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Letra They're Out To Get Me de Busta Rhymes original

Mr. Porter>
I'm just playin wit y'all niggaz, I'm just playin wit y'all niggaz
I'm just playin wit y'all niggaz, I'm just playin wit y'all niggaz!

They told me to! echoes>

Chorus: Mr. Porter>
They see my name and lifestyle and say I changed (how I be so raaawww)
They so cold... I know... that they're out to get me
And alllll those people I call my friends, let it gooooooooo
That's why I never call on y'all, to be around
'Cause you see how this monnneeeyyy can change your friends' faaaiiittthhh

Busta Rhymes>
Geah! See I done came a long way and now I got me a chauffeur
Keep my enemies close, keep my friends even closer
Muhfuckers that I grew around, thought I could rock wit 'em
Watch my cake so hard, they burn a hole in my pocket
I see 'em coming from afar because I been through so much shit
They plot a lot, hard or not, they see my dough come quick
Invested in my niggaz, took the realtor route
Gambled on the wrong niggaz, had to filter 'em out
Type of dudes that see my mother and they greet her respectful
Behind her back and see her son and try to give me a quick full
It's cool though, I fucks wit 'em even though I ain't wit it
That's why the gats be in the house whenever niggaz come visit
Serve 'em drinks and welcome all to the law
For let ya drunk friend to show his true side until ya forced to cut him off
I seen it one too many times, they disbelieved and they speechless
Sometimes having certain friends can end up being a weakness
See now my dogs turn to wolves and try to front me and surround me
Come up out they sheepskin and act all different around me


Busta Rhymes>
Listen! Sometimes I smoke a cigarette and then I think and I choke on
How niggaz steal this funny style and I was struggling broke
Even though it don't surprise me, shit it's still kinda funny
When I ain't have, a nigga still would come and try to take from me
Instead of cutting my losses, being smart and just end shit
Niggaz was trying to be loyal, just to maintain a friendship
In the wrong situation, plus there's always a sequel
I'm with the wrong muhfuckers, plus they 'pose to be people's
As I get more money, days get colder
I learned to realize that power only lies in the hands of the beholder
So then I start the heart-on-my-heart as I walk like a soldier
Moving so militant, you think I had a chip on my shoulder
Living by morals and principles mainly
Having heavy thoughts to a kill a brother every time a fucker betrayed me
But now I'm winning with the strength of the nation
I promise that they not even foreseeing the size of the shit they'll be facing
I'm Aftermath now, shit's getting worse
Now when those same 'friends' see me goin hard that shit be making 'em hurt


Busta Rhymes>
Instead they getting together with me so we both can get rich
When I'm outta town, these niggaz busy tryna fuck with my bitch
Same niggaz spend they money 'til the shit'll diminish
I hit 'em off and turn around and come right back when it finish
I said I'm tired of these niggaz, that'll owe me so much shit
That they can't pay me back for, fuck all the dumb shit
Sometime we can't forgive whatever balances off
'Specially when niggaz cross the line that niggaz never should cross
Realized and thus I state the same shit, get the Range
The more money niggaz get, shit around you will change
Even though niggaz'll flip and say, 'He the one changed'
Fuck you, the dude'll just'll justify.. takin his shit from you
The more money I get, I get more dangerous stupid
'Cause I been broke before, and I refuse to go back to it
And while I sweep these niggaz up under the rug with a broom
If I never see these 'friends' again, that shit'll be too soon
Shit is real like every wind in my breath
And that's on everything I love, BLOOD OF MY BLOOD! FLESH OF MY FLESH!


Letra They're Out To Get Me de Busta Rhymes en español (traducción)

El Sr. Porter>
Yo sólo estoy jugando ingenio y'all niggaz, yo sólo estoy jugando ingenio y'all niggaz
Yo sólo estoy jugando ingenio y'all niggaz, sólo estoy jugando ingenio y'all niggaz!

Me dijeron que me! ecos>

Estribillo: Sr. Porter>
Ellos ven mi nombre y estilo de vida y dicen que cambié (¿cómo puedo ser tan raaawww)
Ellos tan frío ... yo sé ... que están en mi contra
Y alllll esas personas que yo llamo mis amigos, deje que se gooooooooo
Por eso nunca hago un llamamiento a todos ustedes, a ser alrededor
Porque se ve cómo este monnneeeyyy puede cambiar sus amigos faaaiiittthhh

Busta Rhymes>
Geah! Ver he hecho llegó un largo camino y ahora me consiguió un chofer
Guarda mis enemigos cerca, guarda mis amigos aún más cerca
Muhfuckers que crecí alrededor, pensé que podía oscilar ingenio 'em
Ver mi pastel tan duro, se queman un agujero en el bolsillo
Los veo viniendo de lejos, porque he estado a través de tanta mierda
Ellos conspiran mucho, dura o no, que ven mi pasta vienen rápida
Invertido en mi niggaz, tomó la ruta inmobiliaria
Jugado en el niggaz mal, tuvo que filtrar 'em
Tipo de tipos que ven mi madre y saludarla respetuosa
Detrás de ella hacia atrás y ver a su hijo y tratar de darme un fu rápida

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