Letra traducida Mama de Ghostface Killah al español (letra canción original y traducción)
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Letra Mama de Ghostface Killah original

(feat. Keyshia Cole)

Intro: Ghostface Killah (Keyshia Cole)>
Damn, this is for all my women that's been going through the struggle
On welfare, living the rough life (oh I cried, but see I'm thankful)
It's gone be alright, that's right (Thankful for the trouble
For holding me down, every day, oh yeah..)
This is how we gone do it, I want you to explain your story
Then I'mah tell you mine, tell 'em
(Uh, can't ask for any more.. more...)
Tell 'em Keyshia..

Chorus: Keyshia Cole>
Momma, where did you go wrong
Because I need to know
You got me living the life you were living
When you were young...
And I'm heading down the same path, uh
But the difference between me and you
Is, oh, hey, hey, hey

Ghostface Killah>
There's not a difference, boo, it's real life..

It's not ya momma fault, it's ya fathers fault
It's your fathers fault your mother is an alcoholic
Confusin the brain from the booze and the pain
And plus he cheated on her, beated on her, smack dead in the rain
She Lost her first child in 74
And that lead to nervous breakdowns bicardi dark she downin it raw
She can't take it she constantly cryin fallin down on her knees
Like help me lord please I'm ready to leave
All she needed was somebody to rub her feet
Give her a nice hug and rescue her from off these streets, come on


Ghostface Killah>
There's not a difference, boo, it's only an 8-figure, back me up

I been sent by an angel to snatch you up
Take you way above the clouds and back you up
At night you can lay in my arms feel the heart beatin
Don status in the sheets I'm keepin you warm
Aint no nigga gone do what I do
Imah take care of you and ya kids
Take the bent and go handle ya biz
The bills is paid,the cable back on
I quote you know the seeds want they nickleodeon on
I'm not ashamed to sport you
Floss you or gloss you out
Fat, skinny out of shape i'll dior you out


Ghostface Killah>
Wipe ya eyes..

Yo in the hood there's a struggle
My girls is in trouble
She lackin guidance in the mind she's blinded and puzzled
Her pops never showed her the ropes
Her moms raised mad kids on her own
She never had a strong man in her home

Keyshia Cole w/ Ghost ad-libs>
Stay stroooooooooong
Oh, hey, said we're gonna stay strong
No matter what
Yeah.. we're still here to see, hey... (that's my baby, that's my baby)


Outro: Keyshia Cole>
Gotta keep the hood up through all the struggle
No matter what, you know what I'm saying?
Keep your heart in the right place

Letra Mama de Ghostface Killah en español (traducción)

(Feat. Keyshia Cole)

Intro: Ghostface Killah (Keyshia Cole)>
Maldita sea, esto es para todas mis mujeres que ha estado pasando a través de la lucha
En cuanto al bienestar, a vivir la vida en bruto (oh lloré, pero ves que estoy agradecido)
Se ha ido a estar bien, es cierto (agradecido por las molestias
Para la celebración de mí hacia abajo, todos los días, oh yeah ..)
Así es como hemos ido hacerlo, quiero explicar su historia
Luego I'mah decir la mía, diles
(Uh, no se puede pedir más .. más ...)
Diles Keyshia ..

Coro: Keyshia Cole>
Mamá, ¿dónde van mal
Porque lo que necesito saber
Usted me consiguió vivir la vida que vivían
Cuando eras joven ...
Y me dirijo por el mismo camino, eh
Pero la diferencia entre tú y yo
Es decir, oh, hey, hey, hey

Ghostface Killah>
No hay una diferencia, Boo, que es la vida real ..

No es culpa ya mamá, ya que es culpa padres
Es tu culpa los padres de su madre es alcohólica
Confusin el cerebro de la bebida y el dolor
Y además de que la engañó, venció sobre ella, justo muertos bajo la lluvia
Ella perdió a su hijo por primera vez en 74
Y que conducen a crisis nerviosas bicardi d

Sólo entre todos podremos hacer de éste un sitio mejor :)

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