Letra traducida Back Like That de Ghostface Killah al español (letra canción original y traducción)
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Letra Back Like That de Ghostface Killah original

(feat. Ne-Yo)

Intro: Ghostface Killah>
Damn. Damn, ma, we ain't even have to go through it like that
It wasn't even, even that big, man
You know, nah, it's ight though
But anyway, yo, let me get that coat
Let me get those jeans, and let me get that rock on your finger
Oh, it's stuck? Then I'll take the whole finger than, man
Let me get those bags from Paris, and the puppies is staying, yo

Chorus: Ne-Yo>
Come through the block, in the brand new Benz
Knowing that me and that nigga ain't friends
(Ok girl) Yeah, what I did was wack
But you don't get a nigga back like that
Flossin' around, when I'm up in these streets
Knowing that me and that nigga got beef
(Ok girl) Yo, what I did was wack
But you don't get a nigga back like that, no

Ghostface Killah>
Aiyo, I should just bark on you, burn your car on you
'cause I'm too much man, to leave a mark on you
You'se a bird you know that, giving that man
Ten points, like he about to blow that
He probably did, you swallow his kids?
In and out of jail, he a snail, he wasn't wilding on bids
In the summertime, I broke his jaw, had to do it, to him
Quick, old fashion, in the back of the mall
Me and him had 'mos forever, like I'm supposed to put him on
When he came home and told on Trevor
Had to bang on homey, ear blocks, out in spots
Throwing them shots, like nigga, you know me'
Stop fronting for them niggas out, side like you really ride
And you a silly chick, thought you was really live
But I guess I was wrong, I'mma holla at dog, and rip his head off word to his bond


Ghostface Killah>
Aiyo, I thought we was iller than that, all them kisses
And love yous, when jake came, you hid my packs
It was time a nigga went to war, vests banged up
Staining in the kitchen, yo, holding a four
Sweatin' and breathing, bounced out of town for a weekend
Heard you had homey in the passenger seating
Honey, look, I'm a monster don, I do monster things
That's why I put your ass under my arm
Fuckin' with him can bring bodily harm
And where you gonna hide in the streets when the body is gone
If it's one thing I learned that, never trust a female
On no scale, you just confirmed that
Bounce to your momma house, pack your shit
I don't care if you crying, you'se a ruthless chick
Gots to watch you, these eyeballs in my face'll spot you
My girl cousins, they gon' rock you


Shorty what is you thinking bout
Didn't I put you down
Flyest whips, rollin' round like yea
That's the bosses chick, on the side
I might of had, one or two
Them silly broads wasn't nothing on you
Rolling with him, try'nna get revenge
That's what you just don't do

Chorus to fade>

Outro: Ghostface Killah>
I'm a good dude, you see... yeah.....
Females out there that wanna be
Acting like they getting they little revenge off
Taking it further than what it really is
You know what I mean, playing yourself..
Nahwhatimean... this is Don status, girl
You will have to hold that now... word up
Yo, when I see money I'm gonna hang my side down?> it's on.
?> It's real. Yeah.
Got my swagger back and all that
Theodore nigga! Theodore nigga! That's right!

Letra Back Like That de Ghostface Killah en español (traducción)

(Feat. Ne-Yo)

Intro: Ghostface Killah>
Maldita sea. Maldita sea, ma, que no es ni siquiera tiene que ir a través de él como el
Ni siquiera era, incluso que el hombre grande,
Usted sabe, nah, es ERECHO aunque
Pero de todos modos, yo, voy a buscar el abrigo
A ver si los pantalones vaqueros, y me deja que la roca en su dedo
Oh, se ha pegado? Entonces me quedo con el dedo entero que el hombre
A ver si las bolsas de París, y los cachorros se queda, yo

Coro: Ne-Yo>
Vienen a través del bloque, en el nuevo Benz
Sabiendo que yo y negro que no es amigo de
(Chica Ok) Sí, lo que hice era wack
Pero usted no consigue un negro de nuevo, como que
Flossin 'todo, cuando estoy en las calles
Sabiendo que yo y negro que tiene la carne
(Chica Ok) Yo lo que hice era wack
Pero usted no consigue un negro de nuevo así, no

Ghostface Killah>
Aiyo, sólo debe ladrar a la que, quema su coche en el que
Porque soy hombre demasiado, para dejar una marca en la que
You'se un pájaro que sabe que, lo que el hombre
Diez puntos, al igual que él a punto de estallar que
Probablemente lo hizo, se traga a sus hijos?
Dentro y fuera de la cárcel, un caracol, que no era tormentosa en las ofertas
En el summertim

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