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Letra One God, One Judge de 69 Boyz original

(69 Boyz)
Yeah though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil
My god wit me, is that right
And I stall they come for me

(69 Boyz)
Now I lay me down to sleep
But before I do god we need to speak
Seem like weeks since we last talk
And although you know my thoughts
I still need to see it
So we can chit so we can chat bout this and that
Cause when we don't talk I feel deprived
Lost on the out and the inside
Hide I can't no not for you
Cuz you know everything that I do
The ups the downs the way I live
But all my sims you seem to forgive
No whatever what it is that I do
You stay true you come through
A friend when there wasn't a friend to be found
And when they lay me down in the ground
I pray that you accept my soul
Regardless of all the dope that I sold
Regardless of all the stuff that I stole
Regardless of all the lies that I told
And all the stuff that I used to do
Before I really got to know you
Though sometime I talk the talk
And though sometime I walk the walk
Lord please understand
That I am only a man
Doing everything I can to be strong
Just try my best to hold on
Had my gold on in the club tonight
And on my way home I almost got jacked
I buck he shot but ain't no way
He shoulda missed me two feet away
Unless of course you pardoned me
And had your angels guardin me
And all I can do is thank you sir
But it's so much more I can thank you for
Like when I was at the peak of my fame
But ain't have a dime to my name
You still gave me a place to rest
Now one of my cars got reposessed
Oh yes your blessing is evident
So the least I could do is represent
Tell these kids there's a better way
Then robbing stealing killing and dope dealing
Been there done that yes I have
God bless those who still on the ave.
Forgive em for all the things that they did
In pursuit of feedin they kids
God because it ain't our fault
This ghetto always been taught
But it's our fault if we don't learn
Cuz if we don't learn then we gonna burn
And I put up with the mugging now
But I can't deal with no fire
So hell ain't the place for me
Or anywhere else without some ac
And I may be so outta line
To pray my prayer to you in a rhyme
Disrespect I do not mean
I just put it in a rap cuz I do not sing
Some gonna call me a hypocrite
Cuz I deal a record like this
But this song here ain't for the flo
I ain't even do it for the radio
I did this to diss our feel
And what I feel is so real
Put that on everything that I love
One god, one judge

One god, one judge
One god, one judge
One god, one judge
One god, one judge

(69 Boyz)
God I don't mean to tie up your phones
I know the line to talk to you is long
Millions of calls on your switchboard
And there's only one of you lord
So Ima bring this to an end
Please bless my family and friends
Bless that young unguided child
That just got sent to the juvenile
Bless my dogs on the avenue
That's out there doing what they got to do
Help them to see money nor gold
And worth from losing they soul
My dogs on paroll bless them too
One time for the boys in the county blue
Bless all the mothers come to you crying
Wondering why they babies keep dying
Help us keep trying help us to teach
And tell these preachers that they need to preach
Unfaithful not to be fake to teach
Playa hatas it's wrong to hate
God is late so Im bout to go
We'll talk again tommorrow
I asked it all in the name of your son
Amen, I'm done

Letra One God, One Judge de 69 Boyz en español (traducción)

(69 Boyz)
Yeah Aunque ande en valle de sombra de muerte
No temeré ningún mal
Mi dios me ingenio, ¿no es así
Y BLOQUEO vienen por mí

(69 Boyz)
Ahora me acuesto a dormir
Pero antes de hacerlo dios tenemos que hablar
Pareces semanas desde la última conversación
Y aunque usted sabe mis pensamientos
Todavía tengo que verlo
Así que podemos chit para que podamos charlar tal esto y que
Porque cuando no hablamos me siento privada
Perdido en la salida y el interior
Ocultar no puedo no hay para ti
Cuz usted sabe todo lo que hago
Las subidas las bajadas la forma en que viven
Pero todos mis sims que parecen perdonar
No todo lo que es lo que hago
Quédate verdad que viene a través de
Un amigo al que no había un amigo que se encuentra
Y cuando me ponen en el suelo
Yo deseo que tú aceptas mi alma
A pesar de toda la droga que vendí
A pesar de todas las cosas que yo robé
A pesar de todas las mentiras que le dije
Y todas las cosas que yo solía hacer
Antes de que yo realmente tengo que saber que
Aunque en algún momento de hablar de la charla
Y aunque algún camino de la caminata
Señor, por favor, comprenda

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