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Letra My Hood de Cam'Ron original

Cam'ron> (intro)
You do what you do where you live
I do what i do where i live
That's what makes me nigga, and that's just the way it is nigga
uhh, Killer, uhh, Prease, uhh, Vacant Lot, Diplomat, uhh
Killer, family nigga, yo, uhh, Killer, uhh, yo yo yo...

(verse one) {:28}
Where i'm from kids get it hectic
But get arrested but get respected
Piss infested, dislexic
Take caution money, for extortion money
Girls fate just for abortion money
Honey no day you'll play me on
Flip water, nuttin' like avion
Type a shit my niggas get gravy on
Money missin', might find your baby gone
The way we bond, Cam got ta spray these arms
Have you relocate, like Kay Reconn (?)
Crazy don, crazy cons girl fuck
Put they ladies on, me i'll go crazy on?
One chick told me give her a loan
Shit, only thing i leave you is alone
Indeed you could bone, lemme read you a poem
Mom no good for ya, it's da hood for ya

(chorus) {1:09}
My hood (hood!), hoes (hoes!), thugs (thugs!)
What it is it good for? absolutely nothin' nothin' nothin'...
My hood (hood!), guns (guns!), drugs (drugs!)
What it is it good for? absolutely nothin' nothin' nothin'...

yo yo yo
(verse two) {1:30}
Now it's gangs out here
Cats pass we flaggin', blue n red rags we braggin
Look out y'all, here the padon wagon
Cops or punks, hit em with the pump
Nigga wanna front, Killer give 'em what they want
Roll 'em up in the rug, dump they body in the trunk
Eat hoe heat low kill slow like mosquito
Now we dead if i ever did doubt of her
You want these streets? tryin' to get out of 'em
Gotta leave 'fore they see Cam fold
Where they don't speak Englas or Espaniol, no
Where i go they don't spit that rap, they say
'Ching chang maka halia'
Yeah, shit like that!
Get my gat, click my clack
Cam's killin' this, i write for niggas
Am i a vantriloquiste?
Ya feelin' this, niggas pump ya krills ta dis
Be carefull, Harlem World will get this

(chorus) {2:12}
My hood (hood!), hoes (hoes!), thugs (thugs!)
What it is it good for? absolutely nothin' nothin' nothin'...
My hood (hood!), guns (guns!), drugs (drugs!)
What it is it good for? absolutely nothin' nothin' nothin'...

yo yo yo...
(verse three) {2:38}
Cats wanna talk shit, i don't throw back trash at 'em
I come thru in a drop top, laugh at 'em
Wit the girls behind me, bout ta throw a pass at 'em
They with me stupid, now Ma, blast at 'em
Cats fire when i'm walkin' by like JFK junior, y'all talkin' fly
I give em Macaulay Culkin lie, Dolly Parton high, they all can buy
Got it for sale
And i don't run the crack spot
Opperation is a jag drop, rag mop, access with a laptop
One of the have-nots to brick money
Then i came thru in the six yummy
Ya whole click sick tummy
But be carefull, out in this game
Buyers, supliers, yo they wearin' wires
But come up in the world, if i twirl you fry
Got killed like a bitch hair; curled and dyed

(chorus) {3:20}
My hood (hood!), hoes (hoes!), thugs (thugs!)
What it is it good for? absolutely nothin' nothin' nothin'...
My hood (hood!), guns (guns!), drugs (drugs!)
What it is it good for? absolutely nothin' nothin' nothin'...
{repeat x2}

(outro) {3:38}
Yo yo yo, yo this for every hood
Every poverty, my whole NYC Harlem eastside
My cats down in ATL you win! keep it krump Miami
Keep it off the chain, Cat Gatti i see you in Green Borough
Get money, VA my guys out in CHI-town, the whole cali
Westside, LA, bay area, Dego, Houston, Dallas, Memphis
Keep it krump, Detroit, i see everybody
Every hood, every ghetto, everything is a poverty
We love y'all, Dip-Set, Killer Cam, Jim Jones, Freaky, hoooo!

Letra My Hood de Cam'Ron en español (traducción)

Cam'ron> (intro)
Usted hace lo que hace donde usted vive
Hago lo que puedo hacer donde yo vivo
Eso es lo que me hace negro, y eso es sólo la forma en que es negro
uhh, Killer, uhh, Prease, uhh, terreno baldío, diplomático, uhh
Causa de muerte, la familia nigga, yo, uhh, Killer, uhh, yo yo yo ...

(Verso) {: 28}
Donde yo soy de los niños se lo agitado
Pero es arrestado, pero se respeta
Piss infestadas, proceso de redacción
Tome fianza, por extorsión
Niñas destino sólo por dinero aborto
La miel no hay día que me juego en
Agua del tirón, como avion Nuttin '
Escriba una mierda mis niggas en salsa
Missin dinero ", puede ser que encuentre a su bebé desaparecido
La forma en que nos vinculamos, Cam se ta spray estas armas
¿Ha reubicar, como Kay Reconn (?)
Crazy No, a la mierda loco chica contras
Puesto que en damas, me voy a volver loco a?
Una chica me dijo que le diera un préstamo
Mierda, lo único que me deja es el único
Por supuesto que podrías hueso, déjame leerte un poema
Mamá no es bueno para ti, es campana da para ti

(Coro) {} 01:09
Mi barrio (hood!), azadas (hoes!), matones (thugs!)
¿Qué es lo bueno? absolutamente nada nada nada ...
Mi barrio (hood!), armas (guns!), las drogas

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