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Letra Can I Talk To You de Cassidy original

Yea, I need to talk to you, ok can I talk to you
C'mon c'mon c'mon (hey, let me holla at you)
C'mon c'mon c'mon (yo, stop runnin from me)

A yo this Cassidy & niggas is not fuckin wit me man,
And yea, I'm talking wreckless but you gotta respect it,
Its in my DNA man, I was born to be a gangsta,
Yea Kiss talk to em…

You know me K-I-S-S kiss of death
LP soon comin for yall bless bless
Metallic green paint on the impala the S.S.
And I figure the more niggas dead the less stress
You love how I'm hurtin the track
You wanna polly but I'm sort of hard to reach like the dirt on ya back
Hand to hand like I'm workin the sack
And I work out wit my arms so I'll have no problem workin the mac
Uh, never been a toe stepper, side switcher
A fence jumper, I was 10 wit twin pumpers
Hustled wit the best of them
Did whatever it took to make a quarter I charge niggas to watch wrestlin
I'm heavy threat, D-Block double R full surface yall niggas aint ready yet
Yea, New York is mine, Philly is Cass holla back.

Chorus X2>

You know me C-A-S-S fresh dressed
Just copped some new 4-5's and a fresh vest
I gets scout 'cause a bitch mouth is the best sex
But less tlk you aint got no heart in yo left breast
Go head get yo beef on
I'll let my wolves get they eat on and leave you wit nothing but ya sneaks on
But it don't matter 'cause ya feets gone
Now that's restin in pieces so go meet Jesus
You little boys better ease up
'cause them dudes you think hot'll see Cass and then freeze up
You wan' scrap roll ya sleeves up
But I'll rather squeeze 'cause I aint tryin to fuck my trees up
Or wrinkle my dickie I crack a dutch sprinkle the sticky
I know you pissed I got kiss & them wit me, dig me
'cause you dudes is haters & if you bet that I was gon' flop you gon' lose yo paper.

Chorus X2>

A yo, get it through ya head there's no stopping me
Nigga the R is double the surface is full the block is D
All it take is a trey 8 & a mass nigga it's Jada & Cass I vision ya face waitin to blast
If money was food yall niggas be fastin
And we stuffin our face & eatin wit passion
In the like we runnin numbers
Cass ask these mothafuckas why they runnin from us
They runnin from us 'cause they petrified
I lift guns for the exercise
And I spray like insecticides
You bugs better rcognize
When the weapon rise you can catch slugs in ya chest through ya vest & die
You on some sucka shit
So I'll leave a scar on ya face longer than the knife that I cut you wit
I done paid my dues so I'll blow ya brains out & then feed it to ya seed like baby food

Chorus X2>

Letra Can I Talk To You de Cassidy en español (traducción)

Sí, tengo que hablar con usted, bien puedo hablar con usted
C'mon C'mon C'mon (hey, quiero holla en usted)
C'mon C'mon C'mon (yo, dejar corriendo de mí)

A esto yo Cassidy y niggas no es ingenio del fuckin me hombre,
Y sí, estoy hablando de Wreckless pero tienes que respetarlo,
Su hombre en mi ADN, yo nací para ser un gangsta,
Sí beso hablar con EMBR />
Tú me conoces de KISS beso de la muerte
LP pronto comin para yall bendiga bendiga
Pintura de color verde metálico en el Impala SS
Y me imagino que los niggas más muertos menos estrés
Te encanta cómo me hurtin la pista
Polly quiere pero yo soy una especie de difícil acceso, como la suciedad en el ya de vuelta
Mano en mano como Estoy trabajando el saco
Y yo trabajo con el ingenio mis brazos, así que no tendrás ningún problema workin del mac
Uh, nunca ha sido un dedo del pie paso a paso, parte de conmutación
Un puente cerca, yo tenía 10 autobombas ingenio gemelo
Ingenio empujó el mejor de ellos
Hizo todo lo necesario para hacer un cuarto me cargo los niggas para ver wrestlin
Estoy amenaza pesados, D-Block doble R toda la superficie yall niggas no está listo todavía
Sí, Nueva York es el mío, Filadelfia es Cass holla back.

Coro X2>

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