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Letra Daily Reminder de Busta Rhymes original


Verse 1:Dinco D
They got my brother locked down in Connecticut.
Confederate 'D” we can better it.
But yo, I'm illiterate to the little bits.
Until the fat pigs billys bent philly.
Scent when way I went rent make
Me think dip dy dip to the socialize
Of americal not America mer
Medler rich peddler 'hold up”
Which ways up whatever high
Heather by bush push push push in
The bush mop drop the pains.
In ink a document approximate
It's a quarter to cut throat headless
Hole bedless tall I figure factor.
Crack the smack police man better be
Strap step step yep it's a hit hit.
Run run, ha hon it's another father's
Saw son from behind caught up in time. But my mind and his mind make all
Mind equal, but it's a daily reminder.

Verse 2: Busta Rhymes
Escape from the killer tree, yes.
Everybody run and come follow me.
Sit back as I reach, and I come and attack.
Other forces trying to reveal my other
Sources, following my courses.
Fiding on the back of horse.
Trilly, trally, I dilly, dally my way.
Through the alley.
Remember that we will wreck from the east
All the way to Cali.
To those that are hungry, come get a
Taste of this sound,
Hey people you know that we're
Gonna get on down.
This is your daily reminder, so
Remember as we move right to the center,
You know we gonna be your number one
As I capture through the rapture.
Subliminally undercover, yes my dome is
Chrome on the front of my album cover.
As I mention, people follow the ways of imperfection,
Float like suspension, oozing out of a pimple like infection.!
Hip-Hop resurrection, at the drop of a quarter,
Drop another rhyme with a new order.
Come follow me, come follow me man,
Doing everything that I can so we could live a little better
If we only could remember.
As we find the original 3-ring binder
Rewinder the time back to the original daily reminder.

Verse 3: Charlie Brown
May I say the rythm will flow and then
You will know that's it's OK.I'm rippin'
And rhymin' yes never the less everyday
Hysterical lyrical miracle L.O.NS., L.O.N.S.
Yes, yes, y'all y'all. Yes yes, y'all y'all.
The Boogie tie Brown, the Boogie tie Brown,
My manifestation hits. The monitor Milo always on the mix.
The capitalistic unrealistic move with tie.
Pitch in style step with tie rep and rec.
Flip to the vibe I bet girls river
Wet quiver yet don't sweat. Of course
To the source just move with the force.
Oof course across what do you know
People they got feeling p! ros Jos! Froze
1-1 2-2 3-3 4-4 coming stunning. 1 and million plus
We're raw wanna make 'em live side to the side is doom and
There'll be no more games like keepers or finders you're
Taking off your binders 'cause it's a daily reminder.


Letra Daily Reminder de Busta Rhymes en español (traducción)

DÍA EN. Día. (OUT)
DÍA EN. Día. (OUT)
DÍA EN. Día. (OUT)
DÍA EN. Día. (OUT)

El versículo 1: Dinco D
Que a mi hermano encerrados en Connecticut.
Dâ confederados podemos mejorarlo.
Pero yo, soy analfabeta a los pequeños trozos.
Hasta el billys cerdos gordos doblados Filadelfia.
Olor cuando camino me fui hacer la renta
Me parece dip dip dy a la vida social
De Americal mer Latina no
Vendedor Medler ricos "UPA mantener
¿Qué formas hasta lo alto
Heather por Bush Push Push push en
El trapeador Bush caída de los dolores.
En un aproximado de tinta de documentos
Es un cuarto para cortar la garganta sin cabeza
Agujero bedless factor de alto imagino que.
Romper el policía justo mejor se
Correa paso paso que sí es un éxito éxito.
Run run, que ha hon es otro padre
Vieron al hijo por detrás atrapados en el tiempo. Pero mi mente y su mente que todos los
Mente igual, pero es un recordatorio diario.

Versículo 2: Busta Rhymes
Escape del árbol asesino, sí.
Todos corren y ven y sígueme.
Siéntese como llego, y que yo venga y ataque.
Hay otras fuerzas que tratan de revelar mis otros
Fuentes, a raíz de mi c

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