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Letra Hide 'n' Seek de E-40 original

I'm in some deep shit, got some niggas from another click
On that ass tryin' t'run me off a fuckin' cliff
What should I do? Where should I go? How can I fake 'em out?
Bust a bitch on that ass and try to shake 'em and bake 'em out
Full speed ahead, I know they want my ass dead
Still on my bumper, it makes a motherfucker wonder
All the dirt that I did you think is comin' at me
Maybe it's because I killed Ronnie and his whole family
Revenge, I see my life flashin', bullets passin'
Tryin' to make me straight crash into the rocks beside me, fuckin' up the
7 deep in a Malibu Chevy Classic
But I'm nothin' humble, just call me Goggles Paisano
Full tank of petrol, mobbin' through the fuckin' tunnel
Exit right, I think I see some daylight
Oh what a night, you shoulda seen the cars I sideswiped
Hit the corner on two shoes, I'm outtie G
Wrapped my shit around a 50-foot oaktree
Got out the car seein' stars, I wasn't laggin'
Ran and hid behind a beat-up-bad stationwagon

(Sample of B-Legit's 'Daily Routine': You never seen a big nigga run so fast) 2X

Now I'm sneakin' and peekin', hittin' bushes and shit
Never fallin' like you see in the movie clip
Steady bussin', these motherfuckas ain't bluffin'
I'm hauling ass, sweatin' bullets, and constantly cussin'
Scared as fuck, I wasn't about to act hard
Thumbs up, I ran through a backyard
Just like I was hopin', the sliding door was wide open
Outta breath, I locked the door and started talkin'
'I need your help, I'm outta bounds, someone's after me
Please don't panic, I need your help badly
I'm not a thief, nor a killer, nor a rapist
I'm just an ordinary black man tryin' to make this'
Busted my bubble, the couple didn't even freak
They said, 'Relax, I'll make some coffee, have a seat.'
The man said, 'What's your name bro?'
I said, 'I don't know, you might decide to call the po po.'
He said, 'That ain't my thang, I used to be the leader of a gang
Shot twice in my chest
I got wounds where I been stabbed'
He took off his shirt to show me the scab
I said, 'Damn potna, how the fuck did you survive some shit like that there,
Without going into a coma?'
He said, 'The Lord spared my life
So I could talk to people like you and teach 'em right
I was a dope pusher, big time drug abuser,
Alcoholic, dog food needle shooter,
All together, tore up from the floor up
I said I better quit so I could grow up
Now I preach from coast to coast
Saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost
I know you think you're trapped in,
But let me pray for you junior, and watch what happen'

Letra Hide 'n' Seek de E-40 en español (traducción)

Estoy en algo de mierda profunda, tiene algunos niggas de otro clic
Ese culo tryin 'me t'run fuera un maldito acantilado
¿Qué debo hacer? ¿Dónde debo ir? ¿Cómo puedo falsa 'em?
Bust a perra en el culo y tratar de sacudir 'em y hornear' em
Velocidad máxima hacia adelante, sé que quieren mi culo muertos
Todavía en mi parachoques, tiene un hijo de puta maravilla
Toda la tierra que Yo te creo es comin 'en mí
Tal vez sea porque yo maté a Ronnie y toda su familia
La venganza, veo mi vida flashin ', balas passin'
Tratando de hacerme accidente directamente en las rocas junto a mí, maldito el
7 de profundidad en un Chevy Malibu Classic
Pero estoy nada humilde, me acaba de llamar Gafas Paisano
Tanque lleno de gasolina, mobbin 'a través del maldito túnel
Salga a la derecha, creo que veo un poco de luz
¡Oh, qué noche, se la debería haber visto los coches que rozó
Hit de la esquina en dos zapatos, estoy outtie G
Envuelto mi mierda en torno a un Oaktree 50 pies
Salió del coche seein 'estrellas, yo no estaba laggin'
Ran y se escondió detrás de un stationwagon destartalado-mal

(Muestra de "rutina diaria" de B-Legit: Usted nunca ha visto un gran negro correr tan rápido) 2X

Ahora estoy Sneakin 'yp

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