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Letra I Honor U de Canibus original

Chorus One: MB^2

We'll never part (through) sickness and health (health)
You are my heart -- I love you more than I love myself
(Yeahayyeahh) But in the middle of the night
I heard you cryin in your sleep it'll be alright
I'll be there for you (just for you)
If you tell me all your secrets
Yet in the middle of the night
I heard you cryin in your sleep I held you tight
I'll be there for you (youuooooh)
If you tell me all your secrets

Aiyyo, boy meets girl, boy really likes her
Boy loses contact with girl but he finds her
Girl has no clue that boy is a liar, and he has no honor
So she dates him regardless, cause she thought he was harmless
And he had her believin he was the man she wanted
To spend the rest of her life with -- the words 'I love you'
Are priceless, unpredictable like rollin dice is
None-the-less, inspite of the frightenin repercussions
You might get, people still risk they necks
Of course it's nice, the feelin of courtship, roses and stuff
Women never get it often enough
And the reason people love they mother so much
Besides the fact she carried you for nine months, is trust
It's a five letter word, that should only occur between him and her
Before the bees and the birds (WORD!)

Chorus One

Aiyyo I heard a soft moan in the middle of March
Then I felt a powerful force push me forward like a dart
On your mark, get set, GO!
I was off, flagella was my propellor wigglin back and forth
Then I set a course for the border
Mother Nature's karma callin me to the rock of Gibraltar
The competition tried to be smart, but I was smarter
My competitors were swimmin fast, so I swam harder
Submerged in water, prayin to my heavenly father
If I don't make it through I'm a goner
Screamin out 'Death before dishonor,'
Because I'm awesomely stronger, my stamina last longer
I was destined to be a son instead of a daughter
XY is the male chromosomal order
One'll stay alive, and survive, the rest'll be dead
Cause I'ma be the one to fertilize that egg {echoes}

Chorus Two: MB^2

In the middle of the night
I heard you cryin in your sleep I held you tight
I'll be there for you..
If you tell me all your secrets

Aiyyo mommy I'm up in your stomach, buggin
Whenever you rub it, I love it
Like a comforters covers you warm as a oven
Your husband -- stubborn, how can you love him?
Smokin cigarettes by the dozen when he knows that I'm comin
Bad move, you hopin that daddy improves
Knowin in your heart that's bull, because he's too cruel
You've been abused, used, you've got, wounds and scars
Think with your mind not with your heart, let's go to grandma's
Terminate the lease, call the landlord
Give your job two weeks notice, pack up the car, and go to New York
What part? They got a little borough called The Bronx, Mom..
And I heard that's where hip-hop is gonna start
Hell yeah! I think we need to be right there
Four months in your stomach and I already chose a career
When you cry, I hear, and I wish I could dry your tears
But I can't cause I'm stuck in here
Five months from bein able to lay against your chest
I can't even hold you in my arms, cause they ain't developed yet
But I swear to you, as to God's Almighty Truth
I'ma be there for you.. I'ma be there for you..

Chorus One w/ variations

Tell me!(Tell me all your secrets)
All.. all..(Tell me all your secrets)
And I will be there for you(Tell me all your secrets)
Tell me your secrets(Tell me all your secrets)
Oooohoooh, tell me..(Tell me all your secrets)

Letra I Honor U de Canibus en español (traducción)

Un coro: ^ 2 MB

Nunca vamos a la parte (a través de) la enfermedad y la salud (salud)
Tú eres mi corazón - Te quiero más que a mí mismo
(Yeahayyeahh) Pero en el medio de la noche
He oído que llorar en el sueño que va a estar bien
Yo estaré allí para ti (para ti)
Si usted me dice todos sus secretos
Sin embargo, en medio de la noche
He oído que llorar en el sueño que te agarró con fuerza
Voy a estar allí para usted (youuooooh)
Si usted me dice todos sus secretos

Aiyyo, chico conoce a chica, chico le gusta mucho su
Niño pierde el contacto con chica, pero descubre que su
Niña no tiene idea de que el tipo es un mentiroso, y no tiene el honor
Así que ella le fecha sin tener en cuenta, porque ella pensó que era inofensivo
Y él le había believin él era el hombre que quería
Para pasar el resto de su vida con - las palabras 'Te quiero'
No tienen precio, impredecible como rodando los dados es
No por ello menos-, a pesar de las repercusiones frightenin
Usted puede obtener, la gente todavía corren el riesgo de cuellos
Por supuesto que es agradable, el feelin del cortejo, rosas y otras cosas
Las mujeres nunca lo consiguen con bastante frecuencia
Y la gente de la razón el amor que tanto la madre
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