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Letra Dresser de 2 Chainz original
[Verse 1: Chainz]
.454, I pull up on niggas, I tell 'em lets get it
Niggas they talkin' on twitter, you niggas you know you gonna get it
Benjamin Franklin, niggas know I keep it 100
Got a new clip for my .223 and that bitch hold a hundred

[Verse 2: Young Thug + 2 Chainz]
I'm still in the hood, I got me a check and I don't want no Nikes
Bitches, they suckin', and fuckin', they do everything except bite it
I can go slow like an old man, I can go fast like I got nitrous
Spend 20 racks for my brother's appeal and I ain't talkin' no Viking
Over 1 mil in this room, bitch, I kinda sound like a pisces
Lil bitch you know I'm the bomb and 2 Chainz the light, no lightnin'
Wow, these bitches excited, me and Thugger, we 'bout to start up a riot
I ain't got no pussy all week, I'm on that bitch suck my dick diet

[Hook: Young Thug + 2 Chainz]
Monica, come home to me, yea come home to me my dear
Make a little money, leave a little on the dresser
Make a little money, leave a little on the dresser
Teresea, I'm tired of lickin' (?), your rear
Make a little money, leave a little on the dresser
Make a little money, leave a little on the dresser

[Verse 3: Young Thug + 2 Chainz]
Ain't nothin' special man, I sold it all yester'
Pull (?) in a motherfuckin' Tesla
Ain't no pressure when you got a little extra
Put them beams on your face, have 'em lookin' like freckles
Diamond man, I do not no talk but no (?)
My bitch pussy wet like (?)
This bitch clap on me while I clap at mans, woah
Got Balenciagas that I ain't wore yet
Have a pound of gas I ain't smoke yet
Traphouse filled up with zip lock
Used to give my living room super big lots
In a strip club with some flip flops
Thought it's the time, baby it's not
Got a lotta windows on my grill nigga
Put that pretty motherfucker in a tint shop

[Hook: Young Thug + 2 Chainz]
PART 2: Lil Boy

[Produced by J Gramm]

Who killed little boy, who killed little boy?
Rat infested hallways, no escape, no escape
From misery, no way out from that hell

[Verse 4: 2 Chainz]
I'm bout to give these niggas what they ask for
I used to have to argue with my land lord
Yea, my nickname is Tity Boi
Bitch gotta have at least a handful
All my cribs came with a damn pool
Used to stash work in my camel
Young 6'5' with the handle
If you don't watch Atlanta then you need to turn the channel
See I pull up in this bitch in a Phantom
Front grill looking like it's dancin'
Put some stacks on your head little boy
Yeah they 'bout to call you the grandson
Pussy nigga gonna need a tampon
Put rifle bullets in a handgun
Keep a bankroll on me, nigga
By the time I eat some bacon I got bands on
All my cars I don't put rims on 'em
I done touched down, no end zone
All that bitch do is run her mouth, nigga
(?) but that bitch got a Sprint phone
Man she got about 100 acres
Enough yard for me to put a couple Benz's on
And I just pop me a purp
I might fuck that bitch with my Timbs on

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