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Letra Gouda de E-40 original

(feat. B-Legit, Stressmatic of The Federation)

Sick Wid It Records
Warner Brothers
The Machinery (Yee!)
Oooh, look out pimp!
Heavy on the grindin' entertainment
Stovetop productions

Verse 1 - E-40>
Oooh, Hustlers are us
My game sharper than an elephant's tusk
Me myself at night the only that I can trust
Sleep with one eye open finger on the pistol clutch (Ka ka ka!)
I got my hands and everything, I'm real instrumental
I'm as real as they come and got no bitch potential
When I was comin' up there certain things we don't allow
Like long fingernails and me and arching their eyebrows
Here's another thing I don't condone and don't approve
How all of a sudden snitchin' became cool (I dunno)
I'm gamed up I be chewin' on this mack granite
OG Jay be stomped that laced that niggas posted never can
I brought the baddest broad in the whole facilitation
All by way of mouthpiece just by my manipulation
I can make it look like I'm at my best when I'm at my worst
Persuade the broad to put on the dress and break her for her purse

Ten wraps and a rubber band (Gouda)
Three or four more in my other hand (Gouda)
Five, ten, fifteen, twenty (Gouda)
Twenty-five, thirty, thirty-five, forty (Chalupa)
Gettin' money I'm a stunna, man (Gouda)
In a 'lac shootin' box like a hundred grand (Gouda)
Forty-five, fifty-five, sixty-five, seventy-five (Gouda)
Eighty-five, ninety-five, wait, what am I doing? (Chalupa)

Verse 2 - E-40>
A day in the life on the soil in Caliscrillya
Take the wrong turn and these youngstas out here kill ya
Well I ain't concerned, they love us hustlas and dealers
They wanna tear our houses down so they can build some IKEA's
Oooh, Just tryna get my point across
Where I'm from it's pandamonium and chaos
Where I'm from the lights is off, we use matches
Where I'm from we do it bare-faced instead of ski masks (Ka ka ka!)
Oooh, No more talking on them cells
I heard the federal went ahead and bought Nextel (what?)
Oooh, Over-crowded jails
They got us sleepin' in the gym instead of our own cells
Ooh, Put our yeti together
Me and my investors, we flippin' ten or better
I got some gouda, got a little bit of cheddar
My medallion got more colors than a peacock feather


Verse 3 - B-Legit>
Gettin' money I'm a stunna man
With bitch like I do little whips about the stunna van
My ? she a runner man
Off top, i'ma boss, shoot a box full of rubber bands
Contraband, on the other hand
Big girls, big quips, turn around, roll center man
On the real, I'm a gentleman
Put the scrilla, I'm a killa, man, hit it like a little man
What you doin' with that?
From the scratch, we can load up the 'lac
A-1, we can bring that back
From day 1, we get them wraps
Big stacks from the back of the shack
Ayee, I buy the weed man
Hella turkey bags just to put my weed in
Ohhh, we gettin' chalupa
Wrapped cheese in a rubber band and call it gouda


Look out pimp! Ai-i-i-te! What it do!
We gettin' it, so whatchu need? (Gouda)
Bay business, so whatchu need? (Gouda)
We gettin' it, so whatchu need? (Gouda)
Ice ?, so whatchu need? (Chalupa)
We gettin' it, so whatchu need? (Gouda)
Bay business, so whatchu need? (Gouda)
We gettin' it, so whatchu need? (Gouda)
Sick Wid It, so whatchu need? (Chalupa)

We doin' way too much (Gouda)
We never watered down, we doin' way too much (Gouda)
And you don't wanna stunt with us (Gouda)
Hustlers are us, we doin' way too much (Chalupa)
We doin' way too much (Gouda)
We never watered down, we doin' way too much (Gouda)
And you don't wanna stunt with us (Gouda)
Hustlers are us, we doin' way too much (Chalupa)


The definition of gouda
(What's the definition?)
Chalupa, scrilla, scratch, paper, yaper
Capital (the definition)
Gouda means cheese, and cheese means yaper you square ass square butts
Let's get back to what we'se talkin' about earlier
What was we talkin' about earlier, pi-imp?
Hustlers...hustlers are us. Uh oh. Ahhh.
Look out (Look out, pimp)

Letra Gouda de E-40 en español (traducción)

(Feat. B-Legit, Stressmatic de la Federación)

Wid It Records enfermos
Warner Brothers
La Maquinaria (Yee!)
Oooh, ¡cuidado chulo!
Pesados ??en el entretenimiento de la Grindin '
Estufa producciones

El versículo 1 - E-40>
Oooh, Hustlers nosotros
Mi juego más agudo que un colmillo de elefante
A mí mismo por la noche el único que puedo confiar en
Dormir con un ojo abierto el dedo en el embrague pistola (Ka ka ka!)
Llegó a mis manos y todo, estoy muy decisivo
Soy tan real como vienen y no obtuvo ninguna posibilidad perra
Cuando yo era 'Comin allí ciertas cosas que no permiten
Al igual que las uñas largas y yo, y arqueando las cejas
Aquí hay otra cosa que no aprueban y no aprueban
Cómo todos los de un Snitchin súbita "se convirtió en frío (no sé)
Estoy gamed hasta que se chewin sobre este granito mack
OG Jay ser pisoteados que atados con cordones, los niggas publicado nunca puede
He traído el más malo en el amplio conjunto de facilitación
Todo el camino por el del micrófono justo por mi manipulación
Puedo hacer que parezca que estoy en mi mejor momento cuando estoy en mi peor momento
Persuadir a los generales que se puso el vestido y la rotura de su bolso


Sólo entre todos podremos hacer de éste un sitio mejor :)

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