Letra traducida New Age Messiah de Edguy al español (letra canción original y traducción)
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Letra New Age Messiah de Edguy original

Countless pointing fingers
A nameless crowd too swollen to analyse
Takes a rise out of the stranger
Don't know where he's come from
Bumfuck raises birds of paradise
They surmise- very wise

One night they witnessed
How he lit his backdoor winds
Fire turned the night into day
And they prayed, fell on their knees
And turned their glances off his face,
And they knew they have been chosen to obey

Pardon me
Raise a graven image
I'm the new messiah for the world
You can't see the splendor of my nimbus
But I'm the new messiah for the world
For the blind

The word shall spread like wildfire
Here you got a new messiah holding sway
Delightful game
Don't you give away: I'm no redeemer
But bring me grapes and diamonds right away
And a maid to lay...

One day oblivion will swallow up my fame
The common run of mankind will forget my name
Forget my name
Like a phoenix rising someone else is gonna reign
Till then you know that you are to obey me

Pardon me...

Gluttony and extasy, there's velvet on my dais
Lions, ladies, rotaries they never spare with praise
A million pointing fingers
Have turned to clapping hands
Now I'm off to Betty Ford,
See you in hell my friends

Pardon fucking me, who the fucking fuck is Jesus
I'm the motherfucking new messiah
For the fucking world :)

Pardon me...

Letra New Age Messiah de Edguy en español (traducción)

mi nombre
Como un ave fénix que renace a alguien más va a reinar
Hasta entonces, usted sabe que usted está a obedecerme

Perdón ...

La gula y éxtasis, no hay de terciopelo en mi tarima
Leones, damas, rotondas que nunca repuesto con elogios
Un millón de señalar con el dedo
Se han convertido en aplausos
Ahora me voy a Betty Ford,
Nos vemos en el infierno a mis amigos

Perdón de mierda, ¿quién coño de mierda es Jesús
Soy el puto nuevo mesías
Para el mundo de mierda:)

Perdón ...

Sólo entre todos podremos hacer de éste un sitio mejor :)

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