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Letra Revelation de 2 Live Crew original

One two
We don't stop


A revolution of mass confusion, brothers killin each other
Robbin their mother, father, sister and brother
They don't wanna get a job, or go to school
They think it's cool, but they're playin the fool
It's now 1984, five hundred years later
We're dominating both sides of the Aequator
In sports, music, and makin love
But yet we still have trouble rising above
It's said that in the later days
People shall be movin in different ways
There'll be many false prophets, devils in disguise
Performin illusions before your very eyes
Some have eyes to see, and ears to hear
But they cannot utilize them because of fear
You have sell-out brothers who will sell their heart
For fame and fortune or to get a head start
But in the long run they will see
That they are nothin else but victims of prophecy
Time is running short, the world is in damnation
Refuse to follow the laws of creation
You can not all be Jesus Christ
But you still can make some sacrifice
If not for anyone for yourself
Cause you have nothin to prove to anyone else
We don't longer have a sheperd now, we're lost sheep
Have to open your eyes, you can't afford to sleep
And a major factor is jealousy
Which stops us from obtainin the unity
Come on

You don't stop

Times are hard, and people are chillin
You can't get a job, but you know you're willin
So you go down to the unemployment line
And the man throws you out on your behind
Then you find some transportation, and you go back home
And find your wife cryin on the telephone
The police called to say that your job is ill
She tried to o.d. on a bottle of pills
Now you're mad as hell, and can't take it no more
So you grab your gun and walk out the door
You find another brother and you take their check
And deep down inside you know you're riskin your neck
How do you know they don't have a knife?
But you have your gun, so then you take their life
Now your pocket is full, but can't you see
That your soul will burn in hell for eternity?
See, I remember back in Brooklyn, when I was a child
Actin wild, cause that was the stlye
But as I grew older, I learned the deal
Because my old lady told me, 'Son, be for real
You have a chance to be an architect or scientist
So why do you choose to be like this?'
You have to get yourself together before it's too late
It's up to you to be a bum or someone great
We all have it in us, and that is why
They tell us lies to cover our eyes
So we are not able to see the light
And differentiate wrong from right
You see, the road to vanity is filled with flowers
You better be careful of its hypnotic powers
While the road to truth is long and full if distress
But if you make it through, you're truly the best
Come on

Letra Revelation de 2 Live Crew en español (traducción)

Uno, dos,
No dejamos de


Una revolución de confusión de masas, hermanos matando unos a otros
Robbin su madre, padre, hermana y hermano
No quieren conseguir un trabajo, o ir a la escuela
Ellos piensan que es cool, pero que están jugando el tonto
Ahora es 1984, quinientos años después
Estamos dominando ambos lados de la Aequator
En los deportes, la música, y el amor del makin
Pero sin embargo, todavía tienen problemas para elevarse por encima de
Se dice que en los últimos días
La gente estará moviendo en diferentes formas
Habrá muchos falsos profetas, demonios disfrazados
Ilusiones Performin ante tus ojos
Algunos tienen ojos para ver y oídos para oír
Pero no pueden utilizarlos por miedo
Usted tiene sell-out hermanos que venden su corazón
Para obtener fama y fortuna o para obtener una ventaja
Pero a la larga van a ver
Que son nada más que las víctimas de la profecía
El tiempo se acaba, el mundo está en la condenación
Negarse a seguir las leyes de la creación
No todos pueden ser Jesucristo
Pero todavía se puede hacer un poco de sacrificio
Si no fuera por nadie por sí mismo
Porque tienes nada que demostrar a

Sólo entre todos podremos hacer de éste un sitio mejor :)

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