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Letra Jellyfish de Ghostface Killah original

(feat. Theodore Unit (Capadonna, Shawn Wigs, Trife))

Chorus - Ghostface>
Here's a little story ghetto situation
'Bout a girl I met who had many temptations
She was so fly, get high, well understood
Big-ass big brains and straight out the hood

Aiyyo, I woke up early took a stretch and a yawn
Had a 2 o'clock appointment with this girl name Dawn
She ain't the Avon lady but her beauty was strong
Right before she went to rest she had me singin this song
She must be a special ladyyyyyyyyy
And a very exciting girlllllllllll
I don't know
She had the high-glow's switchin
See her in the club you hear others chicks bitchin
But Dawn quit to bust a bitch ass and shit
See she did 12 months over a ratchet
Not no crab shit
Got bagged with the mag
Taxi cab shit
Clit was hangin out her panties with no where to stash it
It was classic
Nowadays she's laid back
Helpin me perfect my rap
Only pink and smoked salmon where she feed her cat
Wife everything
Diamond cut like johnny lex collar attached
Lickin glass bowls in her cat clothes
Cause crazy stacks
Finicky thing
Her kittin drink pollar spring
Take naps
Near her jewerly box
She play with all the rings
And when she step out the tub it's like an I'll flick
Carmel skin, bath and body works leave the whole room lit
Cinnamon candles, sweet side, they on relax mode
Paint her toes on the bed slow, watchin me
Versace robe on her body, peak, sippin asti (piemonte)
She a perfect 10 in my wildest dreams DAWN

Aiyyo, she gotta be gone
Waitin on my sweet strawbeery pecan rican LaShawn
Holdin my taffy down when I'm gone
Three fourths of her body always covered with clothes
That's why I'm eatin her candy
And suckin her toes
Sweet sexy LaShawn
She got body like what's goin on
On some marvin gay shit like lets get it onnnnn
Letssss getttt it onnnnn
Ayo she a diamond in the rough
Black rose in the hood
I love my queen and she treat me good
Fuck cookin for me
She stash me out when the feds come lookin for me
I'm not cheatin on her or beatin on her
I spend the weekend on her
We on the block when the bills start creepin on her
She right there when it gets sticky
She strict politic to the vicky's
And a fly aviator the color of sky
God on her side
Indian chick with cat eyes
Mad respect with the fat thighs
Plus her guns for the revolution
Would straight leave her if she prostituting
Yo my girls the bomb
Intelligent mind
Sky blue louis vetton
Leg muscles, deep dimples
Body is soft she smell fresh like a new born
Pretty feet peitete ass nice shoes on
The sunshine for my quiet storm
Keepin the food warm while I'm gone
It won't be long 'til I'm back to my sweet butter pecan rican LaShawn
Hit me up baby, P.S. Cappadon'

Aiyyo, aiyyo I woke up in the morning still drunk off the Henn
Had a 3'oclock appointment with this girl name Jen
You know Jen from a hundred and ten, she push the Lex Coupe
Part time fashion designer she work for Jet Blue
Pretty young thing, with a body like vida
Ass off the meter, eva medenez look, strut like a diva
Leave her shine fine, blow minds like dimes of a cheeba
She like it from behind, slow grind, sometimes with her feet up
Ms. Bonitta Applebum Bottom, thick as a Roman column
Raw dick it down, love me, even if I'm holdin condoms!
Cause she my bitch, the only cat that I lick
Throwin that ass like Ciara on the top of that whip
Latin decent, velour suit with the cameltoe print
Peppermint flared panties with the garder-belt clips
Tattoo of a small butterfly on her inner thigh
Even at my loneliest times you that Jen will ride...

Chorus - Trife>
Whether Jen, Don, or Shawn it's the same situation
'Bout a girl I met who had many temptations
She was so fly, get high, well understood
Big-ass big brains and straight out the hood

Letra Jellyfish de Ghostface Killah en español (traducción)

(Feat. Unidad de Theodore (Cappadonna, Shawn Pelucas, Trife))

Coro - Ghostface>
Aquí hay una situación de gueto pequeña historia
'Bout una chica que conocí que tenía muchas tentaciones
Ella era tan mosca, consiga alto, bien entendido
Big-ass cerebros grandes y recto fuera de la capilla

Aiyyo, me desperté temprano tomó un estiramiento y un bostezo
Tenía una cita dos con este nombre de niña Alba
Ella no es la vendedora de Avon, pero su belleza era fuerte
Justo antes de irse a descansar ella me había Singin esta canción
Debe de ser una ladyyyyyyyyy especial
Y un girlllllllllll muy emocionante
No lo sé
Ella tenía la switchin de alto brillo
Verla en el club que escuche otros polluelos Bitchin
Pero amanecer renunció para reventar una perra culo y mierda
Véase lo hacía 12 meses sobre un trinquete
No es ninguna mierda de cangrejo
Se embolsado con el mag
mierda taxi
Clítoris se caía a cabo sus bragas sin un lugar donde esconderla
Era clásica
Hoy en día ella está relajado
Helpin a perfeccionar mi rap
Sólo el salmón rosado y ahumado donde alimentar a su gato
esposa todo
Diamante cortado como el collar lex johnny adjunta
Chuparse los cuencos de vidrio en su ca

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