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Letra White Gurl de E-40 original

E-40> White girl (x8)

(White girl' continues to repeat 8X in background)
I got that, whiiiiiiiiiite girl
I got that, whiiiiiiiiiite girl

E-40> Girl girl (x8)

I throw the yola in the pot, let it simmer and bathe
Add a little baking soda, make it foam like aftershave
I like to serve my dope wet, cause it weigh a hella lot mo'
You can smell the residue and the fumes from next do'
Ughhh, turf superstar, microwaves and pickle jars
Portable digital scales, custom painted muscle cars
Pimpin where the razor blade? Use a safety pin
What they goin fo'? Nigga what you tryin to spend?
When it's a drought I just sit on my dope and wait
For the prices to skyrocket and rise like real estate
I got that ice cream, that candy, that girl, that white white white
My car's a Charger 2006 Hemme, tight tight tight
I'm a d-boy, BOOTCH, I thought you knew
Just like ehhhhhhhhhhh'ry motherfucker in my crew (BEOTCH!)
Bundle in the bushes, chopper up in the tree
AK'll light up your chest like E.T.

E-40> White girl (x4)

(“White girl' continues to repeat x12 in background)
I got that, whiiiiiiiiiite girl
I got that, whiiiiiiiiiite girl
I got that, whiiiiiiiiiite girl

Juelz Santana>
Uhh, now let me introduce the world to my girl
She white, she bright, she shine like a pearl
And I ain't talkin 'bout Lindsay Lohan
I'm talkin 'bout that sniff that blow man, what that
One hit that'll get you open
Might make your nose bleed, if it's potent
So if you're not ready, homey don't tamper with it
She the chick who had Tony Montana slippin
She so bad she make you mad
But soon as you get mad, she make you cash
That white girl, but she ain't always that light
She ain't always that bright, she ain't always that white
Nope; gimme one girl, I mean one gram
I'll teach how to give a white girl a suntan
Put it in that pot, 'til it get that hot
Then start to Sir Mix-A-Lot

(“White girl' continues to repeat x12 in background)
I got that, whiiiiiiiiiite girl
I got that, whiiiiiiiiiite girl
I got that, whiiiiiiiiiite girl

E-40> Oooh!

Bun B>
Well down in the Dirty, South to be exact
Gettin money with white girls is a well-known fact
I like 'em black, brown, Puerto Rican or Asian
But nothin bring the bread back like a caucausian
Whether, winter fall, summer or spring
A white girl's always down for doin the damn thing (fo' sho')
Put her on the highway, she ain't no punk
Got a white girl drivin with white girls in the trunk (hold up)
I ain't lyin, it's the best thing goin
When my white girl's around, it's always snowin
Momma cain't stand her, tellin me to switch
Sayin I'ma go to jail fuckin with that white bitch (no shit)
Always around to keep me paid
With some white girls on my team, I got it made
So if you down on your luck, and got no money
Then do what I do (what?) go get you a snow bunny mayne a

E-40> White girl (x4)

(“White girl' continues to repeat x12 in background)
I got that, whiiiiiiiiiite girl
I got that, whiiiiiiiiiite girl
I got that, whiiiiiiiiiite girl

Pimp C>
I got the Pyrex workin with the white girl in it
It's the dope Superbowl and nigga I'm 'bout to win it
No question marks or commas, nigga we got the scarma
When we through with this batch, we goin out to the Bahamas
I keep them stiff broads when I'm fuckin with the hogs
Cause they never get stopped by the motherfuckin cops
Bootch look hard but the bitch is a fraud
Don't like to see me ball, want me to go rock a rock
Move around bitch, you need to get out the way
I keep a young Suzy when it's time to move yay
You need to learn the game befo' you try to play
Cause like Calgon, them laws'll take you away
So I keep me a snow bunny, ridin in the front
With a triple zillion head and a platinum cunt
Ya already know they eat nuts like a squirrel
Let me hit ya in your ass and bust nuts in your curl
White girl (laughing) bitch!

Letra White Gurl de E-40 en español (traducción)

E-40> White Girl (x8)

(Niña blanca "sigue repitiendo 8X en el fondo)
Tengo que, niña whiiiiiiiiiite
Tengo que, niña whiiiiiiiiiite

E-40> Girl (x8)

Lanzo la yola en la olla, dejar hervir a fuego lento y se bañan
Añadir un poco de bicarbonato de sodio, hacen espuma como para después del afeitado
Me gusta servir a mi droga mojado, porque pesa mucho hella mo '
Se puede oler el humo y los residuos a partir del próximo el hacer "
Ughhh, la superestrella del césped, microondas y tarros de la salmuera
Portable balanzas digitales, a medida pintados los coches del músculo
Pimpin en la hoja de afeitar? Utilice un perno de seguridad
Lo que Goin de '? Nigga qué tratas de pasar?
Cuando se trata de una sequía me siento en mi droga y esperar
Para los precios por las nubes y se elevan como bienes raíces
Tengo que el helado, que los dulces, la chica, que el blanco blanco blanco
Mi coche es un Charger 2006 Hemme, apretado apretado apretado
Soy un d-boy, BOOTCH, yo pensaba que sabía
Al igual que hijo de puta ehhhhhhhhhhh'ry en mi equipo (BEOTCH!)
Paquete de entre los arbustos, el picador en el árbol
AK'll luz encima de su pecho como ET

E-40> White Girl (x4)

(Niña Hite 'sigue repitiendo x12 en la espalda

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