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Letra Nuthin' But A Glee Thang de Glee original

[ashley lendzion]
One, two, three and to the four
If you love glee come knock on my door
Ain't nothing but a glee thang baby
Matt morrison's abs drive me crazy
Tried to make him mine cops had to tase me
This ain't gonna phase me
It's a shame there's only one matt morrison
Like the clone sheep dolly i want more of him
If matt morrison were boss
I'd work for him for free
Dropping all his calls like i'm at&t
Now i'm alfred hitchcock
I'll show up in your shot
Six times been escorted off the studio lot
Hot silly mr. morrison acting all aloof
He's got no idea i'm serving warm milk and roofies
Cut off my wedding finger and sent it to matt
He needs to put a ring on it and send it right back

It's like this, not like that but like this and ah
It's like that, kinda like this and like that and ah
Its like this and like that and like this and ah
[ashley lendzion]
Heather flip to the mic like a gymnast

[heather morris]
Well i'm peeping and i'm creepin' and i'm creepin'
Brought my jane lynch doll
By my side she be sleepin'
Now this tapwork was all we fantasize
Of snoop dog doing jazz even he won't survive
Shit as i lay me tired eyes to the sleep
I pray for naya rivera as my d o double g
Then we get tats of the whole cast on my back
I go then she go i'll cage her like a monkey rat
To add to my collection
I collect some strands of naya's weave to floss my teeth
Just creep
Her and me like birds and bees
Shit i'm hooked like those phonics g l dizzle double e

It's like this, no like that and like this and ah
Okay like this no like this and like that and ah
Its like this, creamsicles are delicious
So just chill till the next episode

[riki lindhome]
Yo, i got monteith on my left, agron on my right
And we're gonna mesh it up all night
In the library we do a musical number
Then start a fight for no reason cause we feel so unencumbered
We don't st-st-stutter like we're jenna ushkowitz
When we drench you in the face with our slushie hits
We start throwing all the books and causing total mayhem
Make you lose your place cause we don't give a damn.
We do some sweet dance moves
Don't try to diss 'em cause we're harder than the dewey decimal system
We feel free-er than a credit report singing journey
And we won't stop believing till we put you in a gurney
Yeah you're trying to focus and you want us to go soon
But we're like steven seagal with a show tune
If you try to stop us, from doing a reprieve
I'll tell you what you can do with your late fees

Its like this not like that its like this and ah
Its like that not like this and like that and ah
Its like this, fuck you gossip girl
So just chill till the next episode

Letra Nuthin' But A Glee Thang de Glee en español (traducción)

[Ashley lendzion]
Uno, dos, tres y cuatro para el
Si te gusta la alegría viene llamar a mi puerta
¿No es más que un bebé thang alegría
Matt Morrison abs disco me vuelve loco
Trató de hacer que los policías de las minas tuvieron que tase yo
Esto no se va fase de mi
Es una pena que sólo hay un mate de Morrison
Al igual que la plataforma clon de ovejas quiero más de él
Si Matt Morrison fuera el jefe
Yo trabajo para él de forma gratuita
Dejar caer todas sus llamadas como si yo fuera de AT & T
Ahora estoy de Alfred Hitchcock
Te voy a mostrar en el tiro
Seis veces ha escoltado fuera de la porción del estudio
Hot tonta mr. Morrison actuando al margen todos los
Él tiene la menor idea de que estoy sirviendo a la leche caliente y roofies
Cortar el dedo de la boda y lo envió a Matt
Él tiene que poner un anillo en él y enviarlo de vuelta

Es como esto, no así, pero así y ah
Es como que, un poco como esto y de esa manera y ah
Es como esta y así y así y ah
[Ashley lendzion]
Heather dar la vuelta al micrófono como un gimnasta

[Heather Morris]
Bueno, yo estoy asomando y estoy Creepin 'y estoy Creepin'
Traje a mi muñeca de Jane Lynch
A mi lado que sea durmiendo
Ahora bien, esto era todo tapwork

Sólo entre todos podremos hacer de éste un sitio mejor :)

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