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Letra Psycho de Busta Rhymes original

(feat. Cassidy and Papoose)

Busta Rhymes: Talking>

Busta Rhymes:>
I'm nice with the lead peel your edges like slices of bread
Percise, become a poltergeist, stickin knives inside of your head
What's the issue, on a roll, like a roll of toilet tissue(?)
I continue to expose you niggas that's so superficial
I script you your obituary then blow like a missle
Once I blow the whistle, motherfuck may the forces be with you
Come with a style, I'm wildin, pile up my money so kosher,
Then call up the sofa fuckin bitches in back of the rover
Then bounce with the coca, bag up bitches outside of the costa rica area level, my features and carry my posters
talking intermission:>
Unprecendented, I cememnted, you changin your flow up
While helpin you grow up, niggas know you for soundin so tore up
Challengin niggas, better hold on to bannister niggas
Fuck around I'll stuff your body parts into cannisters niggas
Like you don't know the half, I'll bust your motherfuckin ass
Busta buss, cass, and papoose is fuckin psychopaths

Making Niggas Wanna Get Hype Yea I'm PSYCHO x8>

My nigga beside me with triggers and niggas get bodied
I lock a strip and chop a brick like I'm mr. miyagi
But this ain't karate, I been sick since I pissed in a potty
I probably been proper since my papa put dick in my mommy
I'm a cannon man
Holdin the hamma man
For the loot niggas shoot niggas like a camera man
Snappin a picture, you get stuck like the back of a sticker
I got bars like the factory manufacturing snickers
And I do crimes for the bread like croutons
With two nines I be layin clowns down like foutons
With the bullets in the rocket, my pockets is full of cream
I'm blowin steam keep the steel in my hands like wolverine
talking intermission:>
Poppin the metal, you niggas is not on my level
I'm locking the kettle man, I'm hot like the pot and the kettle
On the mic I spaz, who get it hype as cass
And my nigga busta, we some muthafuckin psychopaths

Making Niggas Wanna Get Hype Yea I'm PSYCHO x8>

I'm an iceberg trapped in a fire I won't melt
I'm a fetus that survived an abortion, I won't be kilt (killed)
I'm the heart of brooklyn, New York, I'm bedstuy
I'm a christian woman's hand on the bible I won't lie
I'm the code of silence in the gotti crew
I'm an empty mag right after a shootout, I just bodied you
Got something sup? shotgun pump, shot at you
Like kamakize through, your baby mom's feel the wop cock back
Cause she was sittin on my lap
I stay with the oowap strap
I put your baby daddy in a body bag
When I squeeze and let the wop clap
I baghdad like iraq
talking intermission>
This is my era, you niggas is losers
I'm the new era(error) like a mistake on your computer
Got the infrared dot, bustin you gullible suckers too
But a dot on your ass like www.

Making Niggas Wanna Get Hype Yea I'm PSYCHO x8>

Letra Psycho de Busta Rhymes en español (traducción)

(Feat. Cassidy y Papoose)

Busta Rhymes: Hablando>

Busta Rhymes:>
Estoy bien con el cable pelado sus bordes como rebanadas de pan
Percise, se convierten en un poltergeist, stickin cuchillos en el interior de su cabeza
¿Cuál es el problema, en un rollo, como un rollo de papel higiénico (?)
Sigo exponerle los niggas que es tan superficial
Me guión que su obituario luego soplar como un misil
Una vez que sople el silbato, las fuerzas motherfuck puede estar contigo
Ven con un estilo, estoy wildin, se amontonan mi dinero para kosher,
Luego llame a las perras malditas sofá en la parte trasera del rover
Entonces rebotar con la coca, la bolsa encima de perras fuera del ámbito de la zona Costa Rica, mis rasgos y llevar a mis carteles
intermedio hablando:>
Sin precedentes, me cememnted, usted cambiando su flujo hasta
Mientras helpin seas grande, niggas sabe con lo que rompió soundin
Challengin niggas, mejor aferrarse a Bannister Niggas
Joder voy a rellenar partes de su cuerpo en los niggas botes
Al igual que usted no conoce el medio, voy a reventar el culo motherfuckin
Busta bus, cass, y papoose es psicópatas putos

Haciendo Niggas Wanna Get bombo Yea soy PSYCHO x8>

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