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Letra Drugz de Ghostface Killah original

(feat. Trife Da God)

Intro: singer>
Them drugs is not mine, them drugs is not mine

Chorus: Trife Da God (singer)>
It wouldn't be a problem, if I did the crime
I would be a man about it, and just serve my time, but
(Them drugs is not mine, them drugs is not mine)
I hear all these muthafuckas out here on the grind
The cops picked me for the hurt, and chose me out of the line, I said
(Them drugs is not mine, them drugs is not mine)

Trife Da God>
Officer of the law, why you touching me for?
Checking the crack of my ass, and looking under my balls
Strip searching, touching my person, dropping my drawers
And to top it all off, I ain't got nothing at all
I'm a hard working tax payer, for that nature
Do forty hours a week, slaving for that paper
I'm try'nna make an honest living, it's not much
And you hide behind ya gun and badge, thinking you tough
Look at him starting, the boys in the blue, peep the sergeant
Saying 'Let's take him anyway, run his name for warrants'
I'm a U.S. citizen, stop treating me like a foreign
My whip's legit, get off my dick, insurance plus registration
We under surveillance, feds investigating
Assuming I'm wrong doing with false accusations
They discriminating cuz off my races
Central bookings, they was scared to look me dead in my face
Now you telling me, I'm being charged with a felony
Possesion with intent to sale, three days I spent jail
Them drugs ain't mine, your honor, and I ain't copping out of shit
Not even one bag of marijuana


Trife Da God>
Now I'm sitting up in court, contemplating my thoughts
In a cell, with thirty inmates blowing Newports
And I'm awaiting to be arraigned, these niggaz doing the same
Nodded off in a corner, the bailiff calling my name
In front of judge, looking filthy
Asking my lawyer how I plead, I plead not guilty
He set bail, momma love on the edge of her seat, biting her nails
Stressed out, the look on her face was mighty pale
Her son's going to jail, a black innocent male
No justice, but these kids say justice prevails
Stuck between a rock and a hard place, the God's face
Truly explains the pain and the heartaches
It's too much to partake, but I'm still fighting
Still got my hand up, even though it seem frighting
It's a fucked up system, niggaz, please listen
The old tradition plants in this country, it needs fixing


Hook 2X: singer>
Mr. Officer, please understand
Them drugs ain't mine, you got the wrong man
So quick to put those cuffs on my hands
Take my freedom, disrupting my plans

Letra Drugz de Ghostface Killah en español (traducción)

(feat. Trife Da Dios)

Intro: Cantante>
Esos medicamentos no es mío, esos medicamentos no es mío

Estribillo: Trife Da Dios (cantante)>
No sería un problema, si lo hiciera el crimen
Me gustaría ser un hombre sobre ella, y simplemente servir a mi tiempo, pero
(Esos medicamentos no no es el mío, les drogas es mío)
Escucho todas estas muthafuckas aquí en la rutina
Los policías me recogió para el dolor, y me eligieron a mí fuera de la línea, le dije
(Esos medicamentos no no es el mío, les drogas es mío)

Trife Da Dios>
Funcionario de la ley, por lo que me toca buscas?
Comprobación de la grieta de mi culo, y mirando bajo mis bolas
Pele búsqueda, tocando mi persona, dejando caer mis cajones
Y para colmo, yo no tengo nada en absoluto
Soy un contribuyente trabajando duro, para que la naturaleza
Haga cuarenta horas a la semana, trabajando como un burro para que el papel
Estoy try'nna ganarse la vida honradamente, que no es mucho
Y te escondes detrás ya arma y su placa, pensando que dura
Míralo de partida, los chicos de la azul, asomarse al sargento
Decir "Vamos a tomar todas formas, ejecute su nombre para warrants '
Soy un ciudadano de Estados Unidos, dejar de tratarme como a un extranjero
Fiar, bajar mi polla, pl seguros de mi látigo

Sólo entre todos podremos hacer de éste un sitio mejor :)

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