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Letra Alex de Ghostface Killah original

Ghost face
Alex (stolen script)

Yeah, that's right,
Hardy Boys shit
Smoke a winston to this shit
Word up
Bout to fuckin blow ya head up

Yo, yo, he got his stones from greece,
In his mouth he had like 30 plus carats,
Smoked cigars like a bogart classic
Told niggas if he die he want a glass casket
Parents died when he was five years old
Made his way inside the US with columbian gold
A fake name, and a passport
One sister pretty thing light skinned
Niggas will body over her like fuck it
With a scar by her left eye
Her brother alex was extremely close
He sold coats and minks
Had ??? put in toilets and sinks
Loved to rollerskate 99 did time up in ???
Came home blown ??? kings and soldiers
Never gave a fuck about that mc beef in queens
Alex, he was a rich nigga, he had close to ten bodies under his belt
His man did the last one and got murdered himself
Took him a while to get his head together
Alex one day, out in a l.a. made a call to new york
Told his man I-God it's going down
Fly the whole team in for support
Member that ray shit that jamie foxx played
That was my shit i never got paid
They got rich off a stolen strip
In 98 i seen charles on the cali strip
Sold him copyrights his life and ??? flip
In brail he read it in no time
Hit it me with his ?? i give you some more lines
Real talk stand up dude
Said how yo like jamie foxx to replay you
He said yeah that's cool but
Under one circumstance, you think he can bow my walk
Flip my talk and my hands
I said sure why not
He can imitate anything turst me this young boy hot
Shook his hand and i bounced in the limo
Grabbed my cell bit my cigar then rolled down the window
Contacted stonybrook and roberts, told em we got it in 10
Now that yo ray ray signed it
Now we can move on and shoot this live shit, with mad options
Paramount and dreamworks we shopping
On mandelay and new line coppin
I go and get 10 mill and blow it on the independent market
But anyway down in ??? changed i had a meeting with this rich investor
Said he'd throw 20 million on the kids film only if he chose the cash
He was drunk he was talking real fast
So i test his mouth, laid back then i put him on blast,
Where exactly you gonna get this cash
I got a an I'll gotti ??? connect, wise guys they kill
???? catchin bodies earning respect
They waiter came and he dropped of the shrimp fried rice
He ordered, i said thankas as he poured my water
Then out came the veggie roll, sesame chicken and mint tea
Rice wine had me wantin to pee
I said excuse me i'll be right back, pardon me
Grabbed his glass and he nodded to me
Standed up to take a piss this shit felt like a nut
Got back the dude vanished breifcase tooken off
Asked the waiter where he go the mother fucker spoke spanish

Letra Alex de Ghostface Killah en español (traducción)

Espíritu cara
Alex (guión robado)

Sí, es cierto,
Niños mierda Hardy
El humo de un winston a esta mierda
Word up
Combate para soplar puta Ya Head Up

Yo, yo, él consiguió sus piedras de Grecia,
En su boca había como 30 quilates, además,
Cigarros fumaba como un clásico de Bogart
Dijo a los niggas si muere lo que quiere un ataúd de cristal
Padres murieron cuando él tenía cinco años
Se abrió paso dentro de los EE.UU. con oro colombinas
Un nombre falso, y un pasaporte
Una hermana de la luz algo muy de piel
Niggas cuerpo con su mierda como él
Con una cicatriz en su ojo izquierdo
Su hermano Alex estaba muy cerca
Se venden abrigos y visones
Había?? poner en inodoros y lavamanos
Le encantaba patines en línea 99 hizo en el tiempo??
Fue quemado en casa?? reyes y soldados
Nunca dio un carajo de que la carne mc de Queens
Alex, que era un negro rico, tenía cerca de diez cadáveres en su haber
Su hombre hizo el último y se hizo asesinado
Se lo llevó un tiempo para meter la cabeza junto
Alex, un día, en uno la hizo una llamada a Nueva York
Le dijo a su hombre-Dios que va hacia abajo
Volar a todo el equipo en la s

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