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Letra In Colour de Elviin original
It dawned on me
That basically
They have put a price on everything.
In a world of greed
And exploiting needs
Some are cashing in, while others bleed.

If I sung out of tune would it sell now?
If I sung out of tune would it sell?
The relevance of the question's unclear now
The big picture's as scary as hell.

It's do or die to survive
In this day and age to stay alive.
When the top boys fight
One's left one's right
The streets become a stage
Actor am I?

If I sung out of tune would it sell now?
If I sung out of tune would it sell?
Focus on the small things and then you fail
To see that we're not doing so well.

Am I alone here
Or am I the only one who sees in different tones?
Somehow we've all adhered
To believe in everything that we are shown.

One mans views today makes
Front page news tomorrow
Injecting doubt to talk about.
It'd be no surprise
If this world was designed
In the hope that most of us remain colour-blind.

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