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Letra I'm Try'n de B.G. original

Verse One: B.G.

I'm tryin' to do right
But I'm surrounded by wrong
Avoid the all night flight
And still make it on my own
I'm tryin' be cool
Do what I gotta do
But playa haters all over
So I roll with my crew
I'm tryin' stay over
And just stay my ass in school
Ain't many choices to choose
And this rap game I can't refuse
I wanna win don't want to be the one to loose
My pistol my only friend
Cause busters try to bring the blues
Leavin brains with no clues
Spin the ben in black clothes
They tryin' ta' take my only life
Leave my folks on the front row
Bury me in providence
Heavy weight that rose
They wanna steal the B.G.
Now tell me Alton
Ain't that cold
What can I do
Now what can I do to get out the game
What can I do
Now what can I do to make change
Every other day around my way niggas dyin'
Hours flyin I want to go straight boy I'm tryin'

-Chorus- (Juvenile)
I'm tryin' to shake the monkey off of me
Lord please let me go where I needs to be
Ball 'till I fall it's a poor family
Fo' sho' I know the future got a lot of stuff for me

Verse Two: B.G.

I'm tryin' to get my mail straight
Sell cd's and tapes
I don't want to be jail bait
Niggas want to kill me
And increase the hell rate
They almost got me
But I slip the spot it was too late
I wanna be a role model for my lil' brother
And buy a fifteen room manison for my mother
Settle down wit' a silent hoe
And drop a tight seed
So I can raise another uptown B.G.
Just like me
I'ma give 'em but I wish had a dad
He goin' be smart and bad nigga
Throwin' up a solga rag
This world is kurupted
The police is crooked
My boy was runnin with a ??? gun
His young life they took it
This ??? is rotten
Everyday it get's colder
They throwin' away the key
Sendin' the soldiers to angoula
My round slangin' that yola
With they hand on that iron
To keep my mind right
Beleive nigga I'm tryin'


Verse Three: Lil' Wayne

I'm tryin' to be a man at fourteen
Choppin iron at fourteen'
Nigga that tells my only way
(B.G.: Look where you stand at fourteen)
A lil' bity something
Whuckin, representin' partners
Ain't to good in my neighborhood
Uptowns my partner
I ain't lie i'm tryin
To go the right way
But the night flight way
Just ain't the right way
I wan' be a gangsta but also wan' live
So I choose to be a uptown HotBoy hard to kill
Sittin' behind the cruiser wheel
Can't even see me I'm so lil'
And you expect me to give this
Just to switch to positive
As hard as I'm tryin' do it I just can't make a shape
School I'm tryin' go through it but I just can't make a shape
Gettin' in beef that resultin' into serious gun slangin
Do good I want yeah but on half i just keep hangin'
I'm lookin for a change but change ain't lookin for me
Will I remain a B.G.
Or a A student
We'll see

-Chorus- 2x

Letra I'm Try'n de B.G. en español (traducción)

Verso uno: BG

Yo estoy tratando de hacer las cosas bien
Pero estoy rodeada de mal
Evitar la fuga durante toda la noche
Y todavía lo hacen por mi cuenta
Estoy tratando de ser cool
Hacer lo que tengo que hacer
Sin embargo, playa enemigos por todas partes
Así que rollo con mi equipo
Estoy tratando de permanecer más de
Y de la misma estancia de mi culo en la escuela
No muchas opciones para elegir
Y este juego del rap que no puedo rechazar
Yo quiero ganar no quiero ser el que suelta
Mi pistola de mi único amigo
Causa busters tratar de llevar el blues
Leavin cerebro sin pistas
Haga girar la ben en ropa de color negro
Ellos tryin 'ta' quitarme la vida sólo
Agregar a mis padres en la primera fila
Que me entierren en la providencia de
Peso que aumentó
Que quieren robar el BG
Ahora me dicen Alton
No es que el frío
¿Qué puedo hacer
Ahora, ¿qué puedo hacer para salir del juego
¿Qué puedo hacer
Ahora, ¿qué puedo hacer para hacer el cambio
Cada dos días en torno a mi manera "Niggas dyin
Horas volando quiero ir directamente chico Soy tryin '

Yo estoy tratando de sacudir el mono de encima
Señor por favor, déjame ir a donde debe ser
Ball 'hasta que la caída es de una familia pobre
Para 'sho' Sé

Sólo entre todos podremos hacer de éste un sitio mejor :)

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