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Letra She's Coming Home With Me de Jay-z original

R. Kelly>
Fellas, a few tips, when you're in the club
You must watch your girl, because she may end up with me

R. Kelly + (Jay-Z)>
TrackMasters (uhh... turn the music up)
Rock Land
Hova (woo! yess, yess)

Chorus: R. Kelly>
Now somebody's girl is in my mansion
Shakin that ass to this
And somebody's girl is in my hot tub
Drinkin that glass of Crist'
And somebody's girl is in my bedroom
And man she's a superfreak
And somebody's girl is leavin my crib
Now on to the next booty

Ummmmmmmmm, I don't mean no harm
But your boy got the magic stick, the Don Juan
Bishop, chicks'll dissapear in thin air
Like mist or some shit like this I swear
I take handcuffs off misses, I pick locks wicked
I catch your eye cause my tick-tock's frigid
My necklace glisten, all reckless chicks is
Eyeballin, yeah, and I caught 'em like perfect pitches
Call me Mike Piazza
Once I get 'em in, my fly casa
It's hot tubs, heated pools and no rules
Call your old dude and tell him he old news
Tell that fella you feel like Cinderella
With both shoes and it's almost two
Fuck a storybook endin, we bendin the rules
This is somebody's girl part two, now move


R. Kelly>
Uhh, let me at it
Somebody's girl is sittin in my lap
Whisper two words and we both break out
My Maybach seats is just as big as a couch
Not the same girl now that the mic's at your mouth
Oh that's gettin nasty, let's get naughty
Rollin around like a fo'-wheel afterparty
We stop at a red light, there go your girls an' 'em
Now we got the green light, driver follow them (let's go)
You're rotatin with a guy that spend money like the world spin 'round
First guy to ever put the singin rap down
Say the name Kels and these chicks spellbound
Because these chicks know I put the '12Play' down
I gotta have it, I just can't stop limpin
Maybe because I just can't stop pimpin
No matter what I do, I can't stop leanin
When the fresh Prada's on and the sun is shinin
Girls it's your boyfriend
With that remix that keeps you clubbin
Dis collabo' crack got you fiendin
The industry kings and the rest is dreamin


The moral of the tale, if you love your tail
Treat her well, keep her 'way from Hov' and Kel'
Because we can't stop pimpin
We put it on her 'til she can't stop limpin
She'll be a goner, you can play tough guy on the corner
I smoothe her out in the sauna
Yeah, I blew it out in the Bahamas, yeah
Your lil' mama got a stellar arm
We got it on like a telethon
Mr. Roc-A-Fella, gone


Letra She's Coming Home With Me de Jay-z en español (traducción)

R. Kelly>
Amigos, algunos consejos, cuando estás en el club
Usted debe ver a su chica, porque ella puede terminar conmigo

R. Kelly (Jay-Z)>
Trackmasters (uhh. .. hasta convertir la música)
Roca Land
Hova (woo! yess, yess)

Estribillo: R. Kelly>
Ahora niña de alguien que está en mi mansión
Shakin que el culo a esta
Y la niña de alguien que está en mi bañera caliente
Drinkin ese vaso de Crist '
Y la niña de alguien que está en mi dormitorio
Y el hombre que ella es una superfreak
Y la niña de alguien se marcho mi cuna
Ahora vamos con el botín siguiente

Ummmmmmmmm, no quiero decir nada malo
Sin embargo, su chico tiene la varita mágica, el Don Juan
Bishop, chicks'll desaparecer en el aire
Al igual que la niebla o alguna mierda así lo juro
Puedo tomar esposas de misses, yo abrir cerraduras malvado
Me llama la atención porque mi tic-tac del frío
Mi collar brillan, todos los pollitos imprudentes es
Eyeballin, sí, y me llamó 'em como lanzamientos perfectos
Llámame Mike Piazza
Una vez que a por ellos, mi Casa mosca
Es jacuzzis, piscinas climatizadas y reglas no
Llame a su viejo amigo y decirle que viejas noticias
Dile a ese chico te sientes como Cenicienta
Con los dos zapatos de un

Sólo entre todos podremos hacer de éste un sitio mejor :)

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