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Letra Innocent Man de Cassidy original

Did my time in a county jail
Just when things started goin well
And I paid the price for the crimes I did gonna
Change my life wanna raise my kid.

I'm a innocent man... misunderstood
I'm a innocent man... just from the hood
I'm a innocent man... misunderstood
I'm a innocent man... just from the hood

I do the damn thing
Bezzel and the band bling
Sling grams spend 10 grand on a damn ring
I run philly, I ain't tryin be the damn king
But the damn thing can get pulled like a hamstring
I use to hang with these niggas from my hood mane
Yea I showed them the world I took them out the hood mane
Yea it cost some change but it's all good mane
Cause I got money to burn like back woods mane
And we was smoking, joking and poppin bottles
Getting open storking poking and poppin modles
I was hoping that they could get paper with me
But when I start gettin cake they start hating on me
They showed up to the crib that my mother was at, my son my baby mother and my brother was at
And the was straped acting tuff and started busting the gat
And to protect my family I start busting it back... bllllllllaaaat... bllllllaaaat

I'm a innocent man... misunderstood
I'm a innocent man... just from the hood
I'm a innocent man... misunderstood
I'm a innocent man... just from the hood (but the man is good understood)

Jail vecious it's hard to be paitencnt and stay strong
When you get pictures of chicks half naked in they thongs
The anticipation be makin the days long
I waited cause I just gotta make it like trey songs
My lawyers couldn't loose the proved the d-a wrong
I smilled at the trial, kept cool and stayed clam
I waved at my mom and swolloed my pride man
Them guys on the stand brought tears to my eyes man
The stuff they was disscussing was notheing but lies man
They said I bust the chrome at homie that died man
I thought them lil dudes was apart of my squad man
They started actin up but they musta been high man
You see that I ain't shook from the look in my eyes man
But being booked was a blessing in disquise man
I needed time to get my life organized man
So everything that happend was part of my gods plan... understand understand


Involentary manslaughter just porole
I spanked the murder like a bad ass 6 year old
I knew that I was gone be rich since I was 6 years old
Now I'm the richest rapper under 26 years old
So it's on now, I'm home now it's a celebration
I got my drink and my 2 step cause I'm elevating
I'm gettin hela cakin with the number one record
But I'll still bust my gun if you come test it... yea

Change the life... that I live
(Got me) living fine... negative
Need to leave the game that Is... destroying me
So I pray to god that he has mercy

Yea I'm a innocent man
They tried to say I was guilty and give me the death penalty or life witout the possibility of porole
But thanks to god I'm here now
And I wanna say rest in peace to desmond hawkins and I wanna give respects out to his family cause they didn't have nothing to do with it I apologize but you really can't knock me for riding for my famliy cause you would do the same... fa real

Letra Innocent Man de Cassidy en español (traducción)

¿Acaso mi tiempo en una cárcel del condado
Justo cuando las cosas empezaron bien Goin
Y pagó el precio por los crímenes que se va a
Cambiar mi vida quiero criar a mi hijo.

Soy un hombre inocente ... incomprendido
Soy un hombre inocente ... sólo de la campana
Soy un hombre inocente ... incomprendido
Soy un hombre inocente ... sólo de la campana

Yo hago lo maldito
Bezzel y la banda Bling
Sling gramos gastar 10 mil dólares en un anillo maldito
Corro philly, no es tryin ser el rey maldito
Pero la maldita cosa puede dejarse embaucar como un tendón de la corva
Yo uso para pasar el rato con estos niggas de mi melena de campana
Sí les mostró al mundo que los llevó a cabo la melena cubierta
Sí le costó algún cambio pero es todo lo buena melena
Porque tengo dinero de sobra como la melena de los bosques de vuelta
Y que estaba fumando, bromeando y botellas Poppin
Cómo abrir storking empuje y Poppin modles
Tenía la esperanza de que podrían conseguir el papel conmigo
Pero cuando empiezo a gettin pastel que empezar a odiar a mí
Se presentaron a la cuna que mi madre estaba en el, mi hijo de mi madre y mi hermano bebé estaba en
Y la actuación se straped toba y comenzó a reventar el gat
Y proteger a mi familia me pongo Bustin

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