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Letra Ghostface de Ghostface Killah original

Chorus: female singer (Ghostface Killah)>

Ghostface... (Yo, yo who's the boss when it comes to these songs?)

Ghostface... (What ya'll talkin' bout... I can't hear ya'll!)

Ghostfaaaaaaaace!! (A little louder)

Yo, you can catch me in Z-No's on a Friday night
Ghostface Killah>

Or at the Emmy's, Bentley's, Roll Royce, all white

Fresh kicks, star studded up

A ounce of Gertest to hold me til them Theodore and Deini's roll up

Soak my hands in olive oil, loyal to each, Diamond

Shoot out the clock while I'm killin' timin'

Eight-mill just to resign me

My bitches go crazy and pull they hair out when they can't find me

It's like, all he say.. Mr., Mr., D.J.
Bring it back like an instant replay

Please, get these wack records off of me

I can't breath, ashtma pump so I could stop the weez

It's like they love garbage (yeah), for God's sake, I'm the real artist

Hear they songs, dumb niggas father's

Under my wing like Sanford and Son

Weird sons, I'm a big gun, like Big Pun, Big L and Jason


Ghostface Killah>
I'm like a green and white kickball, I bounce

Spin off walls and cars, the Wizard of Clarks, Tony Oz
In the third grade, I bagged Penny

Well Butter on your burns, guess Daddy was concerned like many

Now Daddy's blowin' 'sherm and Remi
On the road toll up, bust the promoter so I can shit in Denny's

This is Tone-Tana, spangled banded with four hammers

Bangles get tangled and they cause manners

Money, don't stop, get it, get it, I'm not finished with it

Menaced out, tell your click that Dennis did it

Rock them boats and I copped them ropes

Resurging the mics, I deal with only knives and throats

Hold my tongue around fake niggas

Look at 'em sideways and pull my trees

Ask me to hit it, I'm like, Nigga Please, fuck outta here!

Fuck war with niggas, facin' me, fuckas, step up the gear

Hook: Ghostface Killah>

Ghost dough and spend it though

Plus got the pen exposed

Countin' mad money and sheep, god damn

Take a look at the radio, shit soundin' shady, yo

Everything I'm hearin' is weak

We got them long biscuits, long clip shit
Run for the hills and re-charge your shit

Come back if you think that you are-are do-do-do-don!


Outro: woman>

The dopest, flyest, O.G., pimp, hustler
Gangsta, playa, hardcore muthafucka living today...

Letra Ghostface de Ghostface Killah en español (traducción)

Estribillo: cantante femenina (Ghostface Killah)>

Ghostface ... (Yo, yo que es el jefe cuando se trata de estas canciones?)

Ghostface ... (¿Qué YA'LL Talkin 'bout ... No puedo oír YA'LL!)

Ghostfaaaaaaaace !! (Un poco más fuerte)
Ghostface ...

Yo, que me puede coger en Z-No del viernes por la noche
Ghostface Killah>

O al Emmy, Bentley, Roll Royce, todo blanco

Patadas frescas, lleno de estrellas para arriba

Una onza de Gertest me mantenga hasta ellos Teodoro y de Deini roll up

Remoje las manos en aceite de oliva, leales el uno, Diamante

Dispara el reloj mientras estoy matando timin '

Ocho molino sólo para dimitir

Mis perras se vuelven locos y tiran de los pelos que cuando no me pueden encontrar

Es como, todo lo que dicen .. Sr., Sr., DJ
Traer de vuelta como una repetición instantánea

Por favor, obtener estos registros Wack fuera de mí

No puedo respirar, bomba ashtma para que yo pudiera detener el weez

Es como que les gusta la basura (sí), por el amor de Dios, yo soy el verdadero artista

Escuché que canciones, Niggas mudos padre de

Bajo mi ala como Sanford and Son

Sólo entre todos podremos hacer de éste un sitio mejor :)

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