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Letra Can I Get A... de Jay-z original

Bounce wit me, bounce wit me
Can ya can ya can ya bounce wit me, bounce wit me
Ya-yah-yah, ya-ya-yah-yeah bounce wit me, bounce wit me
Ge-gi, ge-gi-gi-gi-geyeah bounce wit me, bounce wit me
Get it!

Verse one: jay-z

Can i hit in the morning
Without giving you half of my dough
And even worse if i was broke would you want me?
If i couldn't get you finer things
Like all of them diamond rings niggaz> kill for
Would you still roll?
If we couldn't see the sun risin off the shore of thailand
Would you ride then, if it wasn't droppin?
If wasn't ah, eight figure nigga> by the name of jigga
Would you come around naked, would you clown me?
If i couldn't flow futuristic would ya
Put your two lips on my dick>, kiss it - could ya
See yourself with a nigga> workin harder than 9 to 5
Contend with six, two jobs to survive, or
Do you need a balla? so you can shop and tear the mall up?
Brag, tell your friends what i bought ya
If you couldn't see yourself with a nigga> when his dough is low
Baby girl, if this is so, yo..

Chorus: repeat 2x

jay-z>can i get a what what
To these chickens from all of my doves
Who don't love those, they get no dough
amil>can i get a woop woop
To these fellas from all of my ladies
Who don't got love for players without dubs?

amil>now can you bounce wit me, uhh
jay-z>bounce wit me, bounce wit me
Can ya can ya can ya bounce wit me, bounce wit me
amil>uh uh.. major coins
jay-z>bounce wit me, bounce wit me
amil>yeah, not done
jay-z>can ya can ya can ya bounce wit me, bounce wit me
amil>uh-uh uh uh

Verse two: amil

You ain't gotta be rich but funk dat
How a bitch> gonna get around your bus pass
? put this ass> on your mustache
Can you afford me, my ? ? this, never corny
Ambition makes me, so horny, i come fussin in the
Front end, if you got nuttin, baby boy, you betta
'git up, git out and get somethin' shit!>
I like a, lot of pravada, alize and baca
Late nights, candlelight, can i tear the cock> up
Get it up i put it down anytime it pop up
I got to snap em, let it loose, then i knock ya
Feel the juice, then i got ya, when you produce a rocka
I let you meet momma and introduce you to poppa
My, shit> remains in a gucci name
Never test my patience sweetie, i'm high maintenance
High class, if you ain't rollin, bypass
If you ain't holdin shit>, i dash yo


jay-z> now can you bounce for me, bounce for me
jay-z>can ya can ya can ya bounce wit me, bounce wit me
jay-z>can ya bounce wit me, bounce wit me
jay-z>gi-gi-gi-gi can ya bounce wit me, bounce wit me
ja>uhh! yeah

Verse three: ja

It ain't even a question
How my dough flows, you good if you got those
Lady, ride in your bump, like a tahoe
What you ain't know, it's eazy, but hear me though
Baby girl, best have my, money fo' sho'
Before they go, runnin they mouth, promotin half
I be bangin they, back out, go 'head, let it out
I leave em with no doubts, bounce, toss a hundred
Makin em feel, taunted even if they don't want it
It's been so long
Since i met a chick ain't on my tips but then i'm
Dead wrong, when i tell em be gone
So hold on to the feelin of flossin and platinum
Cause from now on, you can witness ja the i-con
With hoodies and timbs on, cause i thugs my women
Veve, studs my women, if you wit me you wit em
I'm talkin bout good livin are we here, you wit us?
If not boo, you know what, i still got you


Now can you bounce wit me, bounce wit me
Ge-gi, ge-gi-gi-gi bounce wit me, bounce wit me
Wit me wit me wit me bounce wit me, bounce wit me
Bounce.. bounce.. wit me wit me wit me wit me
Can ya bounce wit me wi me
Ge-gi, ge-gi-gi-gi-geyeah...

Letra Can I Get A... de Jay-z en español (traducción)

Bounce Wit Me, Bounce Wit Me
¿Puede ya pueden ya pueden ya Bounce Wit Me, Bounce Wit Me
Ya-Yah-Yah, ya-ya-yah-sí Bounce Wit Me, Bounce Wit Me
Ge-gi, ge-gi-gi-gi-geyeah ingenio rebote mí, Bounce Wit Me
Get it!

Verso uno: Jay-Z

¿Puedo golpeó en la mañana
Sin que le da la mitad de mi dinero
Y peor aún si yo estaba en la ruina ¿me quieres?
Si yo no podría hacer las cosas más finas
Al igual que todos ellos niggaz anillos de diamantes> matar por
¿Todavía rodar?
Si no podíamos ver el Risin Sun de la costa de Tailandia
¿Le andar entonces, si no fuera droppin?
Si no se ah, cifra ocho Nigga> con el nombre de jigga
¿Quieres venir desnudo, si fuera payaso de mí?
Si no pudiera fluir futurista, ya sería
Ponga sus dos labios en mi> polla, que beso - ya pudo
Véase a sí mismo con un nigga> workin duro que 9-5
Lidiar con seis, dos puestos de trabajo para sobrevivir, o
¿Necesita una balla? para que pueda comprar y desgaste con el centro comercial?
Brag, dile a tus amigos lo que ya han comprado
Si no pudieras verte con un> negro cuando su masa es de baja
Niña, si esto es así, yo ..

Estribillo: 2x repetición


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