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Letra I'll Die For You de Ghostface Killah original

Intro: Ghostface Killah (sample)>
(What did I do? Was the thing so bad?) It's like...
Yo, there ain't too many people I would die for
That I would lay down for, you heard...
It's like my family, my closest friends that's here in my circle
YouknowImean? My moms and 'em, my babies, man
That's word to mother, son, that's what it is...
(I'll die for you, I'll die for you) Uh-huh...
That's right, man (I'll die for you) Just some real shit...

Ghostface Killah>
Aiyo, I'll die for the prophets and I'll die for the Lord
On the battlefield, wounded badly, holding a sword
With no questions asked, I already know, it's all for the cause
Just laying me facing the East, when I'm under the floor
I might've sinned in the process, from being, in the projects
Eyes swept from all the anger, that could've fucked with my conscience
And more or less, I'm a man of my word
My body is holding a couple scars on it, though I was never a bird

Hook: Ghostface Killah (sample)>
For Martin Luther and my brother Malcolm (I'll die for you)
And my ancestors picking cotton (I'll die for you)
My close homies that get it popping (I'll die for you)
You what time it is, nigga what?

Ghostface Killah>
Aiyo, I'd die for my moms, and I'd die for my kids
If you, really my Queen, then I'd die for my whiz
Even my mans, if we that tight
Jump in front of a biscuit, snuff money with all of my mics
Or we can brawl it out and take his life
By taking his gun, no problem
Just make sure we eating when we on the run
Like slaves that's chained together, who killed master?
The dogs is coming, the pigs is gon' blast ya
I'd die for you, I'd die for my brother
Die for the babies who can't eat with bare feet who need they mother
I put niggaz lights out like Con Ed, my verbal is barn
My bread'll blow you, show you who's real with the arms

Hook: Ghostface Killah (sample)>
Dog, you want revenge on that devil Satan? (I'll die for you)
We could do it now instead of waiting (I'll die for you)
We don't have to wait for revelations (I'll die for you)
We'll sort this out in other conversations

Ghostface Killah>
Yo, I'd never jump out the window, lose my life for a lame ass nigga
That scene is bogus, it's not in the picture
You just can't feed me anything like 'Yo, Tone it's beef'
Expect me to go all out, jump in and bust my heat
First off, drunk, you not my peeps
Yeah, I know you, we from the same town and shit, but we ain't that deep
We never stuck nothing, oxed something, ran together, popped something
I thought ya team was Wolves, cocksucker, stop fronting
You barking like you got the town in a smash
I'd never lay down for you, faggot nigga, you ass

Hook: Ghostface Killah (sample)>
Wop them niggaz that be yelling that (I'll die for you)
When they broke you be heating that (I'll die for you)
Just stick 'em for they packs, they be crying (I'll die for you)
And just bitch mothafuckas burn...

Letra I'll Die For You de Ghostface Killah en español (traducción)

Intro: Ghostface Killah (muestra)>
(¿Qué hice? Fue la cosa tan mal?) Es como ...
Yo, que no hay demasiada gente que iba a morir de
Que se establezcan para, como lo oyes ...
Es como mi familia, mis amigos más cercanos que está aquí en mi círculo
YouknowImean? Mi mamá y em ', mis hijos, el hombre
Esa es la palabra de la madre, hijo, eso es lo que es ...
(Voy a morir por ti, voy a morir por ti) Uh-huh ...
Así es, el hombre (voy a morir por ti) Sólo un poco de mierda real ...

Ghostface Killah>
Aiyo, voy a morir por los profetas, y me voy a morir por el Señor
En el campo de batalla, herido de gravedad, con una espada
Sin hacer preguntas, ya sé, es todo por la causa
Sólo me por la que se enfrenta el Oriente, cuando estoy en el suelo
Yo podría haber cometido en el proceso, de ser, en los proyectos
Los ojos de barrido de toda la ira, que podría haber jodido con mi conciencia
Y más o menos, yo soy un hombre de palabra
Mi cuerpo se está llevando a cabo un par de cicatrices en él, aunque nunca fue un pájaro

Hook: Ghostface Killah (muestra)>
Para Martín Lutero y mi hermano Malcolm (voy a morir por ti)
Y mis antepasados ??recogiendo algodón (voy a morir por ti)
Mi primer ho

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