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Letra Bling Bling de B.g. original

Verse One: Baby

Nigga I got these hoes iced up enough
While my lil B.G.'s on the bus puttin out cigarette butts
But me personally playboy I don't give a fuck
And I'ma always show love to my cut
Hit the club light tha bitch up
The Cash Money motto we got to drank til we throw up
Nigga point the hoe out guaranteed I can fuck
Wootay I'm tattooed and barred up
Medallion iced up, Rolex bezelled up
And my pinky ring is platinum plus
Earrings be trillion cut
And my grill be slugged up
My heart filled with anger cause nigga I don't give a fuck
Stack my cheese up
Cause one day I'm a give this street life up
Beef I don't discuss
A nigga outta line gone get his motherfuckin head bust
Cash Money Millionaires plus
Don't touch sum'in nigga you can't fuck
Twenty inches with TV's is a must
By the year two thousand I'm gut out my bus

Verse Two: Lil' Turk

A lil nigga seventeen playin with six figures
Got so much ice you can skate on a nigga
When you see cash money you know you stay flossin
Catch cha girl down bad ya know we straight tossin
I aint seen a click yet that can stunt like mine
I aint seen a mariette that can run like mine
1999, and it's our turn to shine
Fifty or better on our wrist and they all blind
Pourin vodka til I die drank til I faint
Til a nigga tell me I need another drank
My nigga Baby told me work nigga trick to them hoes
Nigga Baby told me work nigga better than treatin yo nose
I'm the freak of the click
Keep it on the tuck so I creep on a bitch
And I play it raw never sleep with a bitch
Keep it real with my niggaz
Never weep for a bitch
Never weep for a bitch nigga

(Chorus) Lil' Wayne 2#
Bling bling
Everytime I come around yo city
Bling bling
Pinky ring worth about fifty
Bling bling
Everytime I buy a new ride
Bling bling
Lorinsers on Yokahama tires
Bling bling

Verse Thre: Manny Fresh

It's the nigga with tha Lex bubble
Candy coated helicopter with tha leather cover
If ya suckin' not fuckin' take off the rubber
Then toss that bitch nigga cause I don't love her
Balla, Manny bought a private plane
Then turned around and sold that bitch to Juve and Wayne
They put 30 inch lorenzos on that thang man
I know you niggaz out there just don't understand

Verse Four: Juvenile

I'm a 1999 driver
I'm a uptown third ward magnolia T.C. rider
Ol ignorant ass always stunting
Big ballin ass nigga you can see him when he comin
Booted up, diamond up
Golds be shinnin' up
Muthafuckas be blindin' up
Niggas at the second line be sayin, 'I'll be damned'
Up in they best fits sayin, 'Juve got me again'

(Chorus) 2x

Verse Five: B.G.

I be that nigga with the ice on me
If it cost less than twenty it don't look right on me
I stay flossed out all through the week
My money long if you don't know I'm the B.G.
I be fuckin niggaz bitches all in they home
Niggaz be like, 'Look at that Benz on all that chrome'
Diamonds worn by everybody that's in my clique
Man I got the price of a mansion 'round my neck and wrist
My nigga Baby gettin' a special built machine
A Mercedes Benz 700 V14
I know you niggaz can't believe that
I can't wait to see ya haters face when ya see that
Man look at that
Niggaz wear shades just to stand on side of me
Folks say take that chain off boy ya blindin me
All day my phone ringin bling bling bling
Can see my earring from a mile bling bling

(Chorus) 2x

Letra Bling Bling de B.g. en español (traducción)

Verso uno: Baby

Nigga me estas azadas helado lo suficiente
Mientras my lil BG en el autobús puttin a cabo las colillas de cigarrillos
Pero mi personalmente playboy no me importa una mierda
Y yo soy siempre muestran el amor con mi corte
Hit a la luz del club Tha Bitch Up
El lema de Cash Money llegamos a beber hasta que nos vomitar
Nigga punto de la azada de garantía que se puede coger
Wootay Estoy tatuado y se le prohibió a
Hasta medallón de hielo, Rolex bezelled hasta
Y mi anillo rosado es de platino más
Pendientes se billones de corte
Y mi parrilla se tuvo slugging de hasta
Mi corazón se llenó de ira causa nigga no me importa una mierda
Pila mi queso hasta
Causa un día soy un don de esta vida a la calle
Carne de res no discuto
Un nigga línea del outta ido conseguir su busto motherfuckin cabeza
Los millonarios del dinero del efectivo, más
No toque sum'in nigga no puede coger
Veinte pulgadas con televisión es una necesidad
Para el año dos mil me intestino a mi autobús

Verso dos: Turk Lil '

A lil nigga diecisiete jugando con seis cifras
Tiene tanto hielo se puede patinar en un nigga
Cuando usted ve el dinero en efectivo que se sabe que quedarse flossin
Captura chica cha por mal ya sabemos que directamente tossin
No es s

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