rise
Basics in the basement, waste it
Asking my dog for advice so when he can't say shit
My hatred is, fueled just give me a sign
And I let the world know that the city is mine, what?

Chorus: Blackstreet>

You belong to the city (The city is mine, what-what-what)
You belong to the night (Ge-ge-geyeah, uh-uhh-uh, pa-pau)
In the river of darkness
He's a man of the night (The city is mine, that's right...)

Verse Two: Jay-Z>

Y'all want to know how I flow just seek and you find
I'm like a brain in the voicebox, I speak my mind
About to redefine rap mami, either I'm
The illest nigga doing it or these niggaz is losin it
I read a article that said I was ruinin shit
But every time I look, I'm movin units in quick
So I'ma hit y'all, with these last two and split
And leave niggaz with nothing but my influences-es
Soon it's the Jigga, I ain't mad yeah, bite my shit
Sell half of what I sell because it's not quite my shit
I'm the type to buy a Roley and just ice my shit
On the spot, fuck comin back twice to shit
How real is that? My floss game, still intact
Boss game, you lame dudes can't feel that
Like the first dude to cop the 850 and 89
And drove it up to 55th, the city is mine, what?

Chorus: Blackstreet>

You belong to the city (The city is mine)
You belong to the night (Yeah, uhh, the city is mine)
In the river of darkness (Pa-pa, feel me)
He's a man of the night (Yeah, yeah, bounce, bounce)

Verse Three: Jay-Z>

I snatch your girl cause your arm ain't strong enough
Plus ya don't stay in the studio long enough
I make hits while y'all stay hatin and take bricks
Had it locked til I came in the club, Take 6
Got your chick cause you swore she was innocent
Got her a Chinese manicure hair done by Dominicans, all for what
So I could be in a dark corner, all in the butt
At the bar alchoholing her up
I represent the lifestyle of those who thirst cream
A buck fifty a shot, Louis the Thirteenth
Jay-Z, Roc-A-Fella yo, know the name
I ain't a player get it right, I'm controllin the game
From now until they blow holes in my frame
I'ma stand firm, holdin my aim, feel me?
I'm the focal, point like Biggie in his prime
On the low though - shhhhh, the city is mine!

Chorus w/ variations to end>

Letra The City Is Mine de Jay-z en español (traducción)

Uh-uh uhh-, ge-ge-geyeah

Estribillo: Blackstreet>

Usted pertenece a la ciudad (Uh-uhh-uh, qué qué)
Usted pertenece a la noche (uh-uh-uhh, ge-ge-geyeah)
En el río de las tinieblas
Él es un hombre de la noche

Verso uno: Jay-Z>

Uhh, sí
Lo que el acuerdo de playboy, sólo descansar su alma
¿Me lo mantiene pulsado, yo todavía me encanta la pasta
Tengo estas damas en la polla ahora ya sabes cómo vamos
Tiene el mundo entero en lock down sabes cómo fluimos
No se preocupe de Brooklyn sigo llama
Por lo tanto, un mundo con amnesia no se olvidará de su nombre
Usted lo mantiene presionado el tiempo suficiente, quiero aprovechar esos reinados
Y al igual que su espíritu se mantiene la comisión
Niggaz puede cruzar la camiseta y, los puntos del yo
Ahora que tengo demasiado popular para policías les pays
Me estoy tomando esta mierda de rap grave, a mi muerte
Jay mierda es como mezcla para pastel, mira como me levanto
Conceptos básicos en el sótano, lo desperdicies
Pedir consejo a mi perro para que cuando él no puede decir mierda
Mi odio es, alimentado sólo dame una señal
Y creo que el mundo sepa que la ciudad es mía, ¿qué?

Estribillo: Blackstreet>

Usted pertenece a la ciudad (La ciudad es mi

Sólo entre todos podremos hacer de éste un sitio mejor :)

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