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Letra Feels Good de Cam'ron original

Eh yo why am I gonna sit here and let ya'll bug me
Cause I got a dime and a girl who love me
And when we alone she ain't all luvy duvy
Smacks me on the ass and says fast nigga fuck me
And uh I don't do nothing for my babygirl to not trust me
I don't do nothing for her to bust me
I would love her if her rings were rusty
Feet were crusty
And arms were musty
Cause ain't nobody gettin that--just me
And ain't nobody hittin that--just me
If I cheat I know that she will bust me, crush me
Cause she know how many girls lust me
Back in the day they wouldn't even touch me
Now they say they don't want nobody but me
To tell the truth
Them girls just disgust me
Cause I already found the one that love me
It's all good
Lovin somebody
As long as somebody loves you back
Mess with her?
I ain't have to
But player I was glad to
Brownskin dove
But her love won't pass you
Promised her a ring
Along with a shine
Never stressin my rhyme
All she wanted is time
Where you find her at
Cause you a grimy cat
Puffin dime sacks to see where my mind be at
And I told my other niggas that
I told her yo
I don't always have to hit the twat
Just to get you hot
You don't believe me
Then pick a spot
But remember, I lick a lot
Ayyo she likes to trick a lot
Just to get a bigger knot
Loves to see her nigga hot
Worries if I'm jigged or not
And her stuff--hot and divine
And the things she coppes--top of the line
Baby is hot and divine
Always poppin some wine
And then she told me
Cam, I got a rock on my mind
It feels good when you love em'
And they lovin you back
Go tit for tat
Never scratch your back
Matter of fact she touches and grabs
Not to lust you bad
Just to get you mad
When we alone she screams and moans
She don't front on me
Cause she don't want to be alone
Come on
Everybody needs somebody
Spanish girls screamin out
Ay Papi!
Take her out
Uh-huh no doubt
Then we lace her out
Uh-huh no doubt
Then we ski her out
Ski her out
Then we eat her out
Eat her out
Come on, where your man at?
Where's your plans at?
You ain't go away this year
Where your tan at?
Cause me and ma just came from the tropics
Wit her legs cocked
And she beggin me to stop it.

Letra Feels Good de Cam'ron en español (traducción)

Eh yo qué voy a sentarme aquí y dejar que me fallo YA'LL
Porque tengo una moneda de diez centavos y una chica que me encanta
Y cuando estamos solos no es todo Duvy Luvy
Me huele en el culo y dice rápido nigga me mierda
Y bueno yo no hago nada por mi babygirl a no confiar en mí
Yo no hago nada para que me busto
Yo la amo, si sus anillos estaban oxidadas
Pies estaban crujientes
Y los brazos a humedad
Causa, no hay nadie gettin que - como yo
Y no es que nadie Hittin - sólo me
Si hago trampa yo sé que ella me busto, me aplaste
Porque ella sabe cuántas niñas lujuria me
De vuelta en el día en que ni siquiera tocarme
Ahora dicen que no quieren que nadie más que yo
Para decir la verdad
Los cuales son niñas sólo me repugnan
Porque ya se encuentra el que me ama
Está todo bien
Alguien Lovin
Siempre y cuando alguien te ama de vuelta
Meterse con ella?
No es que
Pero el jugador estaba contento de
Brownskin paloma
Pero su amor no le pase
Le prometió un anillo
Junto con un brillo
Nunca stressin mi rima
Todo lo que quería es tiempo

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