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Letra Happy To Be Here de E-40 original

(feat. D.D. Artis)

female singer - repeat in background>
I'm just happy to be here!

E-40 over singer>
Hard times, the struggle
The ups and downs, the highs and the lows
You know just goin through it man, ghetto politics
Tryin to make a way out of no way
I was the oldest, so I had to be, the daddy of the family
Momma had to work three jobs, oooh

Feet stickin through my shoes, skid marks in my drawers
Garage sales and flea markets, we never shopped at malls
No dental plan, no medikit - we poor like rain
Colored folks think that castor oil cures everythang
Pork chops and chicken, we like our food fried
Hypertension, Prenavil pills and hydro-chlorizide
Some of my family still living, some of my family died
Health complications, natural causes and homicide
Just tryin to survive, nothin to lose but plenty to gain
Started hustlin, flea flickin and servin that candy cane
Put all my cars in my lady name, as a true hustler should
She had a 9 to 5, worked at Planned Parenthood
While I was in the hood, up to no good
With a hoodie over my head, tryin to outslick the feds
Or should I say cops, at this point in time I only had rocks
Went from a little a jelly jar up to a soup pot
The fast quarter my negro, don't want the slow nickel
I done seen yola the same color as peanut brittle
I done seen hella people relapse
I done seen my homey grandparents go back to crack
How sick is dat? Beggin my loved ones to send some pictures
Pray for me over the phone and read me some scriptures
Oooh; it's gloomy out here, dark days ahead
God got my back but the devil he want my head

Chorus: D.D. Artis>
I'm just happy to be here right now
Lot of my folks been locked up or laid down
See I'm sayin I ain't she'd no tears, no
But I'm just happy to be here

Listen to this, oooooh
The devil-me side know that some of y'all done seen it
Somebody's momma washin her son or her daughter's bloodstain off the cement
Wrong place at the wrong time, infiltrators drop a dime
Mistaken identity, bullets start flyin
In every direction, hit a pregnant teen, she passed
But her baby live through a C-section
I know it sound foul and sound hecka rude, it ain't cool
But it go down like that sometime when you're funkin, and you're puttin down a move
We heartless and shrewd in this day and age, it ain't the same
Our parents need to beat us with a belt, like Poody Tang
I be high like an airplane
I be smokin and perkin, takin out anger and stress on the wrong person
Re-uppin and coppin turf an' just servin the soil block
Grittin tryin to put some gifts in my kid's Christmas stock'
Ooooh - pour out some liquor and she'd a tear
For the homies that never made it and family that ain't here


D.D. Artis>
So happy
You know I'm happy to be
Said I'm happy, so happy just to be here
To beeeeeee, to beeeeeeeeeeee
To beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (I'm so happy)
(Oh I'm so happy)
I'm so happy to be, to beeeeeeee-heeeeeeeeee
To beeeeeeeee (to be here)

Letra Happy To Be Here de E-40 en español (traducción)

(Feat. DD Artis)

cantante - repita en el fondo>
Estoy feliz de estar aquí!

E-40 sobre la cantante>
Los tiempos difíciles, la lucha
Las altas y bajas, las altas y las bajas
Usted sabe apenas goin a través de ella el hombre, la política del gueto
Tratando de hacer una forma de salir de ninguna manera
Yo era el más viejo, así que tenía que ser, el papá de la familia
Mamá tuvo que trabajar en tres empleos, oooh

Pies stickin a través de mis zapatos, patín marcas en mis cajones
Las ventas de garaje y mercados de pulgas, nunca compraban en centros comerciales
Ningún plan dental, sin botiquín - nos pobres como la lluvia
Gente de color piensan que el aceite de ricino cura everythang
Chuletas de cerdo y pollo, nos gusta nuestra comida frita
Hipertensión, píldoras Prenavil y hidro-chlorizide
Algunos de mis familiares que aún viven, algunos de mi familia murieron
Complicaciones de salud, causas naturales y homicidio
Solo tratando de sobrevivir, nada que perder pero mucho que ganar
Hustlin Started, flickin pulgas y Servín que el bastón de caramelo
Ponga todos mis coches en mi nombre señora, como un verdadero buscavidas debe
Ella tenía un 9-5, trabajado en Planned Parenthood
Mientras estaba en la capilla, para nada bueno
Con una sudadera con capucha por encima de mi cabeza, tratando de outslick t

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