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Letra Grind Time de Chamillionaire original

Ha-ha, live from Houston Texas
Your's truly, the Mix Tape Messiah
Y'all know what time it is, it's grind time baby
Chamillitary mayn, the realest

It's grind time, I need mine
Grind time, I need mine
Grind ti-i-i-i-me, (looking at my watch)
I-I-I-I-I-I, I need mine

Not hanging around that corner, I'm chasing and trying to fold a
Whole stack I stay on my grind, when it's hot our or even colder
Yeah you know the color, denying it if they told ya
That I am not just a client mayn, I am the biggest roller
When it come to that paper, that paper be like my partna
My paper ain't never heard, the fat lady sing at the opera
Sitting low in that dropper, on top of the mono-block
Ya can't let all the hating stop ya, what would you be on the block for
Grinding, that's the reason yeah that's the reason you breathing
If that ain't nowhere around me, then that's the reason I'm leaving
Gotta go get my G's and, show em it ain't a problem
If you'd just get off your bottom, then you'll be saying I got em
Get it like me, maybe live near to see
While the people mad at your habit, beginning to be
Such a nusense but we, are as real as could be
And real recognize real, but you looking different to me

Hook - 2x>

King of the Chamillitary camp, cheering for the champ
BVS's in my necklace, my appearance like a lamp
Lit up in my ear, as they see the king appear
Haters definitely can't stand it, standing near a chandelier
I'ma keep on shining, like a Southern playa's spose'
I'ma keep getting respect, just ask about me round the globe
Down here the music Slowed, if it's tight they call it throwed
Candy paint cover my do's, and them wheels we call em 4's
Some on-lookers looking, like they wishing that they had em
Balling if I want it, don't play with it go and grab em
Get the old school a couple tools, candy paint and slab em
Go and get the old school DJ Screw, and jam it like a anthem
Don't care bout who you know, cause I'm the illest rapper rapping
If you think someone better, be a good lad and go grab em
For now I just go get it, and sit crooked on my Davin's
And deal with it how I deal with it, and do it like a champion

Hook - 2x>

Friends turn to foes, homies turn to haters
Further down the road, partnas turn to fakers
So I'ma keep it true, but some will turn to perpetrators
Won't keep it in control, turn to instigators
Real is how we roll, use to try to play us
Patience getting low, switch it to the majors
Freestyle or flow, mean y'all on different pages
Got that bidness man grind, had to make a couple changes

Hook - 2x>

Letra Grind Time de Chamillionaire en español (traducción)

Ja, ja, en directo desde Houston, Texas
Su verdad es, el Mesías Mix Tape
Todos saben qué hora es, es tiempo de molienda bebé
Chamillitary Mayn, el más real

Es el momento de la rutina, yo tengo la mía necesita
Moler el tiempo, necesito la mina
Grind ti-iii-me, (mirando el reloj)
IIIIII, yo tengo la mía necesita

No rondando la esquina, estoy persiguiendo y tratando de doblar una
Toda la pila me quedo en mi rutina, cuando hace calor o más frío, incluso nuestra
Si usted sabe el color, negando que si te dije
Que yo no soy más que un Mayn cliente, yo soy el más grande de rodillos
Cuando vienen a ese papel, ese papel será como mi partna
Mi papel no es nunca más se supo, la señora gorda canta en la ópera
Sentado bajo en que cuentagotas, en la parte superior de los mono-bloque
Ya no podemos dejar que todo lo alto ya odiar, ¿qué será en el bloque de
Molienda, esa es la razón por la que sí es la razón por la que respira
Si eso no es nada a mi alrededor, entonces esa es la razón por la que voy
Tengo que ir a conseguir mi G y, em muestran que no es un problema
Si usted acaba de bajar de la parte inferior, a continuación, se le dice que los tiene
Consigue que como yo, tal vez vive cerca para ver

Sólo entre todos podremos hacer de éste un sitio mejor :)

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