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Letra Thoia Thoing [remix] de Busta Rhymes original

Intro (R. Kelly):

yo, i know everyone out there wanna know, 'what the hell does this mean?'
well, i don't know my damn self

Verse 1 (R. Kelly):

now what the hell does thoia thoing mean?
it can mean anything you want it to mean
anything you say it mean, thats what it means
if you say sex? then probably
some say it means pushin' a lex, then probably
this one white chick said gettin' real smokey and feelin' free
this black chick said sippin' hennessy in V.I.P.
well, well, you can say what you want, thats what it is
all i know is that the thoia thoing man its the sht
afro's, cornrow's, hairweave's you gotta love it
white, black, brown, even Japanese, you gotta love it
and you know somebody out there goin', 'man i like the beat
the hook is real tight, but i'ma keep it real, dog, it puzzles me'
no rules in this music industry (y'all know!)
if it feel good and make ya move your feel (y'all know!)
and if the bass is bumpin' in your jeep (y'all know!)
that it's the piper and i'm comin' with the heat
thoia thoing make you wanna club hop, make you wanna drop top
make you get like beyonce' and do the booty hop
thoia thoing inspired by juice and hypnotic
it's like a virus and the whole world's got it

Chorus (adlibs: Baby):

i had her singin' thoia thoia thoia thoing thoing (o yeah!)
thoia thoia thoia thoing thoing (hey R! hey R)
she had me singin' thoia thoia thoia thoing thoing (it's the B baby! the B baby!)
thoia thoia thoia thoing thoing (they couldn't have seen this comin', so lets shine homeboy!)

Verse 2 (Baby):

here's baby and kelly, come relax wit' us, shorty!
when we drop, it's platinum plus, shorty!
whoa! you see the rocks with the rays
i mess up your eye's like blunt of that haze
knee high boots. right wheel side coop
custom macy's with the fall back roof
flyin' dutch, livin' tone wit' stiletoe shoes (stiletoe shoes!)
iced up, jigga watch more jigga boots
million's on the chedda, pause just to take a trip
g4 in the clouds, now we makin' hits
the bird landed in Japan, hopped in a 6
steerin' wheel, wood grain in your foreign lifts
Keesha to Italy, Stacy to France and...
Tonya to Paris, her bod is the baddest and...
we stopped in Jamaca, spent a hundred grand
got a hundred model chicks that i flew from Japan (i had her singin')

Chorus (adlibs: Busta Ryhmes):

i had her singin' thoia thoia thoia thoing thoing (hey, yo Kells!)
thoia thoia thoia thoing thoing (Baby!)
she had me singin' thoia thoia thoia thoing thoing (you know bus-a-bus gon' get his a up and talk to shorty right over there real quick)
thoia thoia thoia thoing thoing (hey, yo ma, let me holla at you)

Verse 2 (Busta Ryhmes):

shorty, i love how you drop it, the way you get down and
pop it, lock it, and cock it again and again, you better
stop it, girl, see how you wiggle your cch, you know you should
watch it, girl, and once we step in the spot you know i gotcha (ACHOO!!!)
yea, your little gucci cologne be havin' me problems with sneezin'
baby, it's nothin' do your thing, i ain't gon'
stop you, girl, all in your miny skirt, really squirted and
show me somethin' baby once i give you what really hurts
you won't owe me nothin' (c'mon!) lookin' and watchin' and seein' the way your
jeans be cuttin' all up in your a, rockin' and switchin'
when you be struttin' (shake it fast!)
i know your willin' and able and ready to (take it glass)
sittin' on top of your a like a table now (make it last)
performin' until the water drip down to your navel (take it past!) your level
but if the label will even, stable, now shake your a to (THE JOINT! THE JOINT!)
baby, do your thing, and shake your (DA DOINK! DA DOINK)

Chorus (adlibs: Busta Rhymes):

i had her singin' thoia thoia thoia thoing thoing (yeah)
thoia thoia thoia thoing thoing
she had me singin' thoia thoia thoia thoing thoing
thoia thoia thoia thoing thoing

Verse 4 (R. Kelly):

We make a lot of noise when (whoa)
We go through the club (whoa)
All of the ladies in the house (whoa)
Come show ya boy some love (whoa)
Last call for alcohol (whoa)
Now we're closin' down the bar (whoa)
Tell me wheres the after party at (whoa)
We rollin' with the R! (whoa)

i had her singin' thoia thoia thoia thoing thoing
thoia thoia thoia thoing thoing
she had me singin' thoia thoia thoia thoing thoing
thoia thoia thoia thoing thoing

(Chorus repeats until fade)

Letra Thoia Thoing [remix] de Busta Rhymes en español (traducción)

Intro (R. Kelly):

yo, que conozco a todo el mundo se quiere saber, '¿qué diablos significa esto?
Bueno, yo no sé cuál es mi auto maldito

El versículo 1 (R. Kelly):

ahora ¿qué diablos hace Thoing Thoia decir?
puede significar cualquier cosa que usted quiere que signifique
cualquier cosa que diga en serio, eso es lo que significa
si dicen que el sexo? entonces probablemente
algunos dicen que significa Pushin 'lex, entonces probablemente
esta chica un blanco dijo: 'humo real y sientes gettin libre
esta chica negro dijo bebiendo Hennessy en el VIP
bien, bien, se puede decir lo que quiera, eso es lo que es
Lo único que sé es que el hombre Thoia Thoing su la SHT
Afro, de trenzas, hairweave es que tienes que amarlo
blanco, negro, marrón, incluso japoneses, tienes que amarlo
y usted sabe que alguien por ahí Goin ',' el hombre me gusta el ritmo
el gancho es bien fuerte, pero soy un keep it real, el perro, que me intriga "
no hay reglas en esta industria de la música (todos saben!)
si se siente bien y que ya mover su sentir (todos saben!)
y si el bajo es Bumpin 'en su jeep (todos saben!)
que es el flautista y yo soy comin 'con el calor
Thoia Thoing dan ganas de saltar del club, que quiere finalizar la parte superior

Sólo entre todos podremos hacer de éste un sitio mejor :)

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