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Letra Girlfriend de Cappadonna original

*girls talking*

Verse one: cappadonna

Girlfriend, what you did was wrong
Baby my love is still strong
On some king kong ding-dong
Never celebate, never souflan
Poppi kin, poppi wardrobe king
Suck her g-spot, and you know she so hot
She said she love me a lot
Remedy, she told me she drop
Fuck her so hard, all outdoors
Pussy is mines and plus yours
Didn't mean to turnin em out, turnin em on
Stetched out in front the next girl house
Bb dick out, remedy, slash cappadon'
Slash pardon me for turnin you on
Turnin you on

Chorus: cappadonna

Bb conduct, bb conduct, bb conduct
Didn't mean to turn you on
Bb conduct, bb conduct, bb conduct

Verse two: remedy

Check that yo, fuck what he thinks
You know the pussy bleeds and stinks
Buy ya tranked out, blanked out, all crazy in pink
I seen the pussy kill the best of men and take down kings
Fuck material things, fuck ya phat diamonds rings
Men do lifetime bids for this, 2 lips hit the clitoris
Inconspicous, hit with syphilis, ridiculous
One gash, came between the man and the stash
Half his cash, sucker for love ass
Souflan, no doubt, was never in the plan
Ball-and-chain, pussywhipped man can't understand
It's like the cappadon said
Mcf means you thinkin with ya head
If you thinkin with ya dick son, ya might get sick
'cause when it comes to the piece son, ain't shit for free
Either pay for every piece of it or start a family
Now all rise and eyes on the prize of this song
And if I did I never meant the girl to turn you on

Verse three: cappadonna

Sellin ya gold, sellin ya soul
You crossed out, and crossed over
Gold digga and hilfiger, booster and strippa
Flip on a nigga too quicka
Projects, is what I deal wit
Cold-hearted chicks catch on fast
Twist they ass, take more cash, and more crack
Tishy on the block, like bitches never do that
I protect females that fuck me on the first night
Bitin my spray nozzel, see goines
Turnin y'all ladies, off and on, popcorn
Freddy kruger, thoughts of how I'm gon' do ya
Ya mind all screwed up, bb conduct
All of y'all girls are outta luck
Takin too long, givin ya shit up
Bb conduct, bb conduct, bb conduct, bb conduct

Chorus: x4

*girls talking in background of chorus*

Letra Girlfriend de Cappadonna en español (traducción)

* Chicas hablando *

Verso uno: Cappadonna

Novia, lo que hizo estuvo mal
Bebé de mi amor sigue siendo fuerte
En algunas King Kong ding-dong
Nunca celebate, nunca souflan
Poppi familiares, rey poppi armario
Chupar su punto G, y usted sabe que tan caliente
Ella dijo que me ama mucho
Remedio, me dijo que caída de
Joder con tanta fuerza, todo al aire libre
Coño son las minas y los suyos, más
No significa que em turnin a cabo, en em turnin
Stetched al frente de la casa chica de al lado
Bb polla, remedio, barra cappadon '
Barra perdón por turnin que en
Turnin que en

Coro: Cappadonna

Bb conducta, la conducta bb, realizar bb
No significa que a su vez en
Bb conducta, la conducta bb, realizar bb

El versículo dos: remedio

Compruebe que yo, a la mierda lo que piensa
Usted sabe la sangra el coño y apesta
Comprar ya tranked a cabo, en blanco, todos los locos en color rosa
He visto el coño matar a los mejores hombres y acabar con los reyes
Joder las cosas materiales, ya follar Phat anillos de diamantes
Los hombres hacen las ofertas de duración de esta, dos labios éxito el clítoris
Inconspicous, golpeó con la sífilis, el ridículo
Una herida, llegó betwe

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