Letra traducida All That I Got Is You de Ghostface Killah al español (letra canción original y traducción)
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Letra All That I Got Is You de Ghostface Killah original

Intro one:
The Education Of Sonny Carson>

What dey gives you blood?
Three months man
Whatchu doin in here anyway? you oughta be home with your momma
How old are you boy?
Thirteen? damn, the bastards must be runnin outta niggaz to arrest

Intro: ghostface

Yeah, ohh yeah, this goes out
To all the families that went through the struggle
Yeah, from the heart
It was from the heart, everything was real

Mary j.> all that I got is you
And I'm so thankful I made it through

Verse one:

Yo, dwellin in the past, flashbacks when I was young
Whoever thought that I'd have a baby girl and three sons
I'm goin through this difficult stage I find it hard to believe
Why my old earth had so many seeds
But she's an old woman, and due to me I respect that
I saw life for what it's really worth and took a step back
Family ain't family no more, we used to play ball
Eggs after school, eat grits cause we was poor
Grab the pliers for the channel, fix the hanger on the tv
Rockin each others pants to school wasn't easy
We survived winters, snotty nosed with no coats
We kept it real, but the older brother still had jokes
Sadly, daddy left me at the age of six
I didn't know nuttin but mommy neatly packed his shit
She cried, and grandma held the family down
I guess mommy wasn't strong enough, she just went down
Check it, fifteen of us in a three bedroom apartment
Roaches everywhere, cousins and aunts was there
Four in the bed, two at the foot, two at the head
I didn't like to sleep with jon-jon he peed the bed
Seven o'clock, pluckin roaches out the cereal box
Some shared the same spoon, watchin saturday cartoons
Sugar water was our thing, every meal was no thrill
In the summer, free lunch held us down like steel
And there was days I had to go to tex house with a note
Stating 'gloria can I borrow some food I'm dead broke'
So embarrasin I couldn't stand to knock on they door
My friends might be laughin, I spent stamps in stores
Mommy where's the toilet paper, use the newspaper
Look ms. rose gave us a couch, she's the neighbor
Things was deep, my whole youth was sharper than cleats
Two brothers with muscular dystrophy, it killed me
But I remember this, mom's would lick her finger tips
To wipe the cold out my eye before school wit her spit
Case worker had her runnin back to face to face
I caught a case, housin tried to throw us out of our place
Sometimes I look up at the stars and analyze the sky
And ask myself was I meant to be here... why?
Yeah, yo

Chorus: mary j. blige

All that I got is you
And I'm so thankful I made it through
(Repeat 4x)

Word up mommy, I love you
Word up
It was all you, word, you brought me in like this

Verse two: mary j. blige, poppa wu

I sit and think about
All the times we did without, yeah
I always said I woudn't cry
When I saw tears in your eyes
I understand that daddy's not here now
But some way or somehow, I will always be around, yeah
All things that I did from this to them
Oh from drugs to being there
Being down and out and I love you always

Yeah, you say
You see the universe, which consists of the sun moon and star
And them planets, that exist in my space
Like man woman and child
You understand?
We got to keep it real, and what reality and reality will keep it real with us
I remember them good ol days
Because see, that's the child I was
What made me the man I am today
See cause if you forget where you come from, heheh
You're never gonna make it where you're goin, aheh
Because you lost the reality of yourself
So take one stroll through your mind
And see what you will find
And you'll see a whole universe all over again
And again and again and again and again
Heheheh, yeah heheheheh ahaheheheh

Letra All That I Got Is You de Ghostface Killah en español (traducción)

Intro uno:
La Educación de Sonny Carson>

¿Qué dey le da la sangre?
Tres meses el hombre
Whatchu haciendo de aquí? que deberías estar en casa con su mamá
¿Cuántos años tienes niño?
Trece? maldita sea, los hijos de puta debe ser corriendo Outta niggaz para detener

Intro: Ghostface

Sí, ohh yeah, esto va a
A todas las familias que pasaron por la lucha
Sí, desde el corazón
Fue desde el corazón, todo era real

Mary J.> todo lo que tengo que es
Y estoy tan agradecida que se realiza a través de

Verso uno:

Yo, dwellin en los flashbacks pasado, cuando era joven
Quien pensó que tendría una niña y tres hijos
Me voy a superar esta etapa difícil se me hace difícil creer
¿Por qué mi vieja tierra había tantas semillas
Pero ella es una mujer vieja, y por mí para que yo respeto
Vi la vida por lo que realmente vale la pena y dio un paso atrás
Familia no es de la familia no más, que utiliza para jugar a la pelota
Los huevos después de la escuela, comer granos porque nos fue mal
Coge las tenazas para el canal, fijar el gancho en la tv
Rockin pantalones de los demás a la escuela no fue fácil
Hemos sobrevivido a los inviernos,

Sólo entre todos podremos hacer de éste un sitio mejor :)

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