Letra traducida When I Get Free Feat J. Valentine de 2 Pac al español (letra canción original y traducción)
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Letra When I Get Free Feat J. Valentine de 2 Pac original

pac> damn.. what i'ma do now? when i get free.. oh shit!
jay> get free.. yeah yeah

chorus: repeat 2x>
When i get free, motherfuckers better watch they ass
Soon as i get released, i'ma clock some cash
Did some time locked down, but i'm back on the street
There'll be trouble when they see me

Them bitches is foul, take a look at the evening news
You'll see a nigga gettin cuffed by the boys in blue
Is it a, frame up, tryin to keep me out the game, stuck
These motherfuckers tryin to dirty up my name, but
I'm slippin quick as the wind, it's me or them
Fuck friends my foes be on a mission tryin to do me in
Fuck 'em i'm bout to get out, they all soft
I blow up like gauge, and in a rage blow they balls off
Why are you niggaz tryin to test me trick?
And be the first ones to snitch to arrest me bitch
Main thang was to make a nigga meal ticket
Only if you with the real, the nigga will kick it
I'll enforce it with the steel use the lessons that i learned in jail
Rule one: fuck a busta he can burn in hell
Network with connects that i got in the pen
In no time i'll be clockin again

chorus> + j. valentine's harmonizing

Still sittin in my cell as i dwell on my past
Tryin to figure how a nigga turned dreams into cash
Quick call her collect, ain't no respect on the other side
My cellmate's suicidal cause his mother died
And my c.o. is a lady, and i'm thinkin maybe
Me and her can hook up a scheme, to be swayze
Cause she keep on callin me baby
To a young motherfucker facin eighty that's enough to make you crazy
Now how long will it take, to get her hooked
Got her watchin me liftin weights, sneakin looks
I devised a plan, i'm in the trunk while she drives the van
Ain't no disguise i'ma die as a man
If we make it then i'm takin it to hell
All them niggaz that was frontin while i sat up in the cell
Locked in jail, i couldn't touch her so i planned your misery
The nigga you don't wanna see

chorus> + j. valentine's harmonizing

Stuck in my cell
The pen ain't nuttin like the county jail
When will they let me bail?
Walkin through the yard, i play the god
First nigga disrespect me first nigga gettin scarred
I'm, back on the scene
I'm hittin knees in the back of a limousine, puffin on weed
As we game on the drunk hoes
Hit the skunk i reminisce just on the way
We used to play, you punk hoes
What i posess is to be rich, in currency
Paranoid niggaz like bitches when they come and see me
Laid out, played out, the nigga barely breathin
As for that bullshit punk, nigga n-now we even
But i wait, until it's time
And try to find a crooked way to profit off this crime
This life of mine.. until i get free
My prophecy is niggaz screamin, as if they bleed in agony
As soon as they popped my gate
I knew these motherfuckers made a mistake

chorus> + j. valentine's harmonizing

chorus> - 1/2

When i get free
Hahaha.. yeah nigga, when i get motherfuckin free
Pop the gate, i'm back baby!
When i get free.. we up out this bitch

Letra When I Get Free Feat J. Valentine de 2 Pac en español (traducción)

pac> damn .. lo que soy ahora? cuando me sale gratis .. oh mierda!
jay> get gratis .. si, si,

Estribillo: 2x repetición>
Cuando me sale gratis, hijos de puta mejor ver que el culo
Tan pronto como me sale en libertad, soy un reloj un poco de dinero
¿Sabía algo de tiempo bloqueado, pero estoy de vuelta en la calle
Habrá problemas cuando me ven

Esas perras es asqueroso, echa un vistazo a las noticias
Verás un gettin del nigga esposadas por los chicos de azul
¿Es una, encuadre hacia arriba, tratando de mantenerme fuera del juego, pegada
Estos hijos de puta tratando de ensuciar mi nombre, pero
Estoy resbalando rápido como el viento, soy yo o ellos
Fuck Friends mis enemigos estar en una misión para mí tryin hacer en
Vete a la mierda 'em Soy combate para salir, todos blando
Yo volar como indicador, y en una rabia que soplar pelotas
¿Por qué niggaz tryin para ponerme a prueba truco?
Y ser los primeros en soplón para arrestar a mí perra
Thang principal era hacer un ticket de comida negro
Sólo si con lo real, el negro va a patear
Voy a cumplir con el acero de utilizar las lecciones que aprendí en la cárcel
Regla número uno: coger un busta se puede quemar en el infierno
Red conecta con que me dieron en la pluma
En ningún momento me voy

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